List Of Guitar Hero Games That Should Be Made

This Ones Have To Be Made Or I'm Going To Kill Myself.

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1 Guitar Hero AC/DC

acdc rock band was not all it was cracked up to be you don't even play as the band and all of the songs are live don't get me wrong they sound great but guitar hero should revive acdc

Out of this list AC/DC is the most deserving. Though they should make a Guitar Hero: Extreme. Just put in all stupidly hard songs

It was a hard choice between AC/DC, Led Zeplin, Black Sabbath, Nirvana and Queen but it had to be done. AC/DC ftw

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2 Guitar Hero Queen

They certainly have enough songs and this would simply be the ultimate game EVER. I love Queen. Most of the time, I would be playing the bass.

3 Guitar Hero Kiss

Yes KISS should have a Guitar Hero game, they have a surplus of rock/metal anthems and there is so many fantastic rockers in KISS that would be awesome characters Gene, Paul, Eric Carr and Vinnie vincent just to name a few


4 Guitar Hero Led Zeppelin

This band needs to have their own game. I mean, they have many good song, and their best song called Stairway To Heaven (my favorite). I mean, it will be epic.

This should have been at the top. Led Zeppelin is legendary. Also, Jimmy Page is a very good guitarist.

The only reason this wasn't their first band-centric game was because Harmonix couldn't get the rights to their songs. It's not gonna happen.

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5 Guitar Hero Guns N Roses

Guns n roses has so many good songs that might actually be challenging to play. And it'd be nice to play songs that weren't just on appetite. Guns N' Roses all the way

6 Guitar Hero Linkin Park

Linkin Park would be a great set of music to play to!

7 Guitar Hero Black Sabbath

There would be no metal if it wasn't for black Sabbath, almost every song from their first 6 albums could be used in a Guitar Hero game

8 Guitar Hero Def Leppard
9 Guitar Hero: Iron Maiden

I love guitar hero games and I love iron maiden songs. Mix them together and you'll get guitar hero iron maiden

I'm sad because looking at this list thinking what great games they would be but none of them will be made - wolphert

Iron Maiden should be higher, the motion capture would make this game 10 times better then the other bands.

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10 Guitar Hero Avenged Sevenfold

They should make a guitar hero Avenged sevenfold because, Avenged sevenfold is one of the most diverse bands ever, with songs like Streets, Dear god, A little piece of heaven, Blinded in chains, God hates us, Save me and so on, Synyster gates is probably the most influential and best Guitar player of the 00's

They should also make Guitar hero Dream theater because, Dream theater is probably the most talented (Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci, John Myung and Jordan Rudess) and intelligent band of all time, with songs like Metropolis, Octavarium, A Change of seasons, The dance of eternity, Learning to live, Hollow years And so on...

They should also make Guitar Hero Linkin Park because, it would be an awesome way to combine the Turntable Controller and guitar hero, and a great way to use two mics (One as Mike and One as Chester)

And last but not least they should make a Guitar Hero Muse, because Muse are just awesome Songwriters with songs like, Muscle Museum, ...more - D2Demon

It would be awesome if they added carry on and hail to the king. Also if they had the drummer as the Rev man he was the best.

There would be a LOT of hard songs. Dream Theater would be another good one but the songs would be really long - gelatinbeastworm

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11 Guitar Hero Nirvana

They should make nirvana blink 182 slipknot and a7x not with hail to the king

12 Guitar Hero Bon Jovi
13 Guitar Hero System of a Down

SOAD needs to have their own Guitar Hero game! - moose4life19

14 Guitar Hero Beatles

They didn't make a Beatles-based Guitar Hero game, but they did make a Beatles-based Rock Band game.

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15 Guitar Hero Rush

crazy good guitar solo in every fricken song alex lifeson is the best guitarist ever very underrated just listen to any of rushes songs - robertiannuzzo

16 Guitar Hero Muse

This would be awesome - UsernameHere

17 Guitar Hero Dragonforce

Dis should be #1 The best songs in here!

18 Guitar Hero: Megadeth

They should make it because I think their better than Metallica.

This would have utterly PWND GH Metallica. But unfortunately, in the industry, it's all about money and I'm sure Metallica was probably one of there best options in terms of sales. But yeah, megadeth would be much more fun and more difficult.

19 Guitar Hero Dream Theater

Except for maybe gh: dragonforce, this could potentially be the most difficult guitar hero game, especially for drums. Imagine tiring out your arms playing octivarium, a change of seasons, or even six degrees of inner turbulence in full!

20 Guitar Hero: Red Hot Chili Peppers
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