List Of Guitar Hero Games That Should Be Made

This Ones Have To Be Made Or I'm Going To Kill Myself.

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21 Guitar Hero Death

This band is way too inaccessible to the masses to sell well. It would be much smarter to release a half dozen of their best songs as DLC.

Imagine playing Lack of Comprehension and Crystal Mountain!

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22 Guitar Hero Cream
23 Guitar Hero Slayer
24 Guitar Hero Motley Crue
25 Guitar Hero Foo Fighters
26 Guitar Hero: Pink Floyd
27 Guitar Hero Blink 182
28 Guitar Hero Slipknot
29 Guitar Hero Asian Invasion

You know, a lot of people underestimate Asian rock music until this day. I would really suggest that this would be created soon to put Asian music on the map of rock. - aeromaxx777

30 Guitar Hero Korn
31 Guitar Hero Grunge
32 Guitar Hero Weezer
33 Guitar Hero: Disturbed

Awesome band included into a great guitar game series

34 Guitar Hero Judas Priest
35 Guitar Hero Heavy Metal Era

I uh... Just thought of this. I think it is kind of cool though. Non-stop Metal all year long! - aeromaxx777

36 Guitar Hero Virtuoso Heaven

It's just an idea I came up with. This features guitar virtuosos like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Buckethead, John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, Michael Angelo Batio and many more. That would totally be awesome. Wouldn't you agree? - aeromaxx777

37 Guitar Hero X Japan

I would really predict that this could be an expansion or something, on the other hand, it could be exclusive to Japan. But I would take my hat off for them Japanese musicians. They got skill and souls to rock. - aeromaxx777

38 Guitar Hero: Classic Rock

This would be a phenomenal choice! As a classic rock and guitar hero aficionado, I would definitely buy this game!

Or hard rock... Classic rock would appeal to he generation though.. - JamesHetfield13

39 Guitar Hero 4: Rock Your Heart Out
40 Guitar Hero Michael Jackson
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