Jimi Hendrix

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Jimi Hendrix (born November 27, 1942 - September 18, 1970) was an American rock guitarist, singer, and songwriter . Although his mainstream career spanned only four years, he is widely regarded as one of the most influential electric guitarists in the history of popular music, and one of the most celebrated ...read more.


Jimi Hendrix inspired me to play guitar.

Every one of his songs is amazing, yet has great guitar in them as well.

Those of you who are like slash is better, jimmy page is better, or Eddie Van Halen is better listen here. Who can play guitar upside down learning for the first time only picking up chords by what he hears cause he isn't able to play the same way as right handers, who can play there own songs a million different ways without ever playing any other way. He is a legend. Even though he is such a big inspiration, he can play what other people would never be able to do. And without him you wouldn't be seeing these awesome guitarist today play amazing rifts. Sure they would come sooner or later but you just gotta think what he has done and even though he is dead and has been dead for a while he has and is still making an impact on the world. And Jimi Hendrix was the god of the whammy bar, he knew how to use that thing better than any guitarist I've heard. Jimi ...more

Jimi Hendrix revolutionized the playing of the electric guitar. Before Hendrix, guitarists just strummed the guitar, played the chords, maybe picked out a solo melody. Hendrix got sounds out of the guitar that nobody had ever heard. He was THE innovator. He didn't just accept the guitar method book approach to playing the guitar and approached the instrument as more than just chords and twangy solos. He used the guitar and amplifier together to create even more unique sounds. He was the first to use feedback as a part of his playing. He brought, fuzz and distortion and feedback and reverb into the mainstream of guitar. You want to talk about shredding... Hendrix did it with his teeth.

The entire concept of the killer rock guitar solo started with Jimi Hendrix. True, it would have happened sooner of later, but Hendrix one man that changed the playing of every guitarist that came after him.

I guarantee if you ask Eddie who is the best guitarist of all time, he would say ...more

Sorry, but I think this must be the worst top ten list about guitarists I have ever seen, and I'll tell you why:

-Billie Joe Armstrong, better than Knopfler, Ray Vaughan, Rhoads, Morello...? I like Green Day, but this is a blasphemy.

-People like B.B. King, Chuck Berry, Paco de Lucia aren't higher than the 90 place (many of them aren't even in the top 100)

-Who is Synyster Gates? Come on, is he better than Jimmy Page? Really? And who is Tomo Milicevic? Is he really better than Eddie Vna Halen?

Tom Kaulitz? Is that guy better than Santana, Clapton, Young,...?
Is this a popular guitarists top ten list or a GOOD guitarists top ten list.

There are LOTS of mistakes like these in the list. And now, this. Everybody knows Hendrix should be in the top of this list, because he always will deserve it. I like Slash, but he never will be as talented and influential as Hendrix. The world of the rock guitar wouldn't be the same without him!

But in this ...more

Jimi Hendrix is great, don't get me wrong, but in my opinion he deserves more of a fourth or fifth spot on all time, and here's why. For one, he always played the same genre, and it worked great, but it's still just one genre. Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, and Pete Townshend were above that and played styles they weren't really used to flawlessly. For another, he didn't really have time to grow, this isn't his fault, that's just the test of time. His 4 albums were great, but few bands or guitarists peak in their first 4 albums, so we can't really know what he could've become, but as it stands, he never grew as a musician. Thirdly, he wasn't technically precise... like even a little bit, and while this is the style he worked with and he made it great, the fact still remains that he wasn't technically precise and that's a major drawback. Now you might be saying, "oh, but he characterized the whole genre, and certainly he deserves credit for that! " Well, surprising it maybe, but jimi ...more

Jimi Hendrix revolutionized the way we play guitar, Before Hendrix guitarists strummed. He touched people's souls through music. The beauty in his guitar playing, He was a musical genius. He was the master of psychedelic and the god of the guitar.

He isn't my favorite guitarist, But he definitely is the best and greatest guitarist. People need to stop voting for their favourite but the best and Hendrix is the best.

All the greatest guitarists think Hendrix is the greatest and best of all, Slash even thinks he's the best without doubt.

A famous man once said:

"Hendrix is better then sex. "

First of all, let me say that I respect everyone's opinion regarding who they think the best guitarist in the world is. We're all different and enjoy different tastes and that's the true meaning of diversity. There are a lot of greats out there today, both living and dead. But I think everyone would have to agree that without Jimi Hendrix, there would be no Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joe Statriani, Jeff Healey and all the other greats that make up what are considered to be the greatest players that ever lived, in rock, that is. Blackmore, Slash, Clapton, Page all pale in comparison to the guy that took guitar technique and studio recording to a whole new world. Hendrix was doing stuff in the middle to late sixties that is still considered, to this day, to be absolute genius and was so far ahead of his time, that players, to this day, still emulate his sounds.
I'm sorry if I hurt any feelings out there, but Jimi is a god in the music world. The rest are just... ...more

You KNOW when you're listening to Jimi Hendrix. He literally reinvented how to play modern rock guitar with an incredible off the wall guitar technique, over 40 years after his death people still try to emulate him. He fused blues, rock and funk. King of the 60's psychedelic sound. Produced guitar sounds that know had ever heard or thought were possible, introduced several of the most important guitar effects, made the wah wah popular, amongst the first too control feedback and experiment with high gain. A genius whether it was from beautiful sad blues to raw hard rock, the man was filled to the rim with licks and chord embellishments ideas and absolute feeling, has a wonderful sense of phasing, and laid the basics for almost every genre for future guitarists. Jimi Hendrix is still the king.

