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Martin Adam "Marty" Friedman is an American guitarist, known for his tenure as the lead guitarist for heavy metal band Megadeth which spanned nearly the full decade of the 1990s, as well as Cacophony alongside Jason Becker until 1989. Friedman has resided in Tokyo, Japan since 2003, where he has hosted more.


The most amazing guitarist ever and the most underrated, along with Jason Becker. They must have been the best guitar duo that stepped the earth.

Marty Friedman the Virtuoso is my favorite guitar player. There is no one on this list who can bring a better emotional touch to the licks they play. Definitely Number 1 for me and for many of his fans. He plays Classical music, Blues, exotic Japanese and Asian scales and if you love metal then 'Marty' is your guy. What else do people need? Clearly they have not heard his work or they started with his fast solos and just because they can't catch notes at a high tempo, they call him a shredder. Even Marty says he is not a Shredder. Generic solo players who play the regular blues scale with same repetitive lick with Wah or someone with a clean guitar tone or even blinding shred speed with just ascending and descending scale patterns are ahead of Marty which clearly shows that a lot of People here are not even guitar players or I must say they have never studied even a bit of theory. I wont discredit guitar greats but when players like Kirk, Slash, Hamett, Mustaine, Gates etc etc are ...more

Kirk beats Marty on this list? Give me a break. The only people who should be able to vote here should be guitar players. Absolutely no comparison. Sure Kirk wrote some of the most (mainstream) iconic metal songs, but his playing is plain sloppy and all his solos sound the same. I agree with the voter who said that each of Marty's solos blow the mind. How can players like Marty and Slash even hold a candle to the likes of Marty Friedman and Jason Becker, who have incredible technical skill and such nuanced emotion? I also haven't seen Paul Gilbert on this list so far (I assume he's much lower down). What kind of list is this?

I've been playing guitar for a long time and I knew many years ago that it would take more years of practice than I have left on this earth to be able to play Marty's solos even close to the way he does. I can't say the same for most of the solos of the folks listed above him in this list. Marty's stuff is just different from all the rest much like Mozart was different then his peers. There are hard solos to learn and conquer, and then there's Marty's solos. He is in a class all by himself. Easily a top 5 if not the very best.

Marty friedman is a true shredder. Mark Knopfler has got to be one of the worst guitarist ever. People say he is one of the most talented guitarist ever just because he plays clean. So what. What is so great about playing clean. I can think of plenty of people who can play cleaner that he can. Some of Metallicas songs are played on clean, fade to black, master of puppets in the middle, and justice for all, call of ktulu intro. How can he be ahead of marty friedman. I mean its just not right. A well respected full blooded shredder behind a stack of overrated losers who get votes by the people who have no idea about talented guitarist. Knopfler can't sing properly either. - pooisgood

Marty Friedman is one of the best guitarists I have ever seen. He is a true shredder. I have seen many of the people playing guitars but he the only one that I like. The clearing way of the guitar chords and the solos are the most interesting part of him. The songs that he played like master of puppets, fade to black are one of the best songs that people never leave without listening to them. For me Marty Friedman is better than Hendrix, and he makes beautiful musics.

You can't name a solo better than tornado of souls, better riff than holy wars and a better dual guitar song than hangar 18, he expressed everything in just 1 albums, unlike most of the guitarists above him, he possesses great musical knowledge and great guitar skills. He can be heavy as well as shred, he is obviously not that recognised that he deserved to be, if he would be in a more popular metal band like metallic, he would be at least be in the top 10

He should deserve a top 10 placing. He's got speed, theory, emotion... And he's multi-genred. He makes some custom scales sometimes.
Well he's better than slash - chrisseafoodfu

Marty did not just shape Megadeth's guitar work but has also created the most emotional, melodic solos in his Japanese work. I mean it, he played the most emotional solo I've ever heard with Undertow. He is so creative too. He'll wake you up by playing a couple bars out of key, but it still sounds good. "When you learn a good idea, learn it, then completely forget it."- Marty Friedman

Hilarious seeing people like Kirk Hammett just sitting happily in the TOP TEN. Marty is probably one of the most imaginative guitar players I have ever heard. Literally all of his solos are original. No doubt he's not the best on the technical side, but when it comes to being a musician he definitely deserves to be in the top ten. "He's the best because he made this solo. " LMAO. Go listen to Rust in Peace or some Cacophony.

Not only his works in Megadeth but also his solo works... Dragon Take Tomorrow is simply an amazing piece. And a look at the solo from Tornado of Souls... Simply orgasmic! Perfect combination of technique, and emotion. The way he manifests feelings through his eccentric scales is amazing. I mean, if Slash is #2,... Marty shouldn't be at #42...

The only reason Marty isn't number 1 is more people haven't heard his stuff... Seriously if you were a guitar player and heard some of his solos and maybe even some of his lessons you would understand.

Marty has the knowledge of scales Jimi Hendrix wishes he did. Kirk Hammet doesn't even amount to Dave Mustaine.

He can play anything I mean cacophony was neo classical megadeth was metal and his solo stuff include major and exotic stuff! Such a god with a unique sound and unique picking

Come on what is friedman doing all the way back here! Hanger 18, tornado of souls- I mean Mustaine is cool but man friedman whoops his ass any day, open your ears and vote FRIEDMAN

Although Marty claims Jason Becker was better than he, this list is a joke with guitarists like the dude from Green Day (who is horrible) ahead of him.

This dude should be at top bro... You people need to vote him up more or get some of his albums. Cacophony is like the best band ever and rust in piece still makes me orgasm even after like 1000 listens...

This list shows that generic public don't understand music. It's fine, everybody has their own opinions, but Marty Friedman being 39th on this list is just IGNORANCE!

Dude this guitarist is an epic player, his work on megadeth and solo albums rules the listner. His solos are Best Known For Exotic And Fluent Nature Though Marty Isn't A Speed Soloist But His Solos Sounds Much Better Than Any One Above In This List... My Best Song Marty Wrote Is UNDERTOW, Hear It And I Am Sure you All Will love It

Dude this guitarist is an epic player, his work on megadeth and solo albums rules the listner. His solos are Best Known For Exotic And Fluent Nature Though Marty Isn't A Speed Soloist But His Solos Sounds Much Better Than Any One Above In This List... My Best Song Marty Wrote Is UNDERTOW, Hear It And I Am Sure you All Will love It

He is the best in history because he got it all. He can play every type of music that's why he left megadeth. If you hear his compositions you could think that Beethoven made them.

How is he not top five he is a legend and way way way better than kirk and his stupid wah wah and how is randy roads not in the top three the people voting on this are stupid

You can give me anything against Marty Friedman being one of the best guitarists on earth, one argument will counter every argument of yours : Tornado of Souls' solo.

Marty Friedman, Dimebag Darell, and Chuck Schuldiner are my 3 favorite guitarists ever. But I would say Marty Friedman is the best of those 3. Marty Friedman wrote some amazing solos, such as: Tornado of Souls, Hangar 18, Holy Wars... The Punishment Due, Lucretia Symphony of Destruction, and A Tout Me Monte in Megadeth. And in his own band wrote Dragon Mistress, Forbidden City, and Inferno - all amazing instrumentals. Marty Friendman!

Oh! Actually he must be in 3 with his skill and soul. Look at top of list. They all popular they're not good. Kirk hammet even can't play solos at concert