Top Ten Guilty Pleasure Video Game Consoles


The Top Ten

1 Virtual Boy

The red and black we saw still haunts our retinas to this very day, but who actually liked the Virtual Boy? It was a good concept, but poorly executed. - Pony

2 Philips CDI

Ahh yes, the CDI. I'm sure you will be embarrased to admit that you have played Hotel Mario, or those awful Zelda games. - Pony

3 3DO

This has the strangest library of games I have ever seen. You've got Plumbers Don't Wear Ties, which is enough for further embarrasment if you ever liked this console (although it did have Gex). - Pony

4 Tiger

The commercials were so degrading to the viewer that literally no one bought it. The library of games sucked. So who actually liked this console? - Pony

5 Gizmondo

The reason why this isn't number one is that this thing is so obsolete, it makes pogs look like fidget spinners (I just killed 50 children making that cringy comparison). Who even remembers this piece of hardware? - Pony

6 Atari Jaguar

While it had some decent games, most of its claims of "64 bits" really didn't live up to it's name. Unless you have Tempest 2000, people would probably give you rude stares if they found out you still play this. - Pony

7 Atari 5200

Watch AVGN's video on this console. Trust me, it's a bad, broken, oversized waste of time, and it led to the downfall of Atari. - Pony

8 Apple Pippin

Wait, Apple made a console? This obscure, obsolete console is probably sitting in your basement collecting dust, or sitting in a landfill near my home state of Jersey. Seriously, I coudn't even find a picture of it! - Pony

9 Atari Lynx

Oh look, another Atari console! While not horrible per se, it's not as good as the Game Boy, and heck, even the Game Gear. - Pony

10 Sega 32X

The only game everyone remembers is Knuckle's Chaotix. Other than that, nobody knows squat about the console. Are you still playing all 40 32X games? - Pony

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11 Advanced Pico Beena
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