WHAT?! Jimi does NOT deserve to be 2nd and Slash doesn't deserve to be first! Slash is not the greatest guitarist of all time. My buddy just showed me this list of the top ten and he told me about this, but I didn't believe him and I still don't believe how people can just choose for their favorite and not for the one who truly deserves it. Dude... This is NOT cool. I'm only 16 and even I know about how almost every guitarist (the one's that aren't jealous) can even say that Jimi is the BEST guitarist EVER! This is the kind of stuff that gets me aggravated & I have a low temper & I just CAN'T STAND when people KNOW something, but they just want to disagree because they think someone else is just popular at that point of time. We all know that there are still guitarists that are dying to learn Jimi's tricks with the guitar. I'm sorry if I offended anybody, but I just had to let that out. Please forgive me. Jimi rocks & there is no other like him!

Hendrix is a force of nature. There is a clear Pre-Hendrix and Post-Hendrix sound. Without him, there would
Be no Slash, no Stevie Ray Vaughan and 80% of all guitarists as we know them today. Songs like Voodoo Child (Slight Return), Hear my train a coming, machine gun really changed people's perception of the electric guitar from just an electrified acoustic guitar to its own instrument genre. Hendrix was a channel of musical energy and ther has men no guitarist as spontaneous as Hendrix. Also, people like Slash have had the benefit of listening to Hendrix, the Beatles and Clapton when they were growing up. Hendrix was only listening to people like muddy waters, Robert Johnson and BB King which have such a tame sound relative to what Hendrix came up with. And that's why Jimi Hendrix is the greatest guitarist of all time!

Jimi was able to sing and play guitar at the same time. OK, a lot of guitarists can do that. But, Hendrix did it in a particular way; a melody and a rhythm on his guitar while he sang another melody with other rhythm with his voice. It gave something amazing. The secret? Probably his guitar was an extension of himself. He just had to sing and the guitar followed. But he had something else that I don't know.
When a guitarist is considered the best of all time and you don't know why exactly, it's a good sign. The mystery will last. And it is what happens with Jimi.

One thing I'm sure of is that the first time I heard Jimi (in 1967), I was upended. No one did music like him before. And he was an inspiration for so many guitarists after him.

Is Hendrix overrated today? Technically I would say yes. But for his creativity, he still the number one.

The electric guitar had two eras, before and after Hendrix. The sounds he created was so new and unique that it could be considered a new form of music. He played whirlwind music that had people's backs against the wall and blew them away. At that time no one has ever heard or seen anything like that before. He sidetracked the direction that music was progressing to at that time and changed the face of the earth. That is why it is hard to imagine how music would sound today without Jimi. As far as guitar players go, he was "It". When other great rock bands played in concerts, the audience yelled and cheered. When Jimi played, it was a look of disbelief.

I can agree with this ranking. Jimi was simply, "Jimi". What puzzles me, though, is the absence of pioneers and legends that laid the foundation for the various styles we know today. In 50 years, Jimi will probably still be in the top 10, but 98% of the top 150 guitarist on this list will not be known. Don't confuse popularity with actual talent and innovation. Robert Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, T-Bone Walker, Chuck Berry, George Harrison and others that were creative in times when creativity was far more stifled and oppressed deserve more recognition than those that can play "fast".

Probably most of the guitarists on this list were influenced by Hendrix. He was absolutely amazing, and many of the things he did on the guitar hadn't been done before, and even since haven't been done. If you think Hendrix is overrated, you should listen to "Here My Train A Comin'(Electric)" live on the blues album. Also, the problem with a lot of younger rock fans nowadays is that they think that being good on the guitar is to be fast. Speed is important with the guitar, but it is only one factor in many to consider when talking about the greatest guitarists of all time. Technicality, emotion, musicality, and innovation should all be considered.

