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Aleksandar Živojinović, better known by his stage name Alex Lifeson, is a Canadian musician, best known as the guitarist of the Canadian rock band Rush.


Although Hendrix is overall a more skilled guitarist, and he was much more influential than Lifeson, I'm gonna give my vote to Alex, because of how low down on the list he is. He is a brilliant guitarist, and made some of the best riffs ever conceived. Tom Sawyer, Limelight, YYZ, Red Barchetta, Spirit of Radio, Freewill, La Villa Strangiato, Xanadu, Closer to the Heart, 2112, Fly By Night, Anthem, Working Man, Finding My Way, and many, many more all have amazing guitar riffs that are very complicated, yet are still groovy. His guitar solos are unrivaled, such as the ones from La Villa Strangiato and 2112. - lavillaof2112

Alex Lifeson was child prodigy. Ranking him at 41 is ignorant... Obviously the person or persons who created this list has never really sat down and listened to his brilliant virtuosity. His blistering riffs were second to none back in the early 1970s when he was a just young teenager. He doesn't just play memorized riffs... He plays from his heart and mind much like Stevie Ray Vaughan. Alex Lifeson is one of the most technically gifted virtuosos that world has ever known.

This is a joke lifeson at 49... Right? The range taste and longevity of this guitarist should place him in the top 20, at least. Listen to solos in la villa, limelight freewill farewell to kings to see that section of the the man. Then there is his phrasing riffs and guitar arrangements for song structure. Nancy wilson kurt and billie higher than lifeson... Give me a break.

A virtuoso guitarist, never given the plaudits he deserves. Probably because he is in such a talented band, and having the best drummer of all time, and one of the best bass players of all time next to him. I love his variety, his modesty, his work ethic, his ability, the moods he creates and the fact that most of his solos are embedded into the overall band sound, not performed as a stand alone show off performance. No 46? Ridiculous!

The most underrated musician one of the more underrated bands. It's hard to stick out musically when you're sandwiched between Neil Peart and Geddy Lee, both of which are firmly entrenched in the conversation of best drummer and bassist, respectively. However, Alex more than holds his own. His range both sonically and texturally is simply dumbfounding. Going through eras, Alex from 1974 sounds almost completely different than Alex in 1984 or 1994 for that matter. He started out very Page-esque with fast and driving licks, then got spacier in the late 70's and more electronic, with a buzzier texture in the 80's, lighter and jazzier in the later 80's and then grungy and hammering in the 90's, and so on. His capabilities and ability to adapt and bridge the gaps between Geddy and Neil's very articulate and diverse playing is remarkable.

It's strange, Rush are the fifth best selling rock band (after the Beatles, Rolling Stones, KISS, and Aerosmith), and yet, he's placed way down here, only because people haven't heard him, or of him. Well, that's just a faux pa on their part, because he really is an idiosyncratic player, and should be recognised by all.

Strange, he, Steve Howe, and Pete Townshend are some of the most talented and original, yet no ones has heard of them, even though they are part of some of the biggest bands in history.

Is this list for real alex lifeson no.50. what a joke. Obviously someone out there doesn't know crap about what a great guitarist is. Not saying that ALEX LIFESON be number 1 but he certainly belongs in the top ten. Playing guitar for a rock band like RUSH with many different styles and sound deserves a definite top ten hands down

He is just downright amazing. A great ambient and emotional guitarist. His solo's capture the song structure and undertone amazingly. Not as theoretical and technical as satch or gilbert, but still writes some amazing music. His use of quirky unusual scales and timing make him a prog guitar god. Most original guitarist in the world in my opinion. Best solo's. Limelight, yyz, la villa stragiatto, closer to the heart. - johnathanburton

Wow. I've always loved Rush and being a guitar player I loved Lifeson's guitar playing since I first started listening to them at the age of 10. Then I take a look at all these lists and don't see him in the top 20 where he should be. If you have any doubt about this man's talent and skill, listen to the solo in the song "The Analog Kid. "

If you've ever seen Rush play live, you would not rank Alex Lifeson at #50. His guitar playing is near perfect. His tone is lush, thick and somehow clear. He plays all styles, even classical. He is, in my opinion, the greatest guitar player ever. Period.

