Kitamura Ken


He combine the best guitar riffs with his great compositions. Since he was a teenager he has so much talent. Don't mind what genre of music do you want to listen to, he can do it perfectly.

He is a very good one and I want him to be in the top ten... the only con he has is that he is from a country that doesn't have to much musical promotion worldwide (sorry for my English )

Ken is The Best Guitarrist In The World, and composer, is a lovely person - LadyHHyde

Even as a child, ken is good at playing guitar, he is known as the best guitarist in their neighborhood, and introduced tetsu the bass guitar. - ronluna

Different styles, one of the best composers of the great band and one of the best guitarist in Japan. actually, its hard to mimic his riffs - ronluna

OAA, his guitar is incridible amazing! His melody is so awesome! GO KEN!

Ken-chan.. Ken-chan..

Ken chan is really-really good and naturally genius guitarist..

His guitar melody is beautiful..

Fashion, music and oozing charisma (the cigar in his mouth a plus as well! ) all rolled into one person-- Kitamura Ken.

I love his beautiful melody. I'm fascinated his world of music. I want to be a guitarist like Ken

Kitamura Ken is, by far, one of the best guitarists out there. He should be amongst the top ten.

In the song, he knows where to play to make the song more beautiful. love ken love l'arc en ciel! - glaris

Ken can play difficult lines in guitar, running and always smiling... he's such a genius

Songs made by him are so beautiful that I can't listen them without falling tears.

Very talented musician. also an amazing composer. most of his songs have beautiful and haunting melody. his melody is what makes him stand out. definitely one of the best guitarist in Asia and probably in the world. - khai0206

Ken the best guitarist of the world! Only one, a genius! - akanetakarai

One of the best guitarist of Japan, no doubt about it - ronluna

Ken the best guitarist ever and ever in the world..! - theo

Ken is without a doubt a sheer genius when it comes to guitar playing.
If you have the change watch one of his lives, his solos will amaze you.
He definitely should be among the Top 10. - -Din-

He deserves to be nominated for the top five

One of world's best guitarist that came from Japan..
He seems like a guitarist whose each of his fingers have eyes on it that keeps on playing guitars even when he sleeps..

His playing the guitar is incredible, his unique technique, the feelings it transmits are able to reach more of a soul and a million hearts, the fun and break the sadness
Ken-chan the best!

I love his guitar melody. dark and deep.
Very memorable to listen. every strum of his guitar makes an inspiration.
His harmonization with tetsu is very easy listening.

OH MY GOD! HE'S ON THE LIST! I can't believe it! Is a fan of Laruku, I can say he's one of my top 5. He's so talented and he puts so much emotion when playing guitar!

His really great!
The melody he creates never disappoints me! His a master... Really great guitarist!
L'arc en ciel rocks!

Just enjoyed his wonderful guitar skills in live two days ago. Great musician and lovely person. Great Kenchan!