Slash Should Return to Guns N Roses

Alpha101 It would be awesome that Slash went back to GNR to meet his old friend Axl Rose. I mean, he's doing great with his solo career, but he can't do it the rest of his career! He needs to go back to GNR, as well as former drummer Stephan Alder.

You got to admit, it would be pretty cool! Getting most of the band back together, creating new and better songs. It would be great not only for Slash's career, but also for Guns N Roses. I mean right now, when you talk about GNR, it goes something like this. "What happened to Guns N Roses? They were on top but now on the bottom!" But with Axl, Slash, and Stephan back together it will sound more like, "Guns N Roses is making a comeback! Did you hear Axl Rose's singing last night, and Slash's and Stephan's solo? It was amazing!"

So, it would be pretty awesome if Slash, Stephan Alder, and Axl Rose got back together. I've got to go. Alpha101 out!


nope - visitor

Okay - visitor

Heck yeah it would! Guns N' Roses needs Slash now more than ever! DJ Ashba sucks - rokstarr2014

Laugh out loud @ anyone worried about the direction of Slash's career. In the world of rock, he is a DON, a MADE MAN, a BOSS, a LEGEND, a TOP DAWG. Capiche? Don't you worry about Slash's career, I guarantee you he's not! Slash doesn't NEED to do anything, he could probably retire on future royalties alone. laugh out loud dream on kid, its most likely never gonna happen. I imagine it would be like, to him, digging up old friends you used to get high with after you've quit the drug life. You just don't do that, brings back too many memories of 'good times' and brings back certain temptations that they don't want any part of ever again. Drugs damn near destroyed Slash and pretty much did Guns N' Roses far as I'm concerned. - visitor

Not possible with axl's attitude - palashgupta

Axl Rose kicked a guy out of a guns n' roses concert for wearing a slash shirt (look it up), and you want slash to return to guns n' roses? - visitor

What is ballad of death against godfather solo. Slash 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 ashba's poop -10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 - visitor

Sure but it wouldn't last for 5 minutes, Alpha, because Axl is so Axlish. - visitor

He should join some sort of supergroup - RecklessGreed