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John Anthony Frusciante is an American guitarist, singer, producer and composer.He is best known for his time with the Funk Rock California based band the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


As someone else said on here, no one else can give me goosebumps when they play their guitar other than John. Heck, sometimes when I hear his voice singing, like in Hey-Oh, it makes me cry. How a band could create such a beautiful sound of pure love is incredible. The Red Hot Chili Peppers have influenced me so greatly I can't even explain it. Especially John, and everything he's been through. It's really an encouragement for me to stay away from the things he did.

They introduced me to REAL music. John is definitely the best guitarist that ever lived. Yeah Jimi was a lot better in speed and all that, but Jimi really just played a lot of noise and fast solos. John creates beautiful music. Beyond anything I've ever heard. So simple... But amazing and emotional. My favorite solos have got to be "Soul to Squeeze, " "Californication, " and "Scar Tissue. "

I know that the rest of the world thinks differently. But most people just like what they see or hear. For instance, how ...more

I guess what follows does not mean a lot since here everyone can almost claim anything and how people perceive music is completely based on the individuals.
Maybe that's the reason why people judge based on what they see, how fast someone is, how is he playing the guitar and so on.

Anyhow, won't say that John is the best on playing the guitar but to be honest (he) is the guy that has made me thinking to start playing for years in order to (eventually) come to a point where I will be able to bring out all the emotions that his music does all these years by myself.

It is just outstanding I guess when someone who you do not know, can touch your feelings or even kinda express them by making a guitar cry/scream the way John does.

Might be sad but I hope he stays unrecognized by the many (compared to top 10) so his music speaks to the ones who want to listen because it means something to them and not because it was/is a trend that the mass follows.


That a guitarist like Kirk Hammett or Steve Vai is rated above John Frusciante is pretty disgusting. John Frusciante can do more with a handful of notes than either of those players with a hundred. Because Frusciante has what most of the "Top 10" lack; soul. He is a born guitarist, a passionate artist and a phenomenal MUSICIAN. Listening to him improvise during a live gig and you can see his feel for music stretches further than practiced "shreds". He feels every note and can take a sombre, blues melody into a soaring rock song in a solo. His sound is as pure as his playing, relying on cleaner, truer effects than bucketloads of distortion, because his PLAYING shines through. Frusciante deserves at least the Top 5, if not higher, because Frusciante is without a doubt the spiritual successor to Jimi Hendrix.

"Clean it up John". Great guitarist, his fusion of Rock and Funk is incredible, listen to the solo in Readymade, and the passion in Scar Tissue. If anybody doesn't fall in love with the Peppers after listening to Under the Bridge and Dosed I'd be surprised. Listen to Funky Monks and feels the groove. The simplicity of Californication. By The Way, Storm In A Teacup, Dani California, Can't Stop, Around The World, Road Trippin'; they're all amazing songs, and none of them would have the same feel if it weren't for John. And all of these are just examples, I can't convince you myself, let the music.

John Frusciante... A name that not many people know. Most people know him as the former guitarist of the Rock band "Red Hot Chili Peppers". But he is much more...

His unique style of playing is incredible and gets that something that you like so much in every single note you listen. His solos are just incredible. And his technical ability is huge.

He may not be as popular as others, but he is the best guitarist of all time. - Rigas

Frusciante needs to be number one. He contributes incredible feel for music. His playing is not shredding like many others.. People think fast playing and shredding.. His playing is incredibly melodic and beautiful to the ear. He is one of the rare guitarists which improvises solos playing live.. And that improvisation is almost better than any other guitar solos. He knows to put such emotions in his guitar playing and really is the best guitar player now.. And maybe ever.

Just listen to the solo on don't forget me by the chillies and you will hear a perfect example of how Frusciante plays solo's to compliment the song rather than draw attention to himself. That solo is only 3 notes repeated over and over but it just sounds so perfect like they are objectively the three right notes that should be played with what is going on in the rest of the song. Most guitarists when given the chance to do a solo just want to impress people and make the guitar stand out from everything else. Also his solo work is beautiful he is a great singer and is brilliant working with electronic music, one of the most versatile musicians of all time.

I think that any true Red Hot Chili Peppers fan would definitely vote for John. Especially if you have watched him live. He practically has orgasms while playing his guitar. He pours his soul into it. Oh, by the way, I'm a big Metallica fan, but John is better by than Kirk Hammet by leaps and bounds. Johns creativity is unparalleled.

He is arguably the greatest guitarist of the modern era and one of the greatest of all time (and I mean the great of the greatest).

1 variety: His playing covered pretty much all the notable branches of rock. Some funky songs make you jump like a monkey while others make you weep. His playing is also very unpredictable unlike many great guitarists who play the same thing in 10 million different ways (which is cool too).

2 Sound, emotion and melody: He chooses his sound so wisely! There are maybe a few guitarists like Hendrix who can play notes so that ahm you know... it changes you as a human being

3 solos: pure emotion and groove

4 improvisation and live: Literlly creates tunes on stage and his stage presence and faces xDD are amazing. Check out "dani California in alcatraz" and "californication in slane castle" to see the definition of improvising

Bonus: unearthly backing vocals.

I think that the reason he often gets ...more

John frusicante can play any type of style and he uses such emotion when playing. On the chili peppers break through album blood sugar, John did 65% of the work, and who can forget under the bridge? One of the songs that made the 90's. John didn't just right the guitar licks but he wrote it in such a way that no one could even think off.

