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201 Kitamura Ken Kitamura Ken

His guitar really amazing...

He can make a really beautiful melody...

I love all of his song... He is the best composer & Guitarist ever...

His ability to compose a song is in my opinion greater than his two band mates and his great strength as a guitarist is his ability to be able to be subtle and allow other sounds and styles influence his music giving him a range capable of fully expressing not only various genres but emotions even in the same song.

When I listen his melody, I feel like I lost in a maze. I am hypnotized by Ken's spell Moreover, I don't care how much people adore him because I am indeed his fan. Awesome guitarist in my mind as ever!

I didn't think I'd find my favorite guitarrist on this list. I think Ken
lives for the guitar, he has the talent on his veins. His guitar can be slow and melodic or great fast solos. He should be higher on the list.

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202 Patrick Stump Patrick Stump Patrick Martin Stumph, known professionally as Patrick Vaughn Stump, is an American singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, actor and music critic, best known as the lead vocalist, guitarist, pianist and composer of Fall Out Boy, an American rock band from Wilmette, Illinois.

Average 4 chord rhythm guitarist for a pop rock band. - Plonderss

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203 Billy Gibbons Billy Gibbons William Frederick "Billy" Gibbons is an American musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and actor, best known as the guitarist and lead vocalist of the American rock band ZZ Top.

Even the greats say he one of the best! Listen to him live on you tube he does some of the greatest riffs! And just a 2 others backing him

I'm from Canada and even I know Billy belongs in the Top 5 - mirandor

Being from Canada? That isn't like Outer Mongolia. You have it going on though!

Billy gibbons even taught Jimi Hendrix a few licks he should be at least in the top 3 period.

I can't believe there are only 3 people playing in this outstanding band!

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204 Al Dimeola

Al is not a recognized name by many people who don't regularly listen to jazz. However if anyone gives this guy a listen people will put him in the top 10 for sure. He's the fastest guitar player ever and extremely elaborate in his abilities to perform.

Al suffers because he does not get the exposure a rock guitarist does, but listen to "Elegant Gypsy Suite" or any of his work with seminal jazz fusion outfit Weather Report and you'll be mightily impressed. Legions of guitarist pay homage to him. Definitely a top 10 contender.

Same as with Pat Metheny: this list seems more to be a list of most popular rock guitarists, then best guitarists at all. Al Dimeola is amazing on the guitar. As I saw him live, sometimes I would like to ask for a slow motion, because my senses could not follow his play.

Um, yeah, this seems to be a list of best known guitarist not the best guitarist. Al at 371. Proof this list is being created by MTV fans, not guitar fans.

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205 Izzy Stradlin Izzy Stradlin Jeffrey Dean Isbell, better known by his stage name Izzy Stradlin, is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter.

Izzy Stradlin wrote a lot of riffs, solo's and songs in general for Guns N' Roses and he wrote some kick-ass riffs solo as well. The man deserves more credit for what he has done. Most people think they mostly hear slash while listening to G N' R but it was actually Izzy who wrote and played the guitar parts. Don't get me wrong, I love slash's work as well but I think Izzy's work is just not recognized enough. The combination of the two was divine!

This guy is the most underrated guitarist of all time, it's a shame because he has so much more talent then Slash.

Izzy isn't no Slash that's for sure but the main riff for Mr. Brownstone ALL
IZZY! More recognition is in place!

Without Izzy there would be no Guns N' Roses, he was more important to Guns N' Roses than Slash

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206 Wes Borland Wes Borland Wesley Louden "Wes" Borland is an American rock musician and artist. He is best known as the current guitarist and backing vocalist of the nu metal band Limp Bizkit and as the lead vocalist of the industrial rock band Black Light Burns.

Most creative and most energy around today.

Best of chords and create his own unique fingering style of play ("Sour", "Rearranged")

The best Limp Bizkit guitarist ever. I like his wicked sounding, rather than the newer guitarist on the band.

Wes is really GOOD! I mean he can create diverse sounds with his guitar, he sounds better than traditional guitarists who try to show off their speed or techinality!

Wes Borland! Black Light Burns!

