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1 Marshall Bluesbreaker 2

It totally lifts the guitar at solos, turn it up to full on all the nobs switch it to blues mode at have a distortion at the same time. And make an awesome sound on its own.

This pedal shouldn't be in here. The clean tone is much louder and it's not soposed to work that way - Sabbath

I love this pedal. I totalya agree with whoever made this this list but the bluesbreaker2 should be at the top because it lifts the guitar so much especialy on guitar solos. The talk box is very good but this pedal is better.

2 Rocktron Banshee 2 (Talkbox)

I love this pedal I got one for christmas and I love it. It is my favourate pedal I had I use it all the time. Ps liverpool fc rocks and they will become the next barca. But seriosly the roctron banshee 2 in class.

The sound is amazing and you can of course play the classic song living on a prayer.
£250 ish

3 Dunlop Crybaby V 1 Comment
4 Boss DD7

Best delay I have ever used.

5 Marshall Gov'nor

Can't Explain to how much this has made me a better guitarist its awesome

6 Dunlop Fuzzface
7 Marshall Regenerator V 1 Comment
8 Boss LS-2

This line selector is amazing you can switch between two diffrent amp and change the volume as well.

9 Boss DS-1
10 MXR Fullbore Metal

This has a natural metal sound unlike the boss metal zone. The metal zone is artificial distortion. Mxr is more authentic - Sabbath

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11 Ibanez Tubescreamer V 1 Comment
12 Electro Harmonix Big Muff
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