No matter alive or died, hide is always so dear to me. Maybe he is not the greatest guitar player, but he is a greatest man in my heart. Cheerful rhythm, style, and soft or fierce words, all of this means love, enthusiastic and hopeful. He taught me how to live in the world and how to use music to change the dark, I love hide no matter what happens. To be a free pink spider, you must be free now. ". Cause we are x! Do what you wanna do, cause it is a world that you will never understand it clearly. Love you, amazing man, my dear hide.

Hide should be first, but he isn't because people don't know him or his job, but the fact is: hide, through his guitar, made us feel in heaven, made us cry, made us laugh, and still does because his work must go on and X Japan has done an awesome job in his memory.

If you have an open mind and really listen to the soul of his songs, you'll understand what it really means to be a musician. Hide had a message that was really important to him and he wanted to share that message with the world. Everything he played on guitar had so much soul. If you listen, you'll hear such a fresh sound that you've never heard before and on top of all of this... He's technically superb at his instrument.

Legendary guitarist. Better than everyone on this list above him. He is not only a virtuoso in technical skill, but his ability to compose in rock, reggae, jazz, punk, metal, classical, as well as his ability to blend all these genres together to make new fusion styles is truly amazing. His work in X Japan as well as in his solo career attest to all of this. The greatest guitarist of our time.

You never found an Asian like him, almost all Japanese guitarist inspired by him, every X Japan concert his fans still use costume like her and say "hide, hide", many his fans try to suicide after hear his dead, and he is the everlasting legend of Asian guitarist

Hide of X-Japan is the best guitarist ever. Not only he can play guitar in an extremely fantastic and perfect way, but he can also sing. Hide is the lead guitarist in X-Japan. Check out his guitar solo in "X", "Kurenai", or "Art of Life", which is 30 minutes long! He is a singer in Hide and Spread Beaver, which he did splendid job. He is the best guitarist the world ever had!

He is the most original, the fastest, the best guitarist ever! And he can do whatever he wants even he is on stage there is no limit for him.. He is ambitious and what he does he is always successful.. Especially in his guitarist career.. I've never seen anyone who can play guitar as fast as he does. He is king of the guitars, he is an expert about it!

I agree that Jimmy Hendrix should be number one on this list but I think Eddie Van Halen should be 2nd. What these 2 guitarists did was revolutionary. I think hide is in a pretty decent spot. His skill is definitely incredible. I loved him from when he was in X to his solo career. He was such an inspiring musician to so many people including the ones voting here. To anyone who is curious about this artist I highly recommend you look him up and listen to his music.

Hide is one of the greatest guitarists of his time and ours. Yes the other guitarists on this list are talented as well and great but hide is the best that I have ever heard. He may not have been from America but he was and still is one of the greatest guitarists.

Hide is one of the few guitarist who was amazing JUST with the electric guitar, no stompbox... just the guitar. Watch his amazing solo in Art of Life part 2 video on YouTube!

The best. Lead guitarist of X. Probably was and still is one of the biggest icons in Japan. His music is being spread throughout the world. He will always be remembered. Hide is so unique. Songs like "Love Replica" "Miscast" "Sadistic Desire" and "Celebration" amazing! My icon forever...

Hide is my love, my inspiration. I love him more than anything in the world, he was one of the most talented people, his style was unique. I want all the world to know hide because he deserves it. If you don't know him just check out some X Japan and hide's solo career songs.

Hide could have make the world better if he lives longer. Check out X-Japan's songs, kurenai, endless rain, say anything, rusty nail, x, all are amazing. Then try listening to his solos then I challenge you to tell me, you still doubt him.

Hide was a great guitarist but in fact he's still a great guitarist, he's alive thanks to his guitar. When hide plays the guitar, he takes your heart away, maybe because he's soft and punk at the same time.

He will stay in our hearts forever, his music will stay in our minds forever, he did his best during his short life... I'm sure, if he won't commit suicide, he would make more and more brilliant music... Rest In Peace, HIDE!

Wait! Eleventh place? When did the world go WRONG? Yes, I know that he's Japanese, and MAYBE Japanese rock doesn't exceed the US rock. BUT, I'm sure that everyone who has listened to his playing would be FROZEN IN AWE.

How I know this? Simple. Its because I've listened to him since last year. And also, I'm an X!
P/s: He doesn't use stomp box, yet still he plays amazingly. Dare to tell me that ain't awesome? 8)

Hide is definitely one of the greatest guitarists of all time. He was a great member of X Japan and his death was a great tragedy. His songs never failed to be amazing and awesome. Hideto Matsumoto will live forever in his brilliant guitar and his music. - mrpawn

Hide is the best Japanese guitarist ever! His solos are magnificent, he put his soul into the chords! He was also a beautiful person, with a big heart and a joking character... We'll never forget him

With great skills, he's the legend guitarist from Japan..

I like the song of X Japan, like "Desperate Angel", "Dahlia", "Scars" because his crazy talent..

Hide can play better than anyone even at a kid's guitar. Maybe only Steve Vai is better, but that doesn't count. Hide put soul in everything he did, especially when on stage. It's a pity such a great guitarist isn't so known.

I vote, but I don't care in which rank hide is... Hide is not the best guitarist ever ( maybe in top 100), but he was the greatest artist ever, so he deserves to be in top 20... No need to argue. But where is Syu? Syu for me is as good as jimi...

Hide has been inspiration for millions of actual really famous musicians, and he still is! It's sad that the world don't really know about him just because he is from Japan. Hide is and will always be the best.

One of the best guitarists ever born and most inspiring musician! Do you know how many current famous guitarist chose guitar because of him! He's also a very good singer! Loved all his works! R.I.P. hide-sama!

Hide-san is too good to be forgotten. We will always love him. He is not dead his spirit stays alive. He lived and played the guitar and he still amazes people with his greatness!

I think he's one of the most underrated guitarist ever. People seem to not listen to X Japan just because it's a Japanese band. Music might be an international language but I think it's always the American or English oriented bands getting attention. Maybe not number 1 but I think he should definitely be on top 5.

RIP hide, GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN! - xxpunkrockprincexx