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1 Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

I like almost all the songs in this game. This is something I can't say about the other games on this list.

I hate how all of the characters are the same in most of the games in this series.

This game is so fun! I love the difficulty and variety of the songs. I do wish you could use more instruments, though--that would make it so much better :)
Great game

It's awesome.

2 Rock Band 2

So many great songs, so many great memories. I would remember playing "Down With the Sickness" and "Everlong" every Saturday morning when I woke up. Best Rockband out of the series and the best music game of all time!

I love this game! Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna have a panic attack testifying while robbing the president. - Servbot

"Now if you don't mind, I'm gonna have a panic attack testifying while robbing the president." Good joke!

The songs are amazing, a good spread of everything, rock, hard rock, metal, thrash metal and many more genres.

3 Rock Band 3

Great game great songs like cold as ice free bird I wanna be sedated 25 or 6 to 4 but most of all my rock band 3 song ever FOOLIN why do people not vote for foolin its the best song ever. Everyone just votes for queen

Great game gotta love new instrument(keyboard) and great songs to I am glad its number 1 to this is my best game ever. My best rock band 3 songs are cold as ice and foolin

Gotta love the pro instruments, and songs like beast and the harlot, low rider, free bird, bohemian rhapsody, humanoid, crazy train, and a lot more.

True, this is THE party game.

4 The Beatles: Rock Band

The Beatles are the best band ever in so many ways. This game has amazing graphics and is fun to play. All the songs are good. I sometimes play just to watch the cool videos for the songs.

This and Rock band are AWESOME, it takes more skill to make than any other guitar hero, and by the way, THE Beatles RAWK

Come on. It's the Beatles! Plus Guitar Hero World Tour sucked. - InsertNameHere

This should be number 1 it's the Beatles name come on now

5 Rock Band

Best setlist in a rythym game. Smaller setlist meant less songs that sucked i.e. RB2/3. Less covers puts it ahead of GH3

I miss this Rock Band. I should never sell this for Guitar Hero World Tour.

I love this one. Great original songs. But it needs more... Queen. Brouhaha! I love this game though... Heehaw.
Uh... Okay, approved!

I only got this game because I heard Radiohead was on it. LOVED the character creating, LOVED the tracklist and I LOVE how they used songs for Guitar Hero (Heir Kiommt Alex for an example) to make them even better. Epic DLC by the way

6 Lego Rock Band

Really the only appropriate choice for children younger than 9.

It's Lego this we'll get your kids attention

It's fun because it's rock band and Lego

Fun for everyone

7 Guitar Hero World Tour

Has the best music selection

Good music selection, good times.

I remember playing this with my friends the track list is great with beat it mr Crowley crazy train livin on a prayer and more

One of the best guitar hero games

8 Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

Warriors of rock was awesome

God I love this game

This really was the better of the 2 latest games made by our titans of the music gaming industry. RB3 only has a new pro mode, which removes all "fake stardom" moments in a gamer, a crappy setlist, and a keyboard. WOR is just epic, it doesn't need pro mode, it has the GOOD setlist

9 Green Day: Rock Band

its good

This game reminds me of a really good time in my life. I just wish I could have that time again - Jonerman

Only for Green Day fans, yes, but, for the Green Day fans, it's perfect.

This game is epic, greatest band + greatest interactive video game = near perfection. The only problem is that it doesn't come with all GD's songs!

10 Guitar Hero 5

Beastie. Better songs than world tour and owns rock band!

5 was awesome

The Contenders

11 Rock Band 4

Cross-gen song both on disk export/dlc and controller makes it the complete package for any long term music game play

12 Guitar Hero Van Halen

Fun one

Play Eruption, you'll die

13 Guitar Hero Metallica

No wonder this fad is dying off. With Metallica ranked this low, you people are missing the damn point!

This should be in 4 because it's Metallica

Guitar héroe metálica is the best guitar héroe

14 Rock Band Unplugged

The best rock band game okay

I have it for psp and I love it

Great game for psp yolks

Nice game for psp

15 Guitar Hero Live

This was a great game live

16 Guitar Hero

Though it didn't have much, the original was my favorite and for some reason it was forgotten. The graphics were the pretty amazing (for it's time), had pretty good songs, the characters were the best in the series, the stages were legit, and there was a pretty decent challenge to the songs

17 Rock Band Blitz

A fun rock band game wish was for consoles

18 AC/DC: Rock Band

The best rock band along with the green day and the Beatles

The best!

Love ac/dc

I added this and I am so happy you mput this here even if it is at the bottem

19 Guitar Hero Aerosmith

Really fun worth it a play

Good as the van hallen one

20 Guitar Hero 2

It has the best soundtrack of any rythym game out there. It improved from the last guitar hero unlike the others that basically just copied and pasted from this one. Also has the best feel to it.

Very good. Great songs, a nice introduction to the series for those who missed the first installment, and a cast of funny caracatures make this a must play.

21 Rock Band Reloaded
22 Rock Band iOS
23 Rock Band: Metal Track Pack
24 Guitar Hero: Smash Hits

This is the best game
It is the first Guitar Hero game I played a lot
I wish they added I ran (So Far Away)
But it is fun

25 Guitar Hero iPhone / iPod Touch
26 Rock Band Track Pack Volume 1

While this isn’t your typical rock band game, it has an AMAZING set list you’ll want to beat with your friends.

27 Rock Band Track Pack: Vol. 2

It's not a bad game, but it's worthwhile with a small setlist of good songs.

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