Jimi Hendrix was a kick ass guitarist, but john learnt all of jimi's songs by the age of 10! I doubt any other guitarist could learn all his songs in there hole life!

My vote is 100% going to John, he has inspired my guitar playing to the moon and even though he doesn't get much recognition I know for a fact that he is the best guitarist in the world

There is only one guitarist that I could think of that has revolutionised guitar playing as much as Frusciante and that is Hendrix. The raw emotion in his guitar playing and his incredible ability is just unbelievable. Too many people think that fast guitar playing is the most skilful but Frusciante could do that yet instead he plays music which literally feels like it engulfs you and becomes a part of you, truly awe inspiring musician.

John Frusciante makes the most beautiful music I have ever heard, not beautiful in an aesthetic way, beautiful in the way that it puts me at peace, allows me to sink into his music... He doesn't just play super fast and shred, he doesn't just play chords either. He can play fast, slow, loud, electric, acoustic, and still make it all sound so amazing. He always adds these little notes onto the ends of his chord progressions. His solo's (or riffs) are some of the best I've ever heard. And he has an extremely diverse musical history, both with RHCP and his solo work. John Frusciante will always be my favorite, over Hendrix, Slash, Van Halen, Vai...

This is blaspheme. John Frusciante should be right after Jimi Hendrix.
He's my personal favorite guitarist of all time but I'd still say Jimi should be first for his influence.

#22 is way too low for this wonderful musician. Y'know, being a good guitarist isn't all about how fast you can play, or how technical your guitar work is, much of it is about the soul and emotion behind the notes being played.

Frusciante can (and often does) play very simple guitar pieces, but the soul he puts into is beyond anyone else I've heard. And that's not to say that he can't shred either, because he definitely can. But like I said, it's not all about speed and technicality.

With a style heavily influenced by Hendrix, Frusciante has displayed different styles in his time with the Chili Peppers ranging from rock-funk to a beautiful melodic tone. His ability to improvise jam never fails to amaze people as he plays a different solo at every gig and the Peppers sets always include some nice grooves in-between songs. Although not the greatest technical player, he has shown his prowess in the studio and on stage time-and-time again.

I don't think anyone will get a more powerful sensation listening to a guitar player trying to be more technical than the others than listening to a pure musician involving each single part of his being in making the most beautiful melody and the most efficient rhythm. To me, Frusciante is maybe one of the five only men on this list who is not simply a great guitar player, but a great musician, and that's what sets him apart

John Frusciante experiments a lot until he get want he wants. According to him "It's all about the music.. It not about what you can show to other people with this piece of wood, with strings on it. I make it sure that I understand the music. I'm playing because I'm happy for it not just because I'm laboring or trying to impress someone. Less is more"

I saw him live about a year ago. He goes on stage by himself and plays this amazing solo then Flea comes on to back him up then Chad smith on drums. then the solo slowly progressed into Can't Stop. The Red Hot Chili Peppers are such a great improv band mostly because of John.

What? John Frusciante is one of the best guitarists in the world. His solos are just perfect. He can put a lot of feelings in it. He can't be even compared with Tomo Milicevic or Synyster Gates. They are good, but good will never be best. My list is 1. Jimi Hendrix 2. John Frusciante 3. Jimi Page 4. BB. King 5. Slash 6. Eddie Van Halen 7. Eric Clapton 8. John Petrucci 9. Tony Iommi 10. Chuck Berry

Very talented and probably won't get a lot of recognition because he's probably ahead of his time and can't sing really well. But his solos and basic melodies he comes up with bring a lot of energy and excitement.

This guy has probably written more music in the past 20 years than at least half of the people currently in the top 10, over 90 songs with the Chili Peppers, and then over half a dozen worth in solo records. Slash? Really? He uses the same scales every song. Frusicante adds soul and his dark, troubled history with music into every lick. He and Tim Reynolds are the two most UNDERRATED MUSICIANS in the business. And why does everyone say Hendrix is the best? That's like me saying Heath Ledger is the best actor ever.

He is a Funk-Psychedelic Visionary! And defined these Styles new. He is also one of the early founders of Crossover and he can play every technique. Listen once, "Do not forget me" or Road Trippin 'to. He is a great song and hosts one of the few guitarists who are still experimenting with music.

To me, he is the god of modern guitar playing. Leaving the virtuosity and technical aspects aside, he plays with such soul, joy and inspiration, that it just takes music to a new dimension. It becomes a source of life and not only a mathematical exercise or an attempt to prove who "has a bigger one". This man is a true, complete and honest musician.

This man is an icon that should and will never be forgotten. He once stated in an interview on RHCP releasing Stadium Arcadium, "I played a lot more flashy on this album than I did on By The Way, and the reason for that is because of how my tastes change. " This man has proved he can play beautiful, basic, and more percussion type songs, while also proving he can bust out licks like no one's business in songs like I Could Have Lied and Turn It Again.

He's extremely underrated. He's got as much feel to his playing as Hendrix, WITHOUT the drugs. He's created some amazing riffs Snow, Can't Stop, Scar Tissue, etc.), is an unbelievable rhythm guitarist, and a great soloist. He just solos where his hands take him, and always manages to get some nice melodies out of them. A true musician in every sense. - ameentheguitarist23

What the hell? John is 17th here? Okay, I don't expect him to be first but really... John is God, and whoever thinks that one for example Tom Kaulitz is better? Like.. What are we talking here about? It makes me cry when I see people thinking in this way. John I love you