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Brian Patrick Carroll, known professionally as Buckethead, is an American guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who has worked within many genres of music.


Buckethead... Only the name of his voice makes his songs echo in my head. He is so diverse that I can't begin with his best genre. The best thing about this man is that he has over 50 albums (collaborations not even counted. ) and almost every song of him are longer as 5 minutes. And even when these songs do not have vocals, all of his songs contain a story to big to tell. He will never be that famous because of his looks and appearance but the people that see through that will experience one of the best guitarists to ever lived the planet (maybe the best). No man will ever write a song with the pure emotion lets come of his strings. No man will ever write as much tribute songs as Buckethead did. No man will master as many genres as he did. See through his stereotype and check out some random albums. Listen to the song called Look up there, it's a 20 minute long solo. Give it a try and you will be sold. Listening to another guitarist will never give you the same thrill again as ...more

Buckethead is an insane guitar player. he does everything from heavy metal to the softer acoustics stuff. he will always be my favorite guitar player. and every other guitar player currently playing will admit to that as well. the only thing he doesn't have is popularity. for some reason everyone thinks of skill being equal to popularity, but they don't realize that there is so many other variables in that equation that everyone seems to neglect. Had buckethead accepted ozzy's request to go play with him he would probably be number one but buckethead didn't accept because he would have to get rid of the things that make him Buckethead, I. e his bucket, mask etc. Not only popularity would have come with that deal but also a lot of money, but he still didn't accept and I totally respect him for that.

Though the guitarists named above are absolutely brilliant I do not understand how anyone doesn't hear the stuff this guy plays. He is GOD! Buckethead is probably better than any of the ones who have been listed above and will probably be the best that ever lived. The ones listed above are legends and with all due respect to them, I have to say, buckethead stands out. Who so ever has made this list clearly is either bound by stereotypes (that you can't rank anyone ahead declared legends) or isn't completely aware of this mans work. Look at the diversity, musicality and if that's not enough then the shear play and technique, so crisp clear even while he speeds through it. Buckethead clearly #1, and as someone else already mentioned, it's a shame to see how this list has to go to see his name. It's a shame to see him so underrated, that too for no apparent reason.

Not only does Buckethead shred like none other, but he also knows when to slow it down, take it easy, put on the brakes. He has an uncanny sense of how to develop music using only his instrument that is virtually incomparable, and he does it in an extremely wide variety of styles. Soft and soothing, brutally hard, funky grooves, experimental electronic, bluesy, country even. He takes dissonance and makes beauty. He takes beauty and makes masterpieces. He incorporates a great sense of humor and eccentricity into his work as well, and by the nature of most of his releases (indie/underground) he obviously is doing it for the love of music, not for stardom.

I consider Eddie Van Halen a guitar god, but Buckethead is Eddie Van Halen on speed.
The mask is a clever gimmick, as you can't see his face, but who else on this list can go out to dinner and not get mobbed by fans & autograph seekers.
Put the mask on, and everybody knows him.
When Axl Rose says he can't understand you, and you just act crazy-coming from him, that's something!
Buckethead complained about how long it was taking to finish Chinese Democracy (look at what Buckethead recorded during this time on his own, as well as working with the new G N R lineup). -IT'S INSANE!
He once auditioned for Ozzy, and Ozzy told him that he had the job if he
Wanted it, but he had to drop the mask thing, Ozzy left the room for a minute, and when he came back in the original mask was gone, but he was wearing some other kind of alien mask this time.
That didn't work out either.
Seriously, if you look past the "bizarre" that is Buckethead, you are left with nothing but ...more

Buckethead is basically a composer on guitar. He doesn't need a whole orchestra, like some, and band-mates, like some others, to write his music. Sure some others are good but again someone like slash plays in a band with other people who have a significant role in putting out the music. Unlike Buckethead who creates a majority of his material all on his own. This really makes me wonder what people think when they read top ten best guitarist ever. Do they consider the guitarist in a whole band and put other band mates into their decision or do they look at the guitarist alone as a solo artist. Hmm...

Buckethead is the greatest guitarist to ever grace the earth, period. His ability to print out 60 albums in 2 years is incredible. He is one of the few guitarists who can match Shawn Lane's speed, with the music theory knowledge superior to Steve Vai, and twice the technical capabilities of Yngwie Malmsteen and Paul Gilbert combined. He was 10 times the sound experimenter Jeff Beck or Hendrix were, Dave Mustaine even said that Buckethead was twice as good as him and Slash combined. And for all the people that say he has no feel or no emotion, listen to his Colma album, Electric Tears, Look Up There, Soothsayer, Binge and Grab, 7 Laws of Woo, Shadows Between the Sky, A Real Diamond in the Rough, and Scraps. THe people who say that obviously haven't heard enough of Bucket. He has made albums in almost every genre imaginable. Metal, Rock, Blues, Funk, Ambient, Progressive, Bluegrass, Experimental, Acoustic, and even more! He plays bass and banjo too! He is simply the God of the String ...more

The closest thing a guitarist or band will ever come to being a composer without losing their ability to play the songs well.

