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James Patrick Page is an English musician, songwriter, and record producer who achieved international success as the guitarist and founder of the rock band Led Zeppelin.


Jimmy Page was far better than Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix is overrated because he was the first to exemplify the electric guitar, that said, it doesn't mean he's the best. Jimmy Page was a much more versatile and had a much wider spectrum of styles and was a better technical player as well as being a much more intricate player and writer. He could intertwine a beautiful melody and go right into a brutal riff for example the song "Babe I'm Going To Leave You". All respect for Jimi Hendrix but he never came close to what Jimmy Page did. Hendrix never played the brutal riff or the beautiful melody Page did. Page constantly evolved Hendrix did not. Page was not influenced by Hendrix because they were both playing at the same time worlds apart and Page was the top session guitarist at the time. Also note, Hendrix auditioned in Nashville because Nashville wanted him to play tracks for country musicians but he didn't make it because he could not play blue grass guitar or classical picking. Page ...more

This is a difficult distinction to make, but Jimmy Page gets the nod not solely because of his virtuosity, but also because of his songwriting. Everybody on this list can play the hell out the instrument, but it's the originality and musical intuition that separates the greatest from the greats. Jimmy has a somewhat limited catalog to display his superiority, but he succeeds. He begins his professional career as a studio musician, and moves on to a blues group (The Yardbirds). This creates a sort of education for Jimmy that introduces him to many styles and techniques. Once he forms Led Zeppelin (by assembling legendary talent) he has an impressive repertoire and implements everything he has from folk-based ballads like "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" (not an original, but his arpeggio-driven rhythm certainly is) to epic rock paradigms like "Stairway to Heaven" Jimmy exhibits adeptness in all areas that the greatest guitarist of all time would have to.

Jimmy is, as far as rock and roll goes, one of the most hard working guitarists ever. Long before Led Zeppelin and before the Yardbirds Jimmy was a first call studio musician music laying riff after riff over big music bands in England and turned down the Yardbirds invites to play guitar for them. He was considered the best in England long before us yanks ever heard his name. He is tasteful and can find a riff for most any emotion. He is very versatile and can play the bluegrass, blues, soft rock and pretty much set the standard (some might even say invented) hard rock. He can play repetitive rhythm and create on the fly. He is innovative playing with instruments that few people have even heard of and works with the recording studio to take creativity from the engineers and producers and put it as he says "in an iron vise. " He helped pioneer the fuzz and was one of the first to put on record overdriven tube amps. To sum it all up Jimmy Page did more to change the music industry than ...more

Above all Jimmy made listening to music fun, which opened REAL music and fantastic guitar magic to an entire generation of future guitarists and hard rock fans. I really have a hard time calling him the best because it seems to discredit the genius of every other guitarist on this list and many more that should probably be on it and are not. These guys are all masters and the best at something, but Jimmy seemed to have it ALL. Clapton may well be god, but page is the universe.

Jimi Hendrix was the god father of distortion and a master of effects. The man played on feel and seemed to be one with his instrument as he melded scale into scale into distortion and fuzz soundscapes most humans never imagined at that point in time much less heard. Jimi was not business and commerce friendly, and his manager literally ran him into the ground and burned him out before he passed on, much too fast and much too young. I wish we could have seen him develop and recreate his sound, but ...more

Listen folks, the ability to move up and down an instruments fret board is nothing more then the skill of a practiced ape. Lets get that straight. Furthermore, calling any rock guitarist the best of all time is juvenile. No guitarist on this list is better at jazz then Wes Montgomery. Better at classical then Julian Bream. So drop the best guitarist of all time bull. Personally, I believe for the sole purpose of this list is for all of you to go home and buy a guitar and try to learn anything that any of these obviously talented fellas did and learn to make music of your own. Develop what you like to hear and play for your selves. And maybe one of you, (or I myself) can hopefully one day be inducted to this list. That being said, every one of these players did that same exact thing. But if you would care to hear my opinion of the greatest potential rock guitarist. Grab a tennis racquet and look in the mirror. But for all intensive purposes, I prefer Jimmy Page to any other in this ...more

Page has the whole package: great solos, great riffs, was excellent with both electric and acoustic. Then you add that there are (I think) fewer than five Zeppelin songs that he didn't have a hand in writing, plus he produced all of their albums--I guess that has nothing to do with his guitar playing, but is impressive nonetheless.

It should also be noted how well he reproduced songs which had multiple guitar tracks on the studio versions by himself in concerts. Prime examples are "Ten Years Gone" and "Achilles Last Stand," both of which I might add, were added to the set-list during his "heroin period," if you will.

