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Paul Daniel "Ace" Frehley is an American musician, singer and songwriter best known as the former lead guitarist and founding member of the rock band Kiss.


If someone is judging based on methodology and technique, then, Ace Frehley deserves to be here. However, if you're basing this on heart, soul, influential qualities, and most importantly, inspiration, then, Ace is down here WAY TOO FAR. Ace gave birth to a series of guitarist, and he inspired so many individuals to pick up a guitar that it is impossible to place him here without a major argument. Ace has his own style, and that style fit KISS so perfectly that their current guitarist must mimic him to be accepted. That's a compliment. Bruck Kulick is a better technical guitarist, but Ace Frehley is a better guitarist to hear in any format. It's just that simple.

Ace should be a whole lot higher on the list. If this were exclusively a hard rock guitarist list, I would say he should be in the top 5. He makes the guitar sound incredibly good and puts so much soul into it, and he is about the most influential hard rock guitarist there has ever been. Every time I talk about what a phenomenon Ace Frehley is, somebody wants to start arguing about who all would beat him in a guitar duel. It's beside the point! It's like saying Jackson Pollock isn't one of the great painters because others would paint better portraits. Ace creates extremely beautiful art with his guitar, and that is what it's really about. The zillions he influenced agree.

Ace Frehley was the reason KISS made it. He turned ordinary songs into rock anthems with his scorching lead solos and gave KISS some musical talent credibility when other members of the band were still learning how to play. There has been numerous famous guitarists who have credited KISS and Ace Frehley as an influence and the reason why they started playing guitar. It was the live version of "Rock and Roll all Nite" that caught on first (with Ace's lead solo), and then there are classic rock songs like "Strutter","Calling Dr. Love","Shock Me", and "Making Love". Further, Ace Frehley also had a successful solo career, scoring on such hits as,"New York Groove","Rock Soldiers", and "Trouble Walking". Ace Frehley certainly had a very successfull career and deserves to be remembered among the top guitarists in rock and roll history.

Rock critics would never admit it, but Ace's influence casts a huge shadow over many one this very list. He was THE reason millions picked up the guitar in the 70's--including many who would later emerge as today's acknowledged guitar gods. When he was "on, " he was one of the greatest, a true innovator. Witness his tapping during "She" on a ~1975 "Midnight Special" performance, and hear it on 1977's "Shock Me" on "Alive II"--before Eddie Van Halen! Gotta give this guy his due. But when he was "off, " it was a sad story. Imagine what he could've accomplished if drugs hadn't clouded his brain and creative drive. A true "if only... " story. It's amazing he is still "Alive! "

Ace Frehley inspired so many people to pick up guitars and get in bands, to dream about being a true "rock star". If you were alive in the 70's, KISS was at the forefront of hard Rock n Roll and ACE has a huge part in creating that sound. He had power and style, while also memorizing millions of fans with his own unique way of playing and performing. There is no other guitar player that sounds like Frehley! When you hear his riffs you know it's Ace. There is never any confusion. He is very skilled, creative and most importantly original! Ace is a legend!

Can't believe a legend is at 74? Should be in top 10 at least, Can't understand why guitarist like kurt, kirk, the (so called) edge are place higher, I only accept dave mustaine, brain may, steve vai, santana, slash in the above mentioned list, who I think should be placed higher then ace but no other one!

At this point, I don't even know why I'm still looking at this list. Look, I get it. Ace is a sloppy player and technically he isn't that great. But I'll take a player like Ace any day over some of the players ranked above him. We're talking about solos that fit songs in a simple but perfect way. All the Way and Love Her All I Can are two of the best solos out there, and there's so little to them. They are what Ace is. Simplicity with just enough flash to blow your mind. And if we're looking at influence, he ruled the second half of the '70s.

I don't think there is a more original lead guitarist than "space" Ace Frehley! He shreds nearly every single guitarist rated above on this list. Too many of "legends" list Ace as their influences. Funny thing is Ace once ruled the world with KISS in the 70's, but is still totally cool and humble today. There are no riffs or licks like Ace's! One of a kind, and still ripping through space! The true rock and roll star! Ace Frehley.

