On greatest guitarists.

Apollyon477 I viewed the greatest guitar players list and I nearly crapped my pants. Paul Gilbert was well under 40. I am pleased to see buckethead in the top ten.

And a note for the reader. Synyster Gates is in the top ten because obviously people who listen to them don't know what music is. Avenged Sevenfold hardly produces complex emotion aside from anger and infidelity. It is also hard to listen to. It takes range to be an amazing guitarist and a stage name like synyster gates is hardly one that portrays someone who can make you feel a deeper connection in music. In fact it makes me want to kill myself. No offense to fans of avenged sevenfold. It is stupid to say that because I just ripped them in pieces, but seriously learn to enjoy and play a broad range of guitar before making any kind of list of the worlds best guitarists. Speed means nothing standing alone. Popularity means nothing in a culture you manipulate, and music is nothing without emotion. I think its impossible to make a list of ranks of guitarists. At least one that people would agree with. Though my personal favorites are:

1.) Jimmy Page
2.) Paco De Lucia
3.) Buckethead
4.) Robert Johnson
5.) Jimi Hendrix


i agree partically with you, but who is paco de lucia. i've never heard of them. explain it to me please!! - mnmroxtheworld2