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207 Bradley James Nowell

I think that you should add Bradley nowell to your list of amazing guitar players because his music is so creative, and very hard to learn on guitar. (haha)

Pretty original guitarist with his own unique style of playing his chosen sound

He's a genius songwriter and created a new style plus his stuff is relly hard and different to play. There will never be another SUBLIME

208 Malcolm Young

Malcolm young really should be on here because he can give a song such a good sense of rhythm and riffing. His riff on whiskey on the rocks=pro. He may not be a soloist but trust me AC/DC would not sound good without him

Are you people mad this guy is as good as his brother were would ac/dc be with out malcom

Well angus is good but listen to that guys rhythm guitar hiss riffs are great man. He's not my favorite guitarist but he's talented.

209 Jack Barakat (All Time Low)

One of the best guitarists ever. If you listen to an All Time Low song you'll know what I mean. He is just amazing. Not only he plays extremely well but he also looks hot. Should be at the top at the list, not at the bottom. - Rachel

210 Luke Hoskin
211 Paul Ryan (Origin)
212 Tony McPhee

Back in the early 70s was when the groundhogs were at there peak, Tony TS mcphee was in top 5 guitarists regular. "Split" was and still is one of the best prog rock albums ever made, and Tony could make his guitar talk. Greatly underrated, Tony still tours today

213 Ed O'Brien Ed O'Brien Edward John "Ed" O'Brien is an English guitarist best known as a member of the English alternative rock band Radiohead, with whom he has recorded nine studio albums. His makes extensive use of effects units to create atmospheric sounds and textures.
214 Dan Spitz
215 Derek Jones
216 Jason Combs
217 Robin Trower

Trower is the guitar god. The best guitarist in history. I've seen all of the greats and Trower tops them all. His sentivity, note selection, emotion, power, sense of psychedelic mysticism, jazz-like improvizations and most of all his songwriting. Trower always wrote mature songs unlike the teenage anthems of his contemporaries. Trower was and still is the greatest of all time - bar none.

Was a legendary 70's guitar soloist with many hit albums including the best rock album, "Bridge of Sighs". Incredibly fast overtones and sweet licks, surely one of the best guitarists ever.

Jimi Hendricks even said he thought Trower was better then he was. If you have never listen to him before, you have got to here him and then he should be put in the top 2. The best and hardist working guitarist ever.

Talking about insult to a MATCHLESS Guitar Genius! This man is as close to Jimi Hendrix as you can be without being Jimi Hendrix! The best way to put it is: Robin Trower IS "THE WHITE JIMI HENDRIX"! By the way,that's a Major League complement to both these MASTERS! Best Rock and Roll Guitarists OF All Time. HENDRIX / PAGE / TROWER / BECK! and: Who is the POWERHOUSE ; the foundation that all the truly great rock artists owe thanks and give tribute to? Ask Hendrix,Page,Trower,Beck,Richards,Townsend,Winters,Lennon,Harrison,Clapton,Walsh,Woods,Foggerty, Phil Keagy, and Terry E. Burns. - The Legendary : BO DIDDLY!

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218 Jason Hook

Should be moved up to number one. 5FDP. Look him up to see what you think. Metal. Enjoy!

Definitely should be 1st, just listen to the song Canto 34, song says it all.

219 James Christian 'Munky' Shaffer James Christian 'Munky' Shaffer

Munky is so inspiring, and songs he's making are awesome... KoRn is awesome! - `Co

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220 Mick Taylor Mick Taylor Michael Kevin Taylor is an English musician, best known as a former member of John Mayall's Bluesbreakers and the Rolling Stones.

The heart and soul of The Rolling Stones for 5 brillant years. Listen to his solo on Time Waits For No One, a stunningly beautiful coda to his career with those geezers. Also one of the best slide guitarist around, check out All Down The Line! His vibrato on Love In Vain, off the live Get Your Ya Ya's Out LP, is exquisite! On his first solo release, simply titled Mick Taylor, he expands his turf to include fusion and does an excellent job. Broken Hands rocks harder than anything the Stones have done since his departure and Alabama contains more great slide guitar. Give him a listen!

Mick Taylor is at the three best guitarists of the 70s along Page and Blackmore and at least at the 10 best of history. And his also by far the most underrated guitarists. Just listen Sway, Time Waits For No One, Love in Vain, Dancing with Mr D, Wild Horses, and the live versions of Gimme Shelter, Jumping Jack Flash, Street Fighting Man, Satisfaction

I often wonder what the Stones would have done if Taylor had stayed. His solo on Love In Vain from the 72 U.S. tour movie "Ladies and Gentlemen" says it all... The other solo work I love to listen to is on "Can't you hear me knocking" from Sticky Fingers. Smooth.

Listen to "Bitch" from Sticky Fingers!

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