List Of Guitar Hero Games That Should Be Made

This Ones Have To Be Made Or I'm Going To Kill Myself.

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41 Guitar Hero U2
42 Guitar Hero Black Metal
43 Guitar Hero Hendrix

How has this one still not happened?

44 Guitar Hero ZZ Top
45 Guitar Hero: Songs of 2010-2014
46 Guitar Hero Oasis
47 Guitar Hero: Lady Gaga

Who's the idiot that put this song? Lady Gaga is POP and there's no instruments in pop.

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48 Guitar Hero Cannibal Corpse
49 Guitar Hero - The Big Four

Come on guys, for all of you that like thrash metal would be awesome, I know that there are lots of great bands out of the big four, but thinking these four are the most comertial, it is a good option to make this one

50 Guitar Hero: Alice In Chains

Alice in chains old and new songs

51 Guitar Hero: Exodus
52 Guitar Hero: Overkill
53 Guitar Hero: Daniel Ingram
54 Guitar Hero: Rolling Stones

It's the STONES! What else is there to say I mean who doesn't want to role play Keith Richards and Mick Jagger and play awesome songs that weren't in gh 5 or gh live such as start me up, doom and gloom, you can't always get what you want, and many more seriously the stones are probably the best Rock Band (pun not intended) in history! They deserve their own guitar hero!

55 Guitar Hero: Tenacious D
56 Guitar Hero: The Doors

I can think of very few bands as deserving of their own Guitar Hero game than the original bad boys of rock n roll!

57 Guitar Hero: Pantera
58 Guitar Hero: Police
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