Top 10 Best Guitar Hero Songs to Play As a Band

Guitar Hero, although a game that can be played alone, is undoubtedly a blast to play with your friends. That being said, there are some songs in the series that are much more enjoyable to play as a group than others. This is my list of what I think are the 10 best Guitar Hero songs that should be played as a band. Although the first 3 Guitar Hero games didn't have a full band mode, I will still allow those songs to be on this list because all of these songs were later available to import onto the later Guitar Hero game soundtracks. Instrumental tracks, however, are excluded, since this list is for songs that can be played as a full band. If you have a different opinion as to what should or shouldn't have been on this list, feel free to comment on this list and let me know what your opinions are. I look forward to seeing your suggestions!

The Top Ten

1 "Rock And Roll All Nite" - KISS - Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero: Smash Hits

OK, this song practically screams "I am awesome to play at parties". This is pretty much the anthem for the rock n' roll genre, and any true rock fan will recognize this song immediately. The song isn't too challenging, and it's sure to have everyone in the room jamming along to it. This song is undoubtedly one of the greatest songs of all time, so why wouldn't you want to share this with your best friends. Make sure to put this song in your setlist, and your guests are sure to form a mosh pit in no time. - AlKillsAll

2 "Pull Me Under" - Dream Theater - Guitar Hero: World Tour

It starts with a slow-paced, but captivating intro that is sure to get everyone's attention. Then the song proceeds to keep everyone's attention with great guitar riffs and masterful solos, challenging, yet addictive drums, amazing bass work, and hypnotizing vocals that will keep everyone hooked for the rest of the song. Pull Me Under may not be the most recognizable song in Guitar Hero, but it is addictive, captivating, and unbelievably fun to play. - AlKillsAll

3 "21st Century Schizoid Man" - King Crimson - Guitar Hero 5

This song, although not well known by many, except for some pretty hardcore progressive metal fans, has a very uniquely fun tune, and will definitely test your band's abilities. Your vocalist won't have to do much work, but your guitarist will have a very difficult set of solos about halfway through the song, and your drummer will need some insane skills to survive this song. Don't believe me? Look up the video for a full band chart. If your friends don't know this song before you play it, they won't forget this song after they play it for themselves. - AlKillsAll

4 "B.Y.O.B." - System Of A Down - Guitar Hero: World Tour

A must-play for S.O.A.D. or modern metal fans, B.Y.O.B. is one of System's most popular tracks, and it's insanely fun to play as a band. Your guitarist will have quite a test of his/her fast strumming abilities, and the drums and bass aren't much easier. But what makes this song so fun is the vocals. Swapping from guitarist Daron Malachian's hardcore screaming and harmonious vocals, to frontman Serj Tankian's fast-paced operatic vocals is a tough challenge for anyone's vocal skill level, but it is still a very fun track to play and an absolute must for anyone who loves S.O.A.D. - AlKillsAll

5 "Crazy Train" - Ozzy Osbourne - Guitar Hero: World Tour

Arguably one of the most recognizable songs in rock history, this song is sure to be an instant hit with your guests. Although the song poses quite a challenge, it is an absolute blast to play with your friends, regardless of whether or not they're fans of Ozzy. Just make sure you have a good guitarist, cause the solos in this song are very unforgiving, and can definitely put and end to you and your guests' fun. - AlKillsAll

6 "Mercyful Fate" - Metallica - Guitar Hero: Metallica

One of my favorite Guitar Hero songs of all time, Mercyful Fate will definitely test your friends' endurance, but if you have some Metallica fans with you, this is a destination song to play with your friends. At just over 11 minutes, Mercyful Fate contains exactly what you'd expect from a Metallica song. Fast and furious guitar riffs with little slowdown, drums that require expert timing, and vocals that will test even your best singer, everything is here. Although everyone may not get into this song, your fellow Metallica fans are sure to have a great time with this song. - AlKillsAll

7 "Feels Like The First Time" - Foreigner - Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

This is another classic rock anthem that is sure to be a hit with the adults. Don't be surprised if your friends start fighting over the microphone for this song, because it is a cherished classic. Although the song itself isn't very difficult, you may want to warn your guitarist about the wicked solo that comes after the 3rd chorus, cause it can be a recipe for instant failure if you're not careful. - AlKillsAll

8 "Miss Murder" - AFI - Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero: Smash Hits

Well-known punk rock band AFI have contributed songs to 4 different Guitar Hero games, and this song was arguably their most infectious and fun to play. The vocals are fun and easy to learn, and the rest of the band will enjoy the song's intermediate difficulty and unbelievably catchy tune. - AlKillsAll

9 "Through The Fire And Flames" - Dragonforce - Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero: Smash Hits

You probably didn't expect this song to show up anywhere on a list of the best songs for a band, but this song is actually very fun to play with others. Insanely awesome (and difficult) vocals, seemingly impossible guitar and bass riffs, and lightning fast drum sections all throughout the song make it very fun to play with others. Despite being such a difficult song, the fact that each player can adjust the difficulty to his/her liking makes it more forgiving. Being one of the most infamous songs in Guitar Hero history, it seems only fitting that you share this punishing experience with your closest friends. - AlKillsAll

10 "Monsters" - Matchbook Romance - Guitar Hero III

Starting off my list is a highly popular track off of Guitar Hero III. With it's upbeat tune, awesome vocals, and amazing guitar solos, this song offers a challenge to everyone, as each instrument has some pretty difficult sections in this song. The infectious pop-rock sound of this song makes it a destination song to play at parties, but finding someone who actually knows the vocals may be tough, cause the song isn't exactly well known for it's vocals. - AlKillsAll

The Contenders

11 "One" - Metallica - Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero Metallica
12 Bulls On Parade - Rage Against the Machine - Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero Live
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