Top 10 Grumps of the Game Grumps

Vote for your favorite person on the YouTube channel Game Grumps! They're all hilarious, but who makes you laugh the hardest?

The Top Ten

1 Daniel Avidan (aka Danny Sexbang)

Definitely a worthy replacement for Jon!

2 Arin Hanson

His laugh makes me laugh 😂

3 Barry Kramer
4 Ross O'Donovan
5 Suzy Hanson
6 Jon Jafari

How Is Jon at number 6 when he was the best member (tied with Danny)

7 Kevin Abernathy
8 Brian Wecht
9 Ryan Magee
10 Matt Watson

The Contenders

11 Mochi
12 MiMi
13 Orph
14 Mojo
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