Temple of the Dog - Temple of the Dog: Random Album Review

We write the year 1990! Grunge was still not very known and Nirvana just released their Debut album Bleach. The bands Mother Love Bone, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam do a collaboration to make a album that goes into the history of Grunge!
It's name was Temple of the Dog!

Say Hello 2 Heaven
This was one of the two songs originally planned for the collab! I feel like this song sounds much like a Pearl Jam and Soundgarden song! Of course this songs lyrics and drumming make this my favorite of the howl album!

Reach Down
The other song that was originally planned at first. The intro is great and Chris Cornells vocals are great! This song stretches on for about 11 minutes with multiple kick@$$ guitar solos throughout the song.

Hunger Strike
The fan favorite of the band! This songs vocals are sung by Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam are amazing and its instrumants make this an amazing Grunge song!

Pushin' Forward Back
This song starts off much faster and it's vocals make this even heavier! Of course all members of Temple of the Dog do a great job on this track, which just makes it great!

Call Me A Dog
This is an more emotional song, with it's use of an piano and barely guitar and drums. Chris Cornell does a great job on his singing until the chorus, where all the instruments and Cornell go all out.

Times Of Trouble
The instruments, including Piano, start off with an great riff. This track is far more slow than the rest of the album. Again they burst out in the chorus, which adds an great performance by Cornell!

Wooden Jesus
The drum intro to this one is great. Again the vocals are great and all instruments are just great in this song, especially the guitar!

Your Savior
Again it kicks off with an great intro, that continues in Cornells vocals. The lyrics are amazing and it packages a good riff, which both make this song great!

Four Walled World
My personal favorite riff off the entire album starts off this album. It makes this slower song much better, when fused with Cornells lyrics. And in the chorus it bursts all out again!

All Night Thing
This is a song that goes into a direction of Blues. It's intro drumming was special and go on with a keyboard throughout this song! It is again a slower song, but it's vocals make it a song worth the closing track!

The collaboration between three great Grunge bands gae us many great songs, like
Say Hello 2 Heaven: 9,5/10
Reach Down: 9,5/10
Hunger Strike: 9/10
Pushin' Forward Back: 8,5/10
Call Me A Dog: 8,5/10
Times Of Trouble: 8/10
Wooden Jesus: 8,5/10
Your Savior: 8,5/10
Four Walled World: 8,5/10
All Night Thing: 8/10

This album is one of my absolute favorite Grunge album and is an amazing collaboration between 3 great Grunge bands, which is why it deserves a
9/10, adjective "awesome"
While it has far weaker songs, this album is an great album for the howl Grunge genres and has multiple great songs on it!


My favorite songs in order:

1. Say Hello 2 Heaven
2. Reach Down
3. Call Me A Dog
4. Your Savior
5. Wooden Jesus
6. Hunger Strike
7. Four Walled World
8. Times of Trouble
9. Pushin' Forward Back
10. All Night Thing - NuMetalManiak

And mine:

1. Say Hello 2 Heaven, a touching tribute to Andy Wood.
2. Times of Trouble, the song which Eddie edited to make Footsteps, one of the three songs he used to convince the other members of Pearl Jam to accept him.
3. Reach Down, rumored to be one of Mike McCready's favorites to play. They tell a really cool story about this song in Pearl Jam 20.
4. Hunger Strike, first Temple of the Dog song I heard. And Eddie's first ever vocal performance on an album.
5. Call Me a Dog
6. Your Savior
7. Pushing Forward Back
8. Wooden Jesus
9. Four Walled World
10. All Night Thing - Songsta41