Frank Zappa

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Frank Vincent Zappa was an American musician, songwriter, composer, record producer, actor and filmmaker.


He sounds like none other on the list. His style was highly creative and different from anything else you've ever heard. He manages to play fast with maintaining soul. Everyone should check out some videos on YouTube, listen to live tracks and the albums "guitar" and "shut up and play your guitar" then revote.

I am actually sick to my stomach to see Frank so low on this list. There is not a soul that lived on this planet that had the ability to not only compose music, but to surround himself with some of the best musicians on the planet and was always cutting edge with technology and sound production. In my opinion a lot of votes here that are not familiar with his work, cannot grasp the concept of what Frank did or frankly do not have a clue of how to play a guitar ( no offense to anybody ).
I still wonder how much time was served for destroying one atomic pansexual orbital pluker...
He was the best guitar player you have never heard of...
If I may also say that Joes Garage and Floyds ( The Wall ) are the two best albums ever created. And Joe's still was better. I see a LOT of names listed above Frank here, that are a joke in comparison..

Rest in peace Frank, you are sorely missed.

Music and Frank ARE the best I find comparisons with most if not all other guitarists odious. Any style, live or studio, serious or hilarious he had it all. I think it was Alice Cooper who said, "All the people who were considered to be musical geniuses, The Beatles, The Beachboys, Bob Dylan all knew that Frank Zappa was THE musical genius."

Zappa's influence is every where. That is undeniable. To put him so low on this list is an insult to music. His intelligence, improvisation skills, and his fight against censorship in music should lift him into the top 5 at least, and in my opinion, number one.
Not only did he play the guitar, he composed music. His solo's are above and beyond most on this list, not on skill level, but on the way that he fit them into the rest of the music. Rest in peace Frank.

He should be number 1 in my opinion. Not only for his guitar playing but for the fact that he had a better understanding of music than probably anyone on this list. When he wrote music, it was on paper. Incredible at improvising to.

Imaginary guitar solos exist only in the imagination of the imaginer!

Zappa for the win!

I love Zappa, but he was a better composer than guitarist. According to legend, he wrote stuff he himself couldn't play! That's why he cultivated the likes of Stevie Vie! Still a great musician, composer, satirist, and activist. One of the greats, maybe the greatest.

All I have to say is that it was Frank Zappa who first introduced Hendrix to the wah-wah pedal. Frank's influence in difficult to judge because of how many musicians he influenced. I mean it was the experimentation in Freak Out which lead to The Beatles breaking out with Sgt. Peppers.

His mustache played better than Slash and his guitar wanted to kill yo' mama.

Wow, this is one terrible list. Frank Zappa is with out a dought, the brst. His guitar solos are amazing. He is one of the most talented musicians ever to set foot on this earth. He should be number 1, Hendrix is great, but Zappa beats everyone. Tony Iommi is my number 2. He invented most of the riffs that are used in metal today. LONG LIVE ZAPPA AND IOMMI

A true musical genius, Zappa created music that was incomprehensible to many. He was always underestimated due to the raunchy nature of some of his songs. Definitely a top ten if not a top five.

Not only did frank zappa introduce Hendrix to the wah pedal but even Hendrix himself said zappa was 'the greatest improvisational guitarist' he had ever heard. no doubt top five to number one based on his live solos.

Did a tribute show for jimmy Hendrix left every one there speechless with his rendition, after that show Alice Cooper said he was the best guitarist he had ever seen.

What can't you say about him... I had the pleasure of a "almost" private show with frank and his body guard once. For a little more than an hour frank played non stop... Way way under rated... RIP

77 is laughable, he's just not as well known as the others. Frank zappa puts many of the people on this list to shame. Listen to "the torture never stops" on YouTube

I think there's no other guitarist who can even touch zappa in "real time composing". That alone made him unique. On top of that, he didn't sound like a computer.

Zappa is one of the most creative and accomplished musicians on this list, a very talented and versatile guitarist... It's hard to believe he's behind the likes of James Hetfield!

Can't wait for this list to start making sense. Zappa walked away from playing a guitar for years at a time, but would pick it up and play something that blows away most of this list. Incomparable creativity and intelligence.

Please, listen Zombie Woof. You will understand why he is under-rated. I think he is one of the best guitars because he has played rock, jazz, blues and even a little bit of progressive.

Shut up and play yer guitar! Zappa said it himself... There's no need to rate guitarists because they all have such distinct styles... Every person on this list=#1

An absolutely brilliant human who masterfully blew away the conventional in all aspects of his work. My all-time favorite guitarist and musical hero.

If you asked the artists above him, they would want him higher too. His playing was extremely innovative and ahead of his time. Him, Harrison, May, Gilmour and Clapton should be top 5 followed by Santana.

Laugh out loud I just like his style, for example, the muffin man song, haha he's just singing about the muffin man and then just suddenly shreds on the guitar like a mad man for like a minute straight

Best rock guitar solo : black napkins! He was a real giant compared to all the dwarfs from 1 to 77 a musician that will last in the next centuries.

Hello, Frank Zappa should be in the top ten of this list, and to understand why, listen to his guitar related stuff, such as shut up and play yer guitar. His guitar parts are fabulous