Best Guitar Instrumental Songs

All the awesome guitar heroes' solo instrumentals are right here, because music does not need words! Your favorite's not there? Then add what is missing!

The Top Ten

1 For the Love of God - Steve Vai

This song is so many emotions at the same time. So powerful, so enlightening. I never get tired of hearing it. - LizardKing99

Not only the best guitar instrumental, this has to be one of the best songs of all time

So much emotion and technical difficulty at the same time. Only steve can do that.

cool song

2 Surfing With the Alien - Joe Satriani

My favourites..

3 Eruption - Van Halen
4 Soothsayer - Buckethead

No Song gives you the same vibes as Soothsayer does - Giiggle

5 Glasgow Kiss - John Petrucci
6 Black Star - Yngwie Malmsteen
7 Tender Surrender - Steve Vai
8 Guitars Suck - Bumblefoot

People who can play this song, do let me know... Waiting! - ameentheguitarist23

9 Cliffs of Dover - Eric Johnson
10 Voice of the Soul - Death

This should be in the top 5 at least.

The Newcomers

? Black or White - Michael Jackson

The Contenders

11 Technical Difficulties - Paul Gilbert

The best Paul gilbert instrumental song with scarified... - BenTouthang

12 Apache - The Shadows

Not quite the original version of the tune but the coolest. And the one that sold more Fenders in the UK than anything before or since

13 Classical Gas - Mason Williams

Acoustic guitar no less!

14 Misirlou - Dick Dale & His Del-Tones

It is the best of its kind... There is a voice of yelling... Other than that, it is fully instrumental and it should be at least in top 5 instead of 12...

Better known as the theme from Pulp Fiction

15 The Godfather Theme - Slash
16 Ocean - John Butler
17 The Voice of Soul - Death

How come this isn't in the top 10?

18 Forbidden City - Marty Friedman
19 Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile) - Santana
20 Machine Gun - Jimi Hendrix

This song does have vocals, therefore, it is not an instrumental song. - ameentheguitarist23

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1. For the Love of God - Steve Vai
2. Eruption - Van Halen
3. Surfing With the Alien - Joe Satriani



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