Dave Mustaine

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David Scott "Dave" Mustaine (born September 13, 1961) is an American musician, singer, songwriter, actor and author. Mustaine is best known as a pioneer in Thrash Metal, being the former lead guitarist of Metallica before his dismissal in 1983, leading to finding and becoming the front man of his own ...read more.


Dave Mustaine being one place below the Chemical Romance guy is a literal profanity. What kind of people vote for these lists? They must be deaf, dumb and blind (even by just SEEING Dave shred his guitar you can tell he's better). Dave should be in the top-10. And where the hell are James Hetfield, Randy Rhoads, Tony Iommi, Kerry King, guitarists that made history?

I find it sad that although Kirk Hammett made it world famous playing Dave Mustaine's lead solos (or certainly structures of Mustaine's lead solos) on songs Dave Mustaine wrote, after Kirk Hammett allegedly stole Dave Mustaine's job, yet Kirk Hammett is rated higher than Mustaine. Evidently being original has no value. Mustaine said,"at least he got to bang Kirk's girlfriend".

I love a lot of the guitar gods but Dave... Has endured terrible heartbreak through his early career, which manifested into violence drugs and alcohol... Which made him insight a riot... Die in the er, be re born, then suffer nerve damage and still to this day has cranked out three albums if guitar awesomeness since 2009... Who else did that on this list?

How the hell is he number 36? Dave mustaine for sure deserves to be top 10 along with dimebag, eric johnson, and if you wanted to count bass cliff. How is Hammett even considered better than Dave? Uh Mechanix, rattle head, tornado of souls, rust in peace. Those are way better than anything I have hear kirk play.

The voting done in this list is done by eyes but not with ears, guy from Thirty seconds to Mars at 5, have you people listened to their songs they are good for only listening no work done like other guitarist, and slash on 1, he is the most over rated guitarist and where is Andy Timmons.. And also love Joe Satriani,

I can't believe, he is in 37 place and Joe satriani, Steve Vai, JImmy page, David Gilmore all after Slash, Hammett and other's esp Hermen lee. Satriani and Mustaine are the main reasons for me to play Guitar and even Hendrix on second place, there are also many great guitarist all underrated in this list and really Slash and Hammett are so much overrated..

There is truly no comparison to Dave and the members of Metallica with are placed before him on this list. Even during interviews with the James he expresses his amazement of Mustaine's ability to shred a guitar and speak of it with true envy. definitely a top ten all time.

YOU KIDDING ME? 28? He deserves a lot more popularity. Kirk Hammett is a good guitarist, but seriously overrated. Same is for Slash. Dave can write songs better songs than they can and can write the hardest riffs and sing to them. Listen to Poison was the cure, you'd what I'm saying.

What do you mean Dave Mustaine is number 30? He is one of the forefathers of Thrash metal, which is a very influential genre for all the other rock/metal genres to come! Dave mustaine "Wrote 'em all! ".
Everyone who has listened to Dave Mustaine's work since his first demos with Panic knows that Dave Mustaine is too under-rated. He is a living legend! Even better than slash. Believe it or not, it is true! Slash and Dave were friends, but Dave was always better!

This list is horrific. Dave Mustaine is one of the greatest guitar players of all time. He not only rips the guitar, he feels the music and practically every song has meaning behind it. He even had to re-learn to play guitar after injuring his arm!

After all he's been through, alcohol, the failure during his short time with Metallica, rising to fame despite being in the shadows of his former band, change of religion and all that, he has created some of the greatest metal music I know and this is coming from a Metallica fan and this deserves him the rank as the best guitarist ever.

He is one of the most influential metal guitarists. His technical skills are far greater than almost everyone above him on this list. He invented the spider riff technique which all guitarists use today. His blistering, fast solos, powerful music and well defined song writing inspired a great many.

This says everything about this list. Only small children or people who don't know what playing guitar means. Dave can play anything and even better than other guitarists in top 10. The only deserving one up there is Jimi and he should be number 1.

Not recognized as a lead guitarist. But he is actually a great riff writer and solo writer. His solo's tend to be raw, melodic, chromatic, and fit the songs more than Marty Friedman's and Chris Broderick's solos do. Best solos- Sweating bullets, solo in holy wars, and his solo in tornado of souls. - johnathanburton

He is the man that should get all the admiration for making the band megadeth what it is today. He single handed has make megadeth stand tall in the metal. I wish he could have stayed with Metallica but the fight between Metallica and dave mustaine is the best thing that happened to metal. He is a gem and undoubtly one of greatest guitarists in metal history.

The best speed thrash metal guitarist ever...! Can you imagine this world without dave mustaine? Probably no one would recognize what is speed metal, thrash metal, because without dave's involvement in Metallica's beginning, there would never be kill em all

You have Billy Joe Armstrong and some bloke from 30 seconds to Jupiter or whatever and not feature Dave Mustaine in the top 10? Mustaine is a genius, he is the most technical guitar player in Metal. By listening to Holy Wars the Punishmengt due or Tornado Of Souls you realise how good Mustaine is.

Amazing guitarist and considering he writes all his songs and solos as well he can handle extreme guitar speeds, ridiculously hard riffs and while he doesn't play every music genre ( he probably can if he wants to) he masters the art of heavy metal.

Why isn't he in the top ten? He is so much better than Kirk Hammett and seriously, what is Synyster Gates doing in the top ten? I find Avenged Sevenfold is so overrated and I don't know why people are always going ape over them.

This is the most unpleasant place where Dave mustaine could be placed, he is undoubtedly the best guitarist, seriously try and listen to hangar 18/Holy wars/peace sells/tornado of souls, you will get to know what I mean and why this legend should be placed higher than 20...

Wait megadeth is a FASTER BAND THAN METTALLICA. I love Metallica, but megadeth is faster in all ways: heavier, faster more solos in songs and help Metallica in the first album. that's WHAT MADE Metallica FAMOUS IN THE FIRST PLACE BY DAVE MUSTAINE BY BEING THE LEAD GUITARIST. - wardogs56

Dave is better than Kirk, and seriously... Slash?! What! Dave could beat 5 slashes. - MegaToolica

When Dave Mustaine worked for Metallica before he was kicked out, he created the solos for Seek & Destroy, Hit the Lights and the other songs from Metallica's first album. On my opinion, Even though I'm a fan of Hammett, I would prefer Mustaine

Dave mustaine is way better then all the other guitarist he should be in the top ten not all these people like slash and all them people dave plays the hardest things and sings stuff comepletly different to what he is playing he deserves to be number 1

Dave is definitely my favorite guitarist. He has such diverse solos and riffs it just blows my mind away. From melody to thrash he has it all Good Mourning/Black Friday is a perfect example. Should be in top 3, or at least above Kirk.