Just my two cents; this is obviously very subjective when you get near the top of the list and we're choosing between players of fairly comparable ability.

Hendrix's playing was incredibly visceral and innovative and has probably changed the sound of the electric guitar more than anyone before or since. Clapton's playing was classy, smooth, tasteful, and very soulful. Van Halen was a master of technique, spitting out long, quick, complicated strands of notes perfectly. But no one has combined all of these traits better than Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page- the greatest guitarist of all time. He wasn't as flashy as Van Halen or even as skilled as Hendrix or Clapton, but he gave the song exactly what it needed- and he did it with soul and style. Furthermore, unlike some of the others on this list, Page was as accomplished as a rhythm guitarist as he was a lead. He is incredibly versatile, talented, and very, very cool, and deserves to be named the greatest guitarist of all time. - torinn818

I can't stress enough just how much of a legend Jimmy Page is. No other guitarist ever has had jimmy's technical precision, his speed, his ingenuity with music (he pretty much wrote stairway on his own save the lyrics and the keyboard/recorder part), his flexibility of style, and his ability to improvise (both the solo for stairway to heaven and Heartbreaker were improvised, and he would improvised on stage at times for 30 whole minutes) all in one. Jimi Hendrix had ingenuity and speed, but not flexibility of genre or technical precision. Eric Clapton had style, ingenuity, and technical precision down but he never had speed. Van halen had incredible speed (he learned his famous tapping technique from watching jimmy page by the way) and ability to improvise, but no flexibility of style or ingenuity. Jimmy had all of this and more. Simply, he was, is, and always will be an absolute legend.

Jimmy Page - the innovator of hard rock as we know it today. Page musically was a genius, his producing and creativity in life was flawless but most of all his approach to the music he made was his own, he was his own person and certainly still is. A fine guitar player forever paving the way for future talent. Page is an iconic stature in life that will always be remembered as one of the best guitar player's that ever walked the face of this earth. To me the best. Songs such as Since I've Been Loving You, Ramble on, Kashmir, The Rain Song are songs that make people really sit down and question their abilities musically because this is really as good as it gets.

He had the up mot empathy for his band members and fans. The primal seed that was Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page.

Jimmy Page is the single greatest guitar player of all time. Sure Hendrix is amazing, but he had no where near the extremely wide range of musical style and talent that Page possesses. Page can effortlessly switch from folk to heavy metal without missing a note of an extremely fast sequence. If you don't believe me, just listen to White Summer/Black Mountainside, Heartbreaker, Communication Breakdown, Travelling Riverside Blues, and about one thousand others. No comparison. Page is best. - DrStrangelove

To say that Jimmy Page was an innovator is just mundane, He took the blues riffs and chords he grew up listening to and totally re-defined rock music. Way before there was switch boxes and multi-effects he coaxed otherworldly sound from the guitar and did things no one had done to date! Matching his guitar sound pitch for pitch with Plants vocals was an innovation in itself. No one before or since is as naturally musical except perhaps Beck or Gilmore! Yes, Page is the Best, anyone with an ear who has heard him knows it.

What can I say about the other guitarists at the top of the list for a fact I will point out that if you ask 100 people who the guitarist for avenge sevenfold is they will just shrug fact people pick Hendrix because he is the a legend which means when old timers talk about rock they talk about him! So younger Gen like me pick up that he was amazing and half of the people who "love" him don't know him but I can bet if you ask 100 people who Led Zeppelin's lead guitar is the majority will say Jimmy Page.

Slash is amazing hence why Gun's and Roses no longer existed when he left them.

Jimmy Page is number 1.

I'm surprised Jimi Hendrix was voted number 2, as he is always ( wrongly, I may add) voted the number one spot by moronic followers of the overrated show off. Or people who know nothing about how a guitar should be played.

Slash number 1? He should not even be in the top ten, he sucks!

Jimmy page picked out riffs from thin air and was technically better than the other two, easily!

Prince at 10? A joke? It must be.

Jeff Beck, Tony Iommi, Richi Blackmore, David gilmore and Eric Clapton all so low?

Something smells fishy here

Why the best electric guitar player? Best, most recognizable riffs, best guitar songwriter/composer, best and most consistent producer, best catalog of great songs, leader of the best band, plus a fantastic innovator and stage showman all wrapped up in one guy. With ALL those qualities in one guy, it's clear why no one touches Page. The guy still has more passion for guitar than anyone around. Hendrix had it all, too, but didn't get the time to create what Page did. Van Halen had most of it, but fewer great songs and less diversity. Best has to go to Page.

