greatest guitarists

sloank68 Whose the greatest guitarist ever? You say Jimi Hendrix. No question he was great, but he didn't even know how to read music and was self taught. I respect and admire his greatness. If I where self taught I would have given up years ago. That takes a lot of disopline to teach yourself to play guitar and espcially at that level. But was he the greatest ever, I would have to say no. Technically, not even close. He had the disadvantage of not being trained right. Rock music in general is easy to play. Consider classical, jazz, and some bluegrass. So with that in mind, who is truly the greatest ever? Humm, it's hard to say, because no matter how good you are someone is always better. My list would include, in no specific order: Michael Hedges, Julian Breams, Andres Sagovia, Preston Reed, Chet Atkins, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Ygnwie Malmstein, Phil Keaggy, Adrian Legg, Leo Kottke, Poco Delucia, Al Degorio. Djorno Reinhard, Les Paul and a few others. Now having said that there's probably some kid in the basement of his parents house whose better than anyone, a true versiosa.