Ace Frehley is Ace Frehley! PERIOD! One of the most influential guitarist of all times. He put the axe into the hands of millions! I don't understand why he is down on the list. He is around more than the ages of many guitarist on this list that are above him. He may not be technical as many here but he definitely has his signature sound, licks and style. He is very unique in a way non comparable to any other guitar player here. Also very unique voice and singing style.

Ace is often underrated due to theatrics, however, Ace is very fluent and fast in his playing. He has influenced many guitarist including Eddie Van Halen & Dime Bag Darrel. Ace was the first guitarist that I ever heard do any form of tapping, that was back in "75". As a music instructor, I must say that Ace is one of the true great axemen of our time.

I cannot believe Ace is at 57... Sad... He has influenced almost everyone today... Have you not watched or listened to Ace perform in concert? He is in his own little world... He plays with his heart and soul, he made playing guitar "cool". He made everyone want to play... I was a little girl and I painted my face, grabbed my acoustic guitar because my mom wouldn't get me an electric one, pretend I was good and jam... He deserves top 5.

He was a great guitarist in a mediocre band! He deserves to be much higher because he was extremely talented, and you know when he is about to blare out a solo or something crazy! He has a special sound that deserves to at least be in top 50! He did things with the guitar that people still try to mimic.

Ace Frehley was possibly the earliest person to tap on guitar ever. People underrate him because KISS use theatrics and the idiots at Rolling Stone never looked at him. He is the man. He influenced countless players. definitely the best player

Ace filled the gap between Page and Eddie. You couldn't be alive in the mid-70's without knowing who he was, rock fan or not, and that's a big deal in itself. Plus you throw in the amazing solos from Shock Me and the picking from Got to Choose and Firehouse--nobody has sounded like that since. Pure 70's joy.

It is a travesty that Ace is not much higher on this list. Put simply, he is one of the most influential rock guitarists of his generation. His style is instantly recognizable and, if you know what you are listening to, so is his influence in the styles of many of the greats that came after him.

Ace is the man who influenced a huge number of the people above him to first pick up the instrument. He's the most spirited player of his generation, pouring power, energy and charisma into every not of his playing. He may not be the best technically, but he's got far more soul than any guitar wizard on this list.

ACE Should be in the top 10 for sheer originality and influence. If this pole was taken in the 1970's he would be in the top 3 for sure. No one else sounds like Ace Frehley and that fact makes him stand way higher than this ridiculous pole.

Ace Frehley is the coolest guitarist that ever walked the earth! This man influenced so many guitar players, it would take a 100000 years to list them all... Should be in top 10, easily. I mean, man used tapping as early as 1975. How cool is that! Long live The Spaceman!

These list are a joke whoever "buckethead" is how can that person be ahead of clapton? And nancy wilson ahead of of ace? I've never seen a "list" of any kind I agree with I don't think ace is the greatest ever but he's my favorite and his sound is the greatest - invis

Ace has more talent in his little finger then 3/4 of the people ahead of him on this list. In my opinion he should definitely be in the top ten! He is real.. Not some 3 chord hack like some of the others and I am sure his music influenced many of todays artists.

Maybe no the most "technical" guitarist ever but he deserves to be much higher up. His speed, stage presence and high notes went on to influence Slash - who is in the top 5. With memorable guitar riffs such as Rock N Roll All Night and Detroit Rock City he's earned his place too.

Ace Frehley is the man. He inspired so many other guitarist. He built an experience in your mind then knocked it down with his amazing solos. Ace Frehley should be on the top ten.

Should be in the top 30. Influenced lots of people. Solid player in his prime. For sure made the Kiss sound. That's why they got a clone, that could play his licks note for note.

Ever watch and listen to him play? It's a sweet, curvy, unparalleled sound! He didn't stand stiff and clench his teeth while he was playing, he was in into it!

Ace freshly is by far the coolest person in Kiss epic guitar solos and sung the best kiss song(2000 man) the good stuff keep coming and it is a shame to see him so low on the list