Page can take you to places that you wouldn't dream existed. Not only is he brilliant at conjuring up a place and vibe but he successfully manages to take you there on a magical journey that can only be described as Zeppelin. A great guitarist but more importantly a musician able to merge spirit and sound and give listeners a glimpse into a magical realm of our existence.

Jimmy Page invented licks that never existed. His ability to tune his guitar so it would produce chords unlike anything ever heard was so innovative. Yeah, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, George Harrison, okay, even Slash produced some excellent guitar tunes. But Jimmy was way beyond the typical stuff we were all into, even if at first it sounded weird. He is just a genius. Check out Jimmy Page 1957 on YouTube if you haven't already.

Jimmy page is equivalent to a divine creator, bestowing upon the world of music not only an instrument but a source of life. I know the view of who is the best guitarist is completely subjective, but in my opinion, Jimmy doesn't just play the guitar - he makes love to it. His instrument is an extension of his arms; an extension of his soul. When you watch him play, you see so much pain and happiness and disturbance in his facial expressions, creating an atmosphere of intoxicating confusion. It is this ability to evoke such emotions from his method that makes his the best, the most passionate and transcendentally perfect guitar player ever.

What the hell? Synyster gates? Really? I guess the intro solo to afterlife is so much better than the stairway solo too? Putting jimmy page at 4 is disrespectful all alone, but putting a guitarist who wasn't even born when stairway was written ahead of jimmy page is just pure ignorance! Slash is great, but there is no way he should be ranked at 1! I would put page at one, but I have no problem with Hendrix being ahead of him...

Even synyster gates would be pissed off if he saw he was ranked ahead of jimmy page.

As a true musical virtuoso, Mr. Page has been a pioneer for all guitarists who have followed. The beauty and complexity of his compositions and performances produce an emotion in the listener emanating from the very depths of ones soul. Many guitarists have attempted to duplicate his sound but fail miserably. He and the other extremely talented members of Led Zeppelin composed and performed without limits. Jimmy Page is and probably always will be the greatest guitar player ever.

Jimmy Page had a way with the guitar that I couldn't understand. I would go to my grandfather's house and listen to the original Led Zeppelin records from the 60's, but I was in dismay. Not only from the hauntingly beautiful voice of Robert Plant, but Page always blew me away with the way he played, and with such passion too. I named my first guitar Jimmy when I was nine, (partially for Hendrix, partially for Page). I was just so grateful to be different and like the classics, for that is very rare in this generation.

Yes slash did create some good riffs and solos but Jimmy page, he created masterpiece after masterpiece and creating solos which any guitarist couldn't resist to learn, his riff are awesome and just stairway to heaven on its own beats everything slash or jimi Hendrix has made in their life time, in the song remains the same he mmakes them we suttle changes which just "makes me wonder" ;) how does he do this on the spot and make it sound so brilliant, like he rephrases the intro in the verses and and its pure genius! Jimmy page is one of the best things musically to walk this earth and is unbelievable under-estimated as a guitarist!

Page is not as good technically as many of the other guitarists on this list, although he is still technically very good. However, Page is simply the best of all time at truly putting his feelings into his playing. He occasionally makes mistakes, and sometimes can be a bit sloppy, but his amazing feeling and versatility, combined with his jaw-dropping live, improvised solos, (Song Remains the Same video? Unbelievable. ) make him the best of all time overall.

THE WIZARD HIMSELF! Page is a dark magician on stage, playing with such an amazing tone and feel, his hands going with what his altered mind felt like that night, and so, so many times, it was absolute magic. Purple rays shooting from his fingertips. Kashmir live, Stairway live, Dazed!, etc... come on man... Hendrix, although good, is definitely overrated. Maybe because he died young. But I feel he is too basic and when he played live, he was nowhere near Page.

My MOTHER loves page, so he's gotta be good. There is no contest, Page reaches out to so many DIFFERENT people, not just one group of people. If Page and Zeppelin did a tour NOW it would never be forgotten. It would BLOW the roof off of the NOW music industry. It would sell out EVERY where. The youth of today needs to hear what it's all about, to taste TALENT BETWEEN THERE EARS for ONCE in they're lives.

He isn't the best player of all time, but he is the greatest guitarist of all time. People have had faster, and sometimes even more emotional guitar performances, but he really brought guitar riff rock band to the scene... On par with Hendrix. And his soloing for 7 minutes was previously unheard of, again aside from Hendrix... But page made more albums than Hendrix and had cooler riffs and a better band... But Hendrix had a better feel and he was the one who started it all... NOW I'm CONFUSED I don't KNOW ANYTHING ANYMORE