David Gilmour

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David Jon Gilmour is an English singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer. He joined the progressive rock band Pink Floyd as guitarist and co-lead vocalist in 1968.


No one writes better solos than David Gilmour. Comfortably Numb, Marooned, High Hopes, Echoes, Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Sorrows, Dogs, Pigs (Three Different Ones), Time, On The Turning Away, Hey You, In The Flesh? , Another Brick In The Wall Pt. 2, Run Like Hell, Money and many other great guitar solos I'm probably forgetting. I agree with Jimi Hendrix being at number one and Page being at number two. But Slash at number three?! David Gilmour is way better. Comfortably Numb live PULSE is the greatest solo ever performed. Brian May is okay, but very overrated. I can't think of an extraordinary solo by him. Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the greatest songs ever written, but it's solo is overrated. I used to listen to Queen more often when I was about 16-years-old. I listened to Bohemian Rhapsody all the time. The solo never got me going. It never felt special to me, even though I loved the song. Same with We Will Rock You. I loved that and never found the solo special. I would even fast ...more

He drove Pink Floyd. Comfortably Numb is a great solo. Could lay down a nice riff.

To put Dave Gilmour at 22 s a sin. Listen to Live in Gdansk if you don't believe me. The perfection of his string bends on The Blue, The slight expansion of his solo in Comfortably Numb, even his little add-on at the end of On an Island. I'm not saying he's the best, but dammit does he put more heart and soul into his music than even Slash, whom I think is massively overrated and belong far behind his #1 spot. It seems as though you picked the first ten guitarist for your own self-satisfaction, and then simply drew names of guitarists you've heard of out of a hat. Clapton at 19? Really? I venture to say Clapton, Gilmour, Buckethead, Hendrix, and dozens of others exceed Slash in terms of talent. You're just jumping on this bandwagon. Understand no self-respecting guitarist would like to play guitar as an introduction to Charlie Sheen, or even play at the Super Bowl for Fergie (would you? ). Revise this list. Now. Do it.

Although I consider Hendrix and Page to be higher on the list, Gilmour is by favorite (maybe because he plays for my favorite band) Some of his solos just make the hair on my neck stand up. Time, Pigs, Shine on you crazy diamond, The gunners dream and of course Comfortably Numb, perhaps one of the greatest solos ever. The reason I think is name isn't mentioned as much as some of the others is because Pink Floyd isn't really as main stream as say Zeppelin and Hendrix. I think FLoyd sometimes gets a bad rap because of there early stuff from Piper at the gates of dawn through obscured by clouds) I mean until Dark Side... They werent popular at all. In fact many thought, at the time, that they were on there way out.. It may sound mean, but Syd Barrett's bemise was a blessing. The turning point for Floyd. - schugeorge

Gilmour has always been my favourite guitarist. He is not a virtuoso player, but talk about innovations with the instrument and David gilmour would definitely figure in the top ten guitarists of all time. But the one thing that sets him apart from others is his clarity of speech while speaking through the guitar. Just listen to the Division Bell start to end in one go. Gilmour's compositions on the guitar are truly timeless.

Just the best. I can't stand guitar solos that are longer than one minute, I'm a Bon Jovi fan, I'm getting bored of most Pink Floyd songs before the first chorus, but even I can clearly see that David Gilmour is the world's best guitarist. Whenever he performs, you think that the guitar is his third hand, it's so natural, the guitar does what he wants it to do, and it does it with pleasure. Pure art.

The guitar is an extension of David Gilmour, together they are joined as one. Only a handful have or have had that ability, with most it is a tool. Yes there are many craftsman out there that have bent the guitar to their will, but with David Gilmour that is never the case. Could you ever see David Gilmour smash his strat like Hendrix or Pete Townsend did. No to him, I think to him its like a living breathing thing...

He is one of the most underappreciated guitarists of all time. His work ranges from some of the greatest solos of all time, such as in "Comfortably Numb," "Another Brick in the Wall Part 2," and "Time," to the most imaginative and beautiful music ever composed, such as in "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" and "Wish You Were Here." His stuff is timeless.

Why is David Gilmour never credited as being one of the Best Guitarist you think of? Everyone immediately can think of Joe Satriani, Eddy Van Halen, Steve Vai, and a couple of others before they say David Gilmour. But, his band, Pink Floyd, kicks so much ass that it has its own category among guitar followers as Rock Symphony. Their music has inspired so many of us to pick up a guitar that he should have a spot among the best - tranly

He's a true and unsurpassable magician with the guitar. The way he makes his guitar talk can enlighten and please the despondent of hearts. His solos are a work of flair and finesse that is sporadic. Most notably, his solos in comfortably numb and Time are such that they are inimitable. If their is a better guitarist than him at bends, I believe he should be entitled the god of guitarists. I might be using holiday humor and wit to praise this man, but trust me even an embellishment of such a paramount degree falls utterly short of his potential.