You see it means something when an obviously educated music fan comments. Well put friend.

Alex should be at least in the top fifteen, if not 10. He plays some of the hardest and most complicated guitar music of all time for Rush. Not too mention how long and physically demanding some songs, such as La Villa Strangiato, are. No offense to Kurt Cobain, one of my personal favorites and one of my favorite singers, but he has nothing on Alex.

Such a large array of talents with riffs and movements that blow away most of the heavy speed guitarists you have listed before him. Step back and look at the music, score and talent, then you will know who belongs on top. I know 13 year olds who can cut scales faster than old 80's hair band guitarists.

If you notice the instruments in Rush are a competition each trying to catch up with the other and for Alex Lifeson to catch up with the best at their instruments in Geddy Lee and Neil Peart I think that counts for a whole lot. Besides he is an awesome guitarist as well. Spirit of Radio defines him - elibf22

It is a downright crime that Alex Lifeson is this far below the guitarists for Avenged Sevenfold and 30 Seconds to Mars. He is the woefully underrated soul of Rush and has unbelievable technical talent as well as wonderful expressiveness, which is more than many of the other guitarists on this list can claim.

Absolutely top ten. He plays with such dignity and technically he's as good as any in the top ten. He makes it look so easy and maybe that's part of his lower rating but nothing he plays is easy! Funny how Rush in my opinion has a #3 guitarist and a #1 drummer "all time". Not sure where Getty stands as far as bass but he's no slouch either. Best 3 man band ever also in my opinion. - DocHoliday69

Geddy is as accomplished as any bassist in history in my opinion. The difference is talent level. Ged is likely the most talented rock musician of all time. If you consider everything he does, on top of ripping some awesome bass rifs and solos. The man was born to play bass guitar.

I'm amazed at the lack of support for this man. Alex Lifeson is technically better than 90 percent on this list. 3/4 of these people couldn't play half of a Rush song, but I'd bet that Alex can play anything these goofballs can much better. I mean, Nancy Wilson? Kurt Cobain?

Alex Lifeson is one of the best guitarists to ever live... Rush in itself is incredibly under rated and are perhaps the best band ever. How Alex is only rated 49th is a complete joke, he is a genius and is absurdly talented.

Alex Lifeson brings everything into his style: classic riffs, beautiful arpeggios, unusual chords and virtuosic shredding. He is the most versatile player I have heard and still writes great parts after 30 years.

What people don't realize is, not only how talented Alex Lifeson is, but how diverse his playing style is. The guy can do anything from classical to metal, and he can do it well. I think he deserves to be higher on this list, and certainly ahead of some people that are currently ahead of him.

Good tasteful playing. Serves the song but is always heard. Complicated time signatures or 4/4, it does not matter. Also, very good with effects, his sound and style are constantly changing, so you never get bored listening to him.

Alex Lifeson - has been churning out brilliant solos song after song, album after album, year after year - for 25 years! This list also excludes U2's The Edge, Coldplay's lead and Police's lead. There's more to being a great guitarist than 10 great solos. Also

By far the most underrated guitarist in the world. Anyone who listens to his music knows how amazing he is. Listen to Freewill, Spirit of Radio, Between the Wheels, Jacob's Latter, 2112, and La Villa Strangiato if you want to hear some of his music. He's about as good as any guitarist in the world other than Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Paige, and Jimi Hendrix.

He's a very underared guitarist and he's brilliant how can he be lower than Herman li I mean he may be an ok guitarist but dragonforce are a joke - Aj7537

Not my favorite guitarist. But he needs a higher spot, he's the most ignored member of the band and its not fair because his guitar riffs are so awesome and especially so for the time. So to be honest I think he was ahead of his time and he needs way more attention.

Deserves much better than 50th! Definitely deserves to be in top 10! RUSH is the greatest rock band ever and Alex Lifeson being the only guitar player in the band, come on, he deserves more respect than he's getting!