Top Ten Guitar Models Used by The Beatles

Throughout the 1960s, The Beatles used a variety of guitars and basses. Hofner, Rickenbacker, and Gretsch all received a tremendous boost in popularity due to the Beatles' popularity and influence, and they spent the late 1960s using various Gibson, Fender, and Epiphone models in the studio. I did my best to rank these instruments by how closely they are associated with The Beatles. It's also worth noting that the photographs are not exact photos of their gear; I just wanted to give you a rough visual idea.

The Top Ten Guitar Models Used by The Beatles

1 Hofner 500/1

Paul McCartney bought his first Hofner bass while the Beatles performed in Hamburg, Germany. He liked it because it was lightweight, relatively inexpensive, and perfectly symmetrical. - Gg2000

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Easily one of the most iconic Bass Models ever. - Fuziion

This looks like a violin. - Critideal

This is Pauls most iconic bass. - Userguy44

2 Rickenbacker 360/12

George Harrison received the second Rickenbacker 12-string ever made, and he frequently used it during the "Beatlemania" years. - Gg2000

Rickenbackers so good, if only they made more rightie guitars - DenyYourMaker

3 Rickenbacker 325

John Lennon bought his first Rickenbacker while also in Hamburg. His first Rickenbacker was blonde and later painted black. The company later gave him an updated 325 with a better truss rod. - Gg2000

4 Gretsch Country Gentleman

George Harrison used a Country Gentleman from 1963 to 1965. One of these guitars fell off their equipment truck and was destroyed, while the other ended up in the hands of Ringo Starr. - Gg2000

5 Epiphone Casino

Paul bought one in 1964, a right handed guitar which he strung upside down. John and George bought theirs a year later and used them frequently. John later sanded the finish off his guitar, inspiring George to do the same because "it sounded better". - Gg2000

Best one


6 Rickenbacker 4001

Rickenbacker gave Paul a 4001 bass, which he used frequently on Revolver and Sgt Pepper. He said that the Rickenbacker had a much thicker bass tone than the Hofner. - Gg2000

7 Epiphone Texan

Paul bought a right handed Texan and strung it upside down. He used it most famously on "Yesterday". - Gg2000

Finally a guitar that looks like a guitar... - Critideal

8 Fender Stratocaster

Mal Evans, their roadie, bought John and George two identical blue Stratocasters in 1965. George gave his Stratocaster a psychedelic paint job two years later and named it "Rocky". - Gg2000

9 Gibson SG

Didn't their SG get sold for like $500K or something - DenyYourMaker

George Harrison used an SG in the studio until 1968, when he gave it to Pete Ham of Badfinger. - Gg2000

10 Gibson Les Paul

Eric Clapton gave George Harrison a red Gibson Les Paul; George named it "Lucy" because it reminded him of Lucille Ball (who was a redhead). When George invited Eric to record the solo to "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", he said "I have the perfect guitar for you to use". Sure enough, it was Lucy. - Gg2000

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