Dead Guitarists and Their Legacy

We have lost some of the best guitarists ever. In many ways. But then again we have lost some of the greatest musicians ever, not just guitarists. Lets discuss a few guitarist deaths here:

Jimi Hendrix - died after a four year career but is widely considered one of the best and most influential guitarist. He died on September 18 of 1970 of barbitruate related asphyxia. Despite dying in the 70s, he is again considered one of the most influential guitarists. He continues to influence guitar players even today. In only 1966 to 1970,he was able to create complex riffs. He revolutionized music.

Dimebag Darrell- was murdered December 8 of 2004, right in front of his brother. His death aroused a short amount of interest in Pantera, according to Google trends but then shot back down around 2005. He is known for being in a band which managed to change from thrash metal to death metal where he still obtained thrash speeds.

Randy Rhoads- Although he died in 1982, known for being a very influential metal guitarist. Managed to play complex riffs. Although Black Sabbath's role in metal history is exaggerated, he is a great guitarist. He also was known as a influence on Dimebag Darrell, a very fast metal guitarist.

George Harrison- George Harrison was a member of "The Rock Band That Influenced Music Then On." He did not die in his career however, he died in 2001, when there was no hope of the Beatles reuniting. He is a important guitarist in music, specifically rock.

Jeff Hanneman- He is one of the more underrated thrash metal guitarists. While people would name Kirk Hammett or Dave Mustaine when they hear thrash metal guitarist spoken, he would be not mentioned. His death did not make Slayer that well known either. Nothing like Cliff Burton's death and it's method or making Metallica the most overrated Thrash metal band ever, leaving Slayer in the dust. He tends to be a fast complex guitarist.

Chuck Schuldiner- The founder of death metal. After his death from brain cancer in 2001, Death quickly faded away. He is still credited as the Godfather of Death metal, and that is something. He was diagnosed with cancer in 1999 and quickly began to get sick until eventually got pneumonia and died.

Kurt Cobain- Greatly known as the founder of grunge, he is idolized my many teens as a amazing guitarist. But as his genre was grunge, and grunge was not made to be all that great, just to appeal to the younger generations. His 1994 suicide has caused huge controversy around his death, and that usually causes a musician to become overrated.


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