Synyster Gates doesn't deserve a place on any list except "Most Overrated Guitarist" where he should be No. 1. I can't believe he's higher than metal guitar legends like Randy Rhoads (third greatest guitarist in my opinion), Tony Iommi (creator of metal guitar), and Glenn & KK (greatest guitar duo ever). Gilmour, however is hands-down the second greatest guitarist in history & has come closer than anyone to reaching Hendrix's unreachable level of genius. If you still think Syn is even anywhere near Gilmour's level, you obviously haven't listened to much Pink Floyd. Gilmour puts thought into his solos and actually has melody. Nothing is wrong with speed, mind you, but simply speed alone just won't do.

David Gilmour has to be the best. Slash, Satriani, Van Halen, and everyone else who tries to be cool will never reach his level. Also, keep in mind that the #1 solo 'Comfortably Numb' was written by Gilmour.

Should be at least in the top ten, he plays with passion and he is so creative, and is also an amazing vocalist. apparently to many people voting on this list care about how fast the person can play and not about their true talent. any good guitarist can shred, but not every good guitarist can create a clear, pure sound that sends shivers down your spine like guilmour, clapton, santana, or Hendrix
Wanted to vote for alex lifeson too he is so underrated just listen to yyz by rush

Easily the most underrated, and in my opinion the greatest guitarist of all time. The expression in what he did was incredible. Some of his Solos are also the greatest of all time like Comfortably Numb (The greatest), High hopes, On the turning away, The Final Cut, The Fletcher Memorial Home and so many many more. Not to mention masterpieces like Shine on you Crazy Diamond and the whole Animals album. - Boydy_23

Literally makes the guitar speak. While other so called guitarist may be faster, speed running scales isn't an art just a lot of monkey see monkey do with fancy tricks. David has the gift to create his own stuff and where words need not be spoken, his guitar tells a story. No stovepipe hats and funky clothes to make a trademark, just pure talent poured out through his strings.

He's one of the best guitarist of the world. During his career he have a chance to show few music talent, including singing, but I remember his solo from almost every legendary disc of Pink Floyd, for example " Marooned" from Division Bell, "On The Turning Away" from A Momentary Lapse of Reason and, of course, "Comfortably Numb" from The Wall.

He is the best guitarist. His music is not heard to but experienced. I think it is amazing how he makes people experience how they make the music. Coming back to life if heard to wake the dead people. I'm sure!

Gilmour is the one of those guitarists, whose solos don't always contain a 100 notes per second, but every note that he plays, tugs at your heart's strings. His Comfortably Numb solo is out of this world. Even his riffs and bridges are equally good. He was even better while performing live! Waters was a great lyricist, but Gilmour added Music to those lyrics and made the songs what they were. Definitely deserves to be in the Top 3!

Why is he number 22? He is way better than most on the list (except for Hendrix, Page, Van Halen, Brian May). Most are way overrated (for example Slash, he is good, but way overrated). Listen to Comfortably Numb (any version), and you'll change your opinion. Every note he plays has full emotion. His solos are what words can't express.

David Gilmour deserves the first place! He is one of the most melodious solo guitars masters. There is enough only 4 ingenious notes from "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" that their author was on the top of the list. Comfortably Numb, Time, Money, and many other things it solo are the best samples of modern music. Try to remember Hendrix's melodies and many other things from the list, standing above Gilmour... These are talented, but simply masterly guitarists. But Gilmour's melodies are remembered and "take for soul", so this present - the higher art.

Of course the most creative guitarist in the world- in electric as well as well as in acoustic. Guitarists like Slash can give stunts but cannot be such creative like Gilmour. A layman should listen to the guitar solos of Echoes, Dogs, Comfortably Numb Time, Coming Back to Life and he will understand his vast talent.

In my "near" death experience I heard a beautiful noise - it sounded most like David Gilmour playing the guitar. Other guitarists show off on a guitar like a coloratura opera soprano - tricks for tricks sake. Dave always plays good music. His are the only guitar solos I could listen to for more than a few minutes. It doesn't hurt that he is beautiful inside and out!

David Gilmour is much better than Slash! All of Slash's solos are generic and boring.

Aside from Jimmy Page, no other guitarist has been able to not only have such good riffs, but such great solos as well. He played the most epic guitar song ever, "Comfortably Numb", and the most hauntingly lonely guitar song ever, "Wish You Were Here". No other guitarist, except for maybe Jimi Hendrix had a greater vision. He should be not only top ten, but top three as well. - chris.cg.102

Dave Gilmour is the best guitarist of all time, even ahead of Hendrix in my opinion. He may not have the speed of PAGE, or skills of Steve Vai, but he had complete package. He does not concentrate on speed only which we (foolishly) associate with the guitar skills. Dave focused on subject of a song, its emotions and then he would structure his riffs.

He is the best.