The Edge

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Definitely the greatest guitar player today (& dare I say better than most worshipped show offs of the yesteryears) the man has laid down so many classic riffs, not only just that he is also superb lead player, what he can do in a couple of notes can't be done by most shredders in a million minute solo

One of the most influential guitarists of all time... he gave voice to the quarter-eighth note delay and so many other guitarists have used it. Bands claiming to have been influenced from his playing range from Dream Theater to Vertical Horizon. Even though the later is not the most respected, it shows how far reaching his playing has gone.

The edge is the best guitarist in the world! His solos are completely amazing and they send shivers down my spine every time I hear them! He produces amazing riffs and together with U2, he and the rest of the band create amazing music that can't be beaten by any other band on the planet!

I think Edge is just the best in the world as he has so many talents in music I am probably his oldest fan at 66 years and have had the chance to listen to so many band members including Joe White and Don Felder who are wonderful but he beats the best of the best Go EDGE xxx

Anyone that can listen to the sound of a canary in Morocco and then try and recreate that sound into the music is a genius. And that is exactly what The Edge is, a complete genius, a wizard of the guitar world. Never mind his solos; it's his pacing and bounding riffs that win me over hands down.

The man plays everything from, blues, gospel, funk, rock and then some. He is a style and flair all his own. Just when you think you have heard it all Edge comes up with something new. Seriously sit down one day and listen to how his sound and style has grown over the years. The man is pure talent.

It's Sad To Me that the Edge Is always the Forgotten one it sickens me to hear people Forgetting that the Edge is one of the Top 10 Greatest Pure Guitarist he belongs up there with the likes of
Eddie Van Halen
Jimmy Page
Eric Clapton
Brian May
Angus Young
Nancy Wilson
Alex Lifeson
Ritchie Sambora
Just to name a few But The Edge Is An amazing Guitarist But doesn't get enough Credit! - Curti2594

Please the edge must be on top 10 of this list, one of the best guitarists ever and you say he is on 56 ranking position, listen to a day without me, I will follow and you'll see what is a wonderful guitarist

Talent is not only to play 15000 notes par second! Come on, he deserves better than 66th position! He can create sound landscapes that most can't. Listen to Bullet The Blue Sky (Live Sydney 91) and tell me he can't play guitar!

Top 10. He invented so many sounds and said so much with so few notes. And he has killer solos on stuff like bullet the blue sky and the fly, and his riffs are amazing

Amazing dude! His guitar skills at the end of "With or Without You" make the song even more beautiful. As the song fades out it gives you an amazing feeling that words can't describe. He's done a great job with other U2 songs such as "Where the Streets Have No Name" and "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"

He created an unique style, which influenced hundreds of bands and guitar players until today. The combination of using a delay effect with hard percussive riffs gives always the impression two or even more guitar players would play at the same time. This was a real innovation. Bands like Coldplay, Reamon or even Linkin Park would not be thinkable without The Edge's sound ideas!

The EDGE is better than anyone I ever heard, including Sting, Slash and any other guitar player with only one name. If he had a last name he would be awesome.

Why? Why do people (mostly kids) think that speed is everything, the faster you play the better you are? It's not about speed, it's about expression, knowing the instrument so it can talk and cry, it's about innovating and influencing music. He should be at least #28

I disagree with this list totally I mean The Edge at #68 what is happening The Edge is not as speedy as slash or kirk but he is not less than them The Edge should have been listed in top 20 his riffs in bullet the blue sky are just fantastic

Definitely one of my favorites and he can make amazing music. He can also play piano, and base guitar, not to mention he has a good back-up voice. - Baltimore1993

The Edge can pick a tight riff like Where the Streets Have No Name and keep it up flawlessly throughout the song without missing a beat - plus do a lot of other layering of melody on top of it. Very impressive.

The Edge is phenomenal and sounds like no other guitarist. For that alone, he needs to be moved up. I think it is his guitar even more so than Bono's voice or lyrics that give U2 such a distinct sound.

I have been scrolling through this list for 20 minutes trying to find the edge. So I found him. At number 882. WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL ARE YOU PEOPLE ON! HE IS A PHENOMENAL GUITARIST!

There is NO way that a legendary guitarist like The Edge should not be in the top 15 of all time, let alone all the way down to number 69. It's sacrilege!

Some people like screaming guitar solos, some like experimental yet effective. I sit firmly in the latter camp. I've heard all the so called greats, and apart from Jimmy Paige and Hendrix, none of these guys can capture the essence of a song like Edge can. You can keep your 10 minute mindnumingly dull guitar solos, it just ain't for me

I literally lay down in bed and listen to his solo in Bullet the Blue Sky and sometimes get shivers. No one can make such amazing riffs and sounds with their guitars like The Edge! He should at worst be 15th!

Until the End of the World and Ultra Violet make me cry whenever I listen to them. Eerie guitar...

It's a disgrace that he is rated this low. How can the guitarist for one of the biggest bands of all time be ranked this low? Not saying he should be top 10 but 71? Ridiculous.

Edge is brilliant. The moment he starts playing you know who it is. The greatest guitarist in the universe if you ask me. He is right on incredible live. Absolutely breathtaking. As far as I am concerned he changed the face of rock-n-roll music, inspiring a generation of musicians. If you listen to newer bands you can hear U2's influence. Simply amazing! His name is written in the stars!