Jimi invented rock, okay? The only other man who should be up here is definitely Angus Young from AC/DC, and I don't know why the heck he isn't up here. Slash was only good in Appetite for Destruction. After that, Axl took the stage and Slash's skills just became part of the song. Jimi can actually sing and play guitar. I don't think Slash would have the capability to construct decent lyrics, let alone sing them while playing guitar. I'm not bashing on Slash, I'm just saying, Hendrix is better. - geekgangstaguy

The only time he ever hit a bad note, it added to the song, even when he went without sleep for three days and played a concert, it added to every song he played. Jimi Hendrix was not a musician or a songwriter, he was a guitar player, you cannot just listen to his recordings, nor just his live shows. To make a guitar sing - especially with 60's guitar technology - is something you don't hear in other songs.

Jimi Hendrix had a message to send, through guitar was his choice, you cannot even begin to compare unless you have the same mission.

Hendrix was the first and maybe the only of his kind. He must be considered the father of the modern rock and the one who brought the guitar playing to a higher level of artistic expression. His song are actual after more than 30 years from his dead. You have to ask yourselves why it is so.

The first 3 positions should be occupied by Hendrix (Best guitarist of all the time), Page (Maybe the best session man in the history and guitar innovator), Slash (Great guitarist with an awesome playing style). And... Synyster Gates in the 3rd place? Are you crazy? Only a teen would put him in the third place... He is just copy of an imitation.

Jimi could have played any song, any time, string for string. If Jimi were in a life or death struggle to learn a song down to the original guitarist's shoelaces, he'd rip it. It's not like he's gonna come out of the room with a blank face saying "Well gee, I just don't know."

Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child was my first favorite song and remains my favorite. If Jimi lived just 5 years more, there might be peace on Earth. I doubt it but nobody should doubt he was, is and will forever be the best guitarist... Unless Jesus laid some licks down.

What can we say, a lot of the guitarist on this list, Hammett, Slash, SRV etc wouldn't even play guitar if it wasn't for this guy. Hendrix changed everything, he was the guy that showed modern guitarist that the guitar didn't just have to sound like a guitar and could be used to express every emotion and sound that you could think of.

All of us modern guitar fans owe him that debt- yes there are people who have progressed better technically, but what we have to remember is that Hendrix only had about 3 and half years from when he was discovered to when he died, but in that short space of time he has done more to change the sound of the guitar than anyone else on this list- truly the greatest ever.

Hendrix created and defined worlds of possibility with his playing. His control of feedback, emotion, the studio and ultimately the electric guitar allowed him to flesh out sounds and ideas that had never been heard before, and are almost impossible to duplicate even today. From the beauty of pieces like Little Wing and Wind Cries Mary to the power of Spanish Castle Magic and Third Stone from the Sun, his playing ability and tone remained and still remain unique and untouchable, yet inspiring and transcending for generations to come.

NO ONE is better than Jimi. Here is why:

1. He never learned to read music, therefore not a single one of his songs that he recorded will be the same as the last copy he recorded.

2. He played lefty flip, back when Lefty Guitars never existed, and STILL played the way he did. This man is a god of Guitar.

3. The man did Drugs his entire adult life, -AND STILL- managed to play the way he did, with the speed, clarity and amazing vocals he did...

Eric Clapton was a god of his days. And that god was dumbfounded by the abilities of Jimi. He even walked off stage after they jammed. I'm not saying that no one deserves a spot ahead of Jimi, but Slash? Slash deserves top 10 in a popularity contest not in a contest of skill.

Jimi Hendrix brought the guitar to the forefront of fame that it enjoys today. Before him, it served more often as a rhythm instrument, meant to carry the tune rather than lead it. When he came to the stage of popular music back in the day with his reversed Fender strat, he blew away so many people, and caused so many to want to emulate him that the Fender Stratocaster became just about the go-to instrument of rock artists. He changed the face of blues, rock, and every of their descending genres, from metal, to alt rock, to the contemporary blues scene.

Hendrix's talent was to see beyond any musical boundaries (although his passion was obviously blues) and simply focus on making the most amazing sounds he could from his guitar. He was able to absorb seamlessly influences from around him and incorporate them into a unique sound. While a lot of the nobody guitarists can run up and down the fret board like frenzied spiders, they'll never express their emotions through a guitar as fluently as Hendrix did. He's the King!

Jimi Hendrix is single handedly the most influential and talented guitarist of all time. Hendrix defines the electric guitar, and had got to be #1. Slash doesn't match the dedication and talent that brings to the table, and Synyster Gates is in one of the most overrated mainstream bands to date. Not to mention, Jimi Hendrix was left-handed, too.
In the end, nobody matches up to Hendrix. He was and still is the greatest guitarist of all time.

Slash should be no where near the top of this list. I also fail to see frank zappa, guthrie Govan, paul gilbert or steve vai. Or Joe satriani. Jimi, Jimmy and Buckethead are the only ones that really deserve to be anywhere in this top 10 slot.

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw slash was #1. He and Kirk Hammet both have good showmanship that's for sure. Any I admit I like some of their songs, but they do not belong in the top 10. Not by a long shot.

I honestly wish Guitar Hero 3 never existed then I'm sure a lot less people would know who the slash is.