Chuck Berry

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Charles Edward Anderson "Chuck" Berry was an American guitarist, singer and songwriter, and one of the pioneers of rock and roll music. He died on 18 March 2017.


People seem to be missing a point here. To be ranked 20th best guitarist on a list consisting of thousands of guitarists is pretty amazing. Just because he's very influential doesn't mean that he's the absolute best. However, 20th or any position in the top 100 is amazing. - RalphSaad

He took the strum to the amp and knew every little corner of Lucille..! That was what he called his guitar.. He made rock guitar so I think he should be one of the fathers of rock guitar.! Not just because but because he was a master of the fret neck.

I keep scrolling through the list going "oh surely chuck is next..." Number 30? Really? This guy practically invented rock and roll! Have half of you people even listened to johnny b Goode? Come on!

Who wrote this list? A bunch of rappers? Chuck Berry deserves to be number one, and he isn't even in the top 100! How the hell is he being beaten by Brad Delson from Linkin Sucks? You people need your head checked.

Chuck should at least be in the Top 10. If he didn't exist, none of the guitarists here would be famous today. - Mumbizz01

Chuck Berry the grand daddy of the guitar without Chuck I believe the majority of guitarists would not be here. As Keith Richards says no one could touch Chuck or his guitar

These people who votes only know their favourite bands guitarists... without chuck berry half of the guitarist on this list wont even play guitar - cndsd

Played some pretty simple 12 bar stuff but the man was a genius at turning them into classic songs that everyone knows. Without Chuck there would be no Rock and Roll

So who do most of the people on this list regard as the master innovator of his time? I rest my case...although this guy never seemed to need to... He's still strutting!

He's great and can play the guitar like a ringing bell, you should hear 'johnny B. Goode' if you haven't it is the top guitar song of all time - Youg

Chuck Berry is The Godfather of rock guitarist, so he is the best & the legend. He had played well before Jimi Hendrix did, even when you had not been born yet... :D

Him and Elvis are the champions of rock and roll

What the hell chuck berry is one of the greatest ever, come on people top 5 at least

Chuck berry is the inventor of rock and roll and should be in the top five easily.

I do agree that a lot of you think just because he started the guitar thing doesn't mean he is better than anybody else, but he is a really good guitar player. Some of his best guitar songs are Johnny B. Goode, Roll over Beethoven, and run Rudolph run

I heard on the news that Chuck is number 6. That works for me. There's a lot of talent out there. - Zany68

Without him, this list wouldn't exist.

Agreed chuck berry basically created the modern guitar technique we use today.

Try to play what he really did, not just the bar chords

Keith Richards himself would tell you, no one can touch him or his guitar

Chuck Berry is easily one of the most talented guitarists ever. No one on this list would be famous without him. Also Rock 'n' Roll as a genre would be very set back if not non existent without him.

How is Berry not high up there? Chuck Berry a 20!

No Chuck Berry, No Rock and Roll as we know it. Go back and listen to his stuff and put yourself mentally in the mid fifties when Do Wop and crooning were just about the only thing on the radio. Try to imagine what it would have felt like to hear Maybellene or Johnny B Goode suddenly hit the airways! Thank you Chuck for giving us Rock and Roll!

Pretty much the founder of rock and roll as we know it YOU GO CHUCK :3

Come on people! This is the FATHER of rock n roll! He deserves to be 1