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21 Jimi Hendrix vs Eric Clapton
22 Eric Clapton vs. Duane Allman

This showdown actually happened, and luckily the recording equipment was running the whole time.
The result is the historic album "Layla, and Other Assorted Love Songs" by Derek & the Dominos.
Allman tragically died a relatively short time later.

23 Jimmy Page vs. Jeff Beck

This showdown did happen, and both guys were in the Yardbirds together for almost a year. Beck was the slightly stronger player, but Page had the much stronger personality, and eventually drove Beck out of the band, but not before making some of the most amazing music ever created as they tried to out-do each other.

Without a doubt - Jeff Beck. Jimmy Page is the most overrated guitarist and musician. - Metal_Treasure

24 Brad Delson vs. Ben Moody
25 Yngwie Malmsteen vs Michael Angelo Batio

Both of are one of the fastest shredders. Who is better?
I prefer Yngwie's style more but MAB gotta win. He is faster and works hard. While Yngwie repeats some of his licks in many songs. - zxm

26 Jason Becker vs Yngwie Malmsteen
27 Paul Gilbert vs Buckethead
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