how a top ten list isnt a top 10 list without the best

tythoon Just finished looking through the top 10 guitarists of all time but I noticed two of the greats that you just cant go past, not there.

Angus Young- AC/DC

Randy Rhodes- Ozzy Osbourne/Black Sabbath

Steve Vai- Frank Zappa/ Alcatrazz/ van Halen/ white snake/ Alice Cooper

not a bad list though but this is what I personally think it should look like

1) Steve Vai

2) Angus Young

3) Jimmi Hendrix

4) Jimmy Page

5) Eddie Van Halen

6) Randy Rhodes

7) Kirk Hamlet

8)Joe Satrani

9)Eric Clapton

10)Tony Iommi

BTW buckethead and that guy from 30 seconds to mars are crap, they dont singlehandedly rise above their band and give you a mind rocking experience that will blow your mind and leave u in a overdosed rock state.

Some of yous like to point out that a list should be defined by who molded guitar playing to change what is known from it then to now, well Angus young had been there from the start and basically defined guitsr solos. they wouldnt be what they are today, without him.


I think it should be
Randy, Eddie, Joe, Steve, Angus, Jimmy then Tony and kick out the others
BTW 30 sec. guy is bad but buckethead is good. - visitor

i agree with steve vai being a good guitarist but the rest of ur list sucks. - russian

I didn't spend too much time on this but i'm sure about number 1-4
1. Randy Rhodes-Ozzy Osbourne
2. Joe Satrani-Joe Satriani
3. Eddie Van Halen-Van Halen
4. Steve Vai-Steve Vai
5. Tony Iommi
6. Angus Young-AC/DC
7. Alex Lifeson-Rush
8. Joe Perry-Aerosmith
9. Buckethead-Buckethead
10.George Lynch-Dokken - visitor

Buckethead is an excellent guitarist, just nowhere near the top 10.
In no order;
Jimi Hendrix
Joe Satriani
Dave Mustaine
Randy Rhodes
Dimebag Darrel
Steve Vai
Tony Iommi
Kirk Hammet
Dave Murray/ Adrian Smith
Tom Scholz - visitor

My top 10:
1. Kirk Hammett
2. Karl Logan
3. Jimi Hendrix
4. Dave Murray
5. Dave Mustaine
6. Tony Iommi
7. Slash
8. Randy Rhoads
9. Brian May
10. David Gilmour - visitor

I confess to anyone who reads this that I am an instrumental guitarist who plays along a backing track for fun. I may not be accurate on who exactly are the true top 10 guitarists because each and everyone of us has their favorites and I respect that. But if you would ask me who my top 10 guitarists are, here is my top 10 and below that is the reason why:

1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Jimmy Page
3. Eddie Van Halen
4. Joe Satriani
5. Steve Vai
6. Randy Rhodes
7. Michael Angelo Batio
8. Dave Mustaine
9. Buckethead
10. Slash

I've based this top 10 on their knowledge, skills, innovation, X factor, emotional representation and passion to music. I did not include Kirk Hammett, Synyster Gates, Herman Li and George Lynch here because they only rely on one specific genre of music or at least their speed. As we would summarize, Hendrix is a lot slower than Satriani; but he influenced Satriani to be the great guitarist/teacher that he is. As a proof of this, whenever the G3 concert is being held, Satriani always Jams with either Steve Vai or anyone chosen to play with him to a song of Hendrix himself.

I put Jimmy Page on second based also on his influence in the world of metal music. Anybody who is a part of a metal band and does not know Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin has an issue on music. As we would recall, the solo of stairway to heaven became number 1 on the greatest guitar solos of all time. Same as through with Eddie Van Halen and his double finger tapping technique that made modern day metal music as it is from the 80's to present. Have you heard Eruption yet?

Let us go to Steve Vai. Anyone who reads the Rolling Stones top 100 guitarists would notice that steve Vai and Satriani are not there but Hammett is. This is a great example of fanatical power(The rankings are based on fan publicity). Steve Vai may be the greatest of this generation but is in fact as underrated as any other. He has pushed the boundaries of guitar playing beyond measure and in my opinion, has surpassed Satriani in terms of musical prowess. But why is he lower that Satriani? It is simple; Satriani taught Steve Vai and introduced the skills to him. No matter how great Steve Vai becomes, he will always show his master respect, because without Satriani, there won't be a Steve Vai in world of guitar.

Randy Rhodes' short lived fame is not in vain. His skills are acknowledged even nowadays in his signature Rhodes model guitar from Jackson. Randy would no doubt be one of the greatest metal artists of all time. He would be remembered.

When Shredding is your thing(not mine though), the only guitarist that you should be idolizing would be Michael Angelo Batio. He introduced a new style of fast paced guitar playing to the public and he is not afraid to slow down to an emotional ballad either. He influenced some of the great shredders these days may it be John Petrucci or Herman Li. They may not admit it, but they would show homage to the king of shreds.

Mustaine's overwhelming solos or heavy riffs are a backache to match. If there would be a guitar battle between Hammett and Mustaine, my money is on Mustaine. He in my opinion is more technically skilled compared to Hammett in so many levels. And at present years, his band made a colossal impact when the albums Endgame and Thirteen were released that featured a more powerful side of Mustaine. Listen to him before you judge him; Mustaine is one of the most Underrated Guitarists ever.

This leads me to both Buckethead and Slash. They have a lot in common don't they? They both played for guns n roses, have a liking for Gibson guitars and both are melodic. The main reason I put buckethead on top of Slash is because of Slash's lack of shredding skills and impact on solo projects. Buckethead is one of my biggest inspiration as a guitar player but a little less than Slash. Buckethead has shown more skills on his performance on stage with either a band or a simple backing track compared to Slash although I think Slash can make his guitar sing more beautifully than Buckethead. Thus Slash's fame is a whole lot higher that Buckethead but you cannot deny the fact that for someone who wears an emotionless mask, Buckethead/Brian Carroll shows more emotion than any of us.

These are all opinions of mine. I'm not saying that this is accurate or anything, this is just my point of view. What's yours? - aeromaxx777

Now that's as close as you come to a 10 ten list... Good 1 - visitor

Nice list.. Better than any other list - palashgupta

"RORY GALLAGHER"... Always was, still is, and always will be... Number 1! (there is no reason for a list) nothing' else needs to be said. - visitor

Before I fly "Off the Handle"... Someone better explain why my comment that "RORY GALLAGHER" is No. 1... Was removed from this list/page?! (still waitin' for an answer... ) - visitor

You can't comment... You keep taking it off. "RORY GALLAGHER"... No. 1! - visitor

Evidently... You know "RORY GALLAGHER" is number 1... (that's why you keep removing my comment) "RORY"! "RORY"! "RORY"! - visitor

My true opinion is:
1. Jimi Hendrix
2. Slash (my favourite)
3. Jimmy Page
4. Eric Clapton
5. David Gilmour
6. Kirk Hammett
7. Gary Moore (I can't believe how low he is in the actual list! )
8. Eddie Van Halen
9. Brian May
10. Synyster Gates - visitor