The great guitar battle.

booklover1 As of September 20th 2010 a great fight as been played out on the list Greatest Guitarists ever, A tie for first place between Slash and Jimi Hendrix with 9.4% of the vote with third place only having 6.4%. It could be a long wait before we see someone come out on top. Also, a fight for third place between Synyster Gates and Jimmy Page is raging as we see Gates ahead by 0.1%. Two more battles rage on as a fight for seventh between Buckethead and Tariqh Akoni is still on as Buckethead leads by 0.1% and hide is trying to make the list as he sits eleventh behind by 0.1% to Prince, who, at one point, was ahead of Eddie Van Halen, who is now sixth. What do you think? Post a comment and explain your opinion on how this is turning out.


There is only Jimmy Page. No other guitarist reach ones soul like that. I can't even begin to understand why slash is in the top five. He's good, but he's not even in the same league as Hendrix and Page. - visitor

Slash is good and top 15 worthy but not #1 Hendrix isnt that dificult to play Eddie's amazing and Randy Rhodes needs to be first.
- visitor

Randy Rhodes 4 EVER! - visitor

buckethead could totaly destroy the 6 people ahead of him! he should be # 1. - russian

uh I agree he could destroy synester, but Hendrix? Slash? PAGE? I think not - visitor

some people are stupid when they try to vote a guitarist... Slash isn't the best guitarist ever, maybe he is good; but I know many guitarists that are better than him!! - rock2metal

Agreed - visitor

Neither are best just the most popular - visitor

Brian May :-) - visitor

Awesome! Love Brain May - visitor


Jimi Hendrix is obviously number 1, I don't even need to say why. Jimmy Page did so much stuff for guitar, he is number two. Slash! Seriously! - visitor

Slash shouldn't be any close to top 5. - palashgupta

If the guitar were a weapon then buckethead and synester would win the battle. But its not, gilmour and page (even slash) have won the war, every body knows and feels their guitar work. Why? Because its emotive.
That is why gilmour is number 1 in my defense force.
Emotion and passion always win out, vietnam anyone?. - visitor

John Petrucci or Kirk Hammet. - IronSabbathPriest