Top Ten Most Gruesome Incidents at Disneyland

This list only consists incidents on rides that are only at Disneyland Park. No California Adventure incidents allowed. Everything on this list contains the ride which where the incident occurred, it's DOI. ( Date of Incident) and it's status. I will write a description of the incidents if I can. I might list attractions twice because they might have had two or more incidents.

The Top Ten

1 America Sings - July 8, 1974

Guys, no need to be scared, this was just a tragic freak accident. So please don't be hating on Disney.

That's terrible but interesting in it's own way! I don't know maybe I'm just questioning why I clicked on this...

Your lists are very interesting - WitheredBonnie

An 18 year old employee was greeting guests when she was standing in the wrong place during the intermission and a revolting door crushed her. She was found dead the next morning and the ride closed for two days after her death.
Status: Closed in 1988. Replaced by Innoventions. - Connor360

2 Disneyland Monorail - June 1966

A 19 year old man from Northridge, California was trying to sneak in the park by jumping on the track of the monorail. He ignored the warnings of the security gaurds and the monorail struck and killed him.
Status: Still operating. - Connor360

3 Peoplemover - August 1967

A 17 year old boy from Hawthorne, California jumped between two cars and fell onto the track in a tunnel. A train of cars crush him and dragged him hundreds of yards and killed him.
Status:Closed in 1995 and replaced by Rocket Rods. - Connor360

4 Peoplemover - June 7, 1980

That ride has a gruesome history

An 18 year old man was crushed and killed by two cars in a tunnel.
Status: Closed in 1995 and replaced by Rocket Rods. - Connor360

5 Rivers of America - June 1973

An 18 year old boy and his his ten year old brother tried to swim from Tom Swayer Island while the 18 yer old drowned. His brother was saved by employees.
Status: Still operating. - Connor360

6 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - September 5 2003

A man died from blunt force trauma and severe internal bleeding as a train derailed from the track, from improper maintenance that lead to an axle coming loose and hitting the brake run, causing the trains to fly off the track and hit the ceiling.
10 people in addition were injured.
Status: Still operating. - Gregory

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