Buckethead makes the "Big four" look like a joke, and he makes Iron Maiden sound like pure simpleton wankery.

He's released more albums than most RICH bands, and he's written more songs than pretty much any guitarist out there.

He can play faster than Herman Li, cleaner than Herman Li, AND he writes his own songs.

I'd add on more to this comment but I doubt the database and the internet population has enough attention, so I dumbed it down to a bunch of biased opinions.

Buckethead.. this man should be ahead of Synyster, I've seen both live.. Gates was terrible and tore apart the Pantera cover of Walk. Buckethead on the other hand has a knack for being better live then studio, which is a mark of a truly great artist, Buckethead deserves more credit than he gets. I'll enjoy the fanboys of A7X voting for gates though. "I are metal head, A7X! " Haha.. I'm a metal head, and I can tell you, Syn is terrible, he can't even finger tap that well, which is all he can do now, if you want a guitar player who taps with precision and speed Buckethead is your man. Along with Eddie Van Halen. Buckethead could very well be number 1 if this was based on pure skill. - Cobra117

I laugh at how low Buckethead is on this list. I mean seriously? People may have speed and emotion and may shred for 42 minutes but most of them just stick to ONE style of playing. Buckethead is by far the most versatile of them all. He is the only person with a range as wide as from bluegrass to heavy metal. Not only is he versatile, nobody I mean NOBODY is as unique as Buckethead. The effects he uses and his proficiency with the killswitch is a sight to behold. His techniques, speed and emotion can't easily be outmatched either. I say he deserves to be in the top 5.

The most complete & unique guitarist I've ever heard, he can play so many styles with excellent technique & emotion: blues, metal, experimental, funk, rock, you name it. He has a large repertoire of songs and albums in which you will find pearls of pure genius. For me he's the most amazing soloist, as suggestions, listen to (in no specific order:) "Siege Engine", "Earth Heals Herself", "Buckethead"(with the band C2B3) or "Transmutation 5"(with the band Praxis) just to name a few. Melodies, shredding, technique & emotion. Buckethead is in my opinion the ultimate guitar player.

I still remember when I first heard Buckethead's music. It was like another dimension, so soothing and tranquil, full of emotions. The bucket on his head is often like a mental barrier for many people, through which they don't bother to look. He will probably never reach the top of this list, simply because he's different. Every guitarist on this list has earned their position and I recommend Buckethead to anyone who appreciates diversity. Buckethead has mastered his skills to the extent, where he can play any genre nearly flawlessly. But you have to take your time with Buckethead and by time you will begin to appreciate what he's doing.

I've heard slash and I've heard Jimmy. I've also heard Buckethead play Jimmy as if he was channeling Jimmy's spirit through his guitar. I play the guitar myself and I have a pretty good idea of what skill level players are on and how difficult it is to do different things on the guitar. Now there may be some people higher up the list who have some technical capability that might possibly be better than Buckethead, (though I doubt it) but that does not mean they make music that sounds better. They don't. If you don't think Buckethead might possibly be the best in the world, you haven't heard him.

He is the MOST talented guitarist ever to be on this earth. He plays from country to jazz to rock to metal. He almost has made 200 albums. His songs usually are 8 minutes long. People tend to say he can only shred but just give a quick peek at these songs: Unrestrained growth, Mrs. Beasley, Scraps, Maggot dream, Mantaray, Earth heals herself, Too many Humans, Bullfrog, His colma Album, His giant robot album, His just released 13 volumes... YES YOU HEAR IT RIGHT 13 VOLUMES! Album. I could go on for years summing songs. He is just incredible. He wears the mask so the music will speak for him. The most talented guitarist ever ill tell ya folks.

Give this man a chance and some credit for what he has done and don't judge him because of some guitar hero shred songs :S

I've listened to many amazing guitar players in my life: John Petrucci, Slash, Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, and many many more, but this Buckethead is completely outstanding from the others in my opinion because he plays with very intense emotion, he plays with his heart, he really makes me feel like I'm flying when I hear his music, He is my favorite guitar player. I think Slash is completely overrated, he is amazing also but he doesn't plays with the same emotion as bucket... Buckethead should've been number 1!

Definitely my favourite guitarist. I especially enjoy what I consider to be his magnum opus "soothsayer". It's a phenomenal song, with a mystical intro followed by some cool wah riffs, amazing use of whammy pedal, shredding, double-picking lines, sweeping, and he actually returns to the original theme proving that it's more structured than many other clusters of noise you hear today. Give the song a try. I also respect his anti-consumerism/fast food eating and chicken slaughtering. Although I'm no vegetarian, it's cool that musicians still stand for ideas and stuff they want to change in the world instead of just posing to sell the most records they can.

Surely Buckethead should be higher than 32, he came to the world not in a big rock band or by being there when others performed well, he made it simply by playing his guitar. Now of course Hendrix and Clapton, Kirk and Angus all have themselves to thank and a guitar technique that can impress even thoughs who dislike their genre, but Buckethead made it as a guitarist of all styles, he has released endless amounts of albums that range from Heavy Metal straight from the depths of hell to Easy Listening late night music lovers can experience together. No other guitarist has such a versatile sound that remains such a trademark.

Even the greats like Brian May or Slash were complete nobody's until they happened to be in successful bands, this is not to take away from their skills simply to say that the very best guitarist does not need a screaming Axl Rose or dramatic Freddie Mercury fronting them, they can make it by themselves before any major groups like Guns N Roses decide they ...more

I think that if there could be a number better than 1 like 0 the hero it Would be buckethead if you dumbass people would get smart and grab a computer from someone and run at the same time to find that buckethead is the best guitar player in the world no matter what people say and or do because yes slash is good but how many people listen to a person named buckethead not many but I know for a fact if every slash fan listened to buckethead final wars they would cry and say buckethead is the #0 guitarist in the world. Have a good day.

This man, person of alien being that is buckethead has not only played the most technically challenging songs present in musical history but also has a range of beautiful and soft songs. He has over 39 solo albums varying every genre and none can touch him, Slash is just an image, he is nothing more, little kids with not much taste running around claiming slash to be their favourite guitarist are the reason picasso's of todays music such as Buckethead get not much recognition.

Deserved to be number 1! Buckethead plays the guitar as if it was supposed to speak, and sometimes he makes it come true. He plays guitar with his soul! The amount of emotion that he puts in his songs are just amazing

HE doesn't play for the money, or for fame. He plays it cause he likes doing what he does. He recused to play for ozzy osbourne. If he wanted to play for fame and money, he would have accepted. But he wants to be known for his songs, not for who he plays. He wants his music to be the big deal, not him.

This list is just more proof that people listen to commercialized music. We're deciding the best guitarist here, not the most popular!

Buckethead can play anything from insane shreds to untouchable ballads that players like Clapton simply can't compare to. I cannot think of anyone more dedicated to the guitar than Buckethead. He is constantly finding new sounds, scales and techniques to add to his ever growing library of 200+ albums.

If you honestly believe that Clapton, Slash or Brian may is better, you are delusional! Go listen to Soothsayer and then tell me they can play with more emotion or skill than him

If we are talking about skill, speed, soul, or the fact that he can pick up anything with strings and compose something totally new that no one has ever heard before... Then Buckethead destroys all these other guys. Jimi? The man was skilled, no doubt. Slash? A great blues player. Angus Young? One of the greatest "performers" the rock'n roll stage has ever seen. But Buckethead can not only play any genre he wants. He can play faster, with more technique, and just as much soul as any of these guys.

Buckethead at this point in his career in the 9th month of 2015 has surpassed the majority listed here despite not performing much at all thus not gaining the support of mainstream critics who do not play musical instruments and really just wouldn't get it if you gave them money to. Most musicians who try to critique him claim to find his music too repetitive,as expected from the fact that the man has successfully written and recorded more virtuoso work than anyone in the modern era.Did you know in the past 8 months he has put out over 70 full length studio albums? None of which are the same. There isn't a resume of anyone else on this list that can rival that.It is pathetic to say the least that someone of this mans talent is considered lesser than the likes of someone as sloppy as jimmy page was despite his creativity or the likes of keith richards who is so overrated as a guitar player because of his iconic status in a band it makes my skin crawl.

He have a very sense of music, he can compose both fast and sentimental song. Also, he has some of the best technical skills than any other guitar, not to mention also his skill in sound design, brilliant usage of effect and etc.

Even a great guitarist such as Dave Mustaine said that:

"But then you see some guy like Buckethead´┐Ż Buckethead is probably twice as good a guitar player as me and Slash combined, and can stand having fried chicken rubbed up against his face all night for a couple of hours. "

Buckethead deserves a much higher spot because of his overall skill set, his speed, and the immense variety in his songs. Synyster gates is great, but he doesn't have the overall skill speed of Mr Carroll. He should be third behind Jimi Hendrix (the founder pretty much of epic guitar playing) and Eddie Van Halen (popularized tapping and general guitar in the style of synyster gates)