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221 Nick Hipa

The best metalcore guitarist, his solos on An Ocean Between Us and The Powerless Rise are a masterpiece. And he isn't only fast, he's very creative and skillful.

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222 Adrian Vandenberg Adrian Vandenberg Adrian Vandenberg is a Dutch rock guitarist, best known for his tenure as one of the guitarists in Whitesnake during their successful late 1980s period and the band Vandenberg which he started in 1981. In 2013 Adrian formed a new band; Vandenberg's MoonKings and recorded a new album which was released more.

Best guitar player of all times - Whitesnake rules!

223 Marc Bolan Marc Bolan Marc Bolan, born Mark Feld (30 September 1947 – 16 September 1977) was an English singer-songwriter, musician, guitarist, and poet. He was best known as the lead singer of the glam rock band T. Rex. Bolan was one of the first pioneers of the glam rock movement of the 1970s. He died at age 29 in a more.

How the hell is he not in the top ten (along with mick ronson and johnny ramone) his guitar playing kicked the complete ass of other people up their like prince and Kevin Jonas! Just listen to live songs such as Jeepster, Get it on, Buick Mackane, and Jewel, as well as others! RIP the great Marc Bolan!

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224 Tim Mahoney

He's so versatile. He can lay down a heavy punk riff, a funky jam, a reggae melodic gem. His solos sound masterful. People must consider him as a great guitar player. - Lemonjelo

If anything, 311's guitarists make their music listenable for me. The riffs in songs like Down and Beautiful Disaster show that he can drive the songs. - NuMetalManiak

225 Pata, X-Japan
226 Fredrik Thordendal Fredrik Thordendal Fredrik Thordendal (born February 11, 1970) is a Swedish musician, best known as the lead guitarist and backing vocalist for the Swedish extreme metal band Meshuggah. He's considered the originator of the djent technique. Thordendal was rated No. 35 by Guitar World in the top 100 greatest heavy metal more.

Frederik Thordendal alongside Mårten Hagström are some of the best guitarists around. If you've ever listened to Meshuggah (even if you don't like them) they make most guitarists nowadays look like children when it comes to perplexity. Meshuggah does border almost genius-level on the lines of guitar. Seriously, fusing Jazz with extreme metal? It works.

227 Chris Wolstenholme Chris Wolstenholme Christopher Tony "Chris" Wolstenholme is an English musician. He is the bassist and backing vocalist for the alternative rock band Muse.

Chris Wolstenholme plays bass, smart one.

228 Sungha Jung

How can you not vote for this guy? He is a very talented Korea acoustic finger-style guitarist. I can't believe so many other guitarists are above him! HE IS ONLY 16 YEARS OLD and he manages to play like... A LEGEND. Just to on YouTube and search this guy

He will be SUPERB when he grow older! I know it! He doesn't even have to sing, his guitar sings for him and that's awesome. Of all of his videos, I think that Irony was the best and Grenade was the best cover I've seen.

I'm sure he would be higher on this list if everyone heard him play. Just look him up on YouTube. The skill he has is amazing. Sure, he's not in a famous rock and roll band. But, popularity doesn't mean you're the best. - tjexler

Sungha's a boss. I'm 12 and I look up to him

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229 Roger McGuinn Roger McGuinn James Roger McGuinn known professionally as Roger McGuinn and previously as Jim McGuinn, is an American musician.

World"s premier 12 string guitarist. His interpretation of "Mr Tamborine Man" is classic.

Roger added so much sound to the Byrds, his 12 string jangle just comes through so well, rarely bettered and I have not heard quite the identifiable impact on a groups sound as he made.
DS Sussex

230 Martin Barre

Most lists are popularity contests. Nothing more. True players who study guitar know the truth. Martin Barre is one of the greatest rock guitarist ever. Top 10 without a doubt. From time signature changes, lighting speed, complex chording. No one does it all like him. He just isn't flashy. He's pure music.

Saw Leslie West right before Martin Barre at Shea Stadium. The west fans did not believe me before the show that Barre was better. Bridge of Sighs was great but by the end they were converted.

Ludicrous that this god of guitar is low down ; one of the most distinctive sounds ever ; no one else sounds like Barre when he plays Aqualung or Minstrel in the Gallery.

231 Hughie Thomasson
232 Hugh McDonald
233 Mike McCready

Mike is an extremely underrated guitarist of the 90's. If you sit and listen to a couple of Pearl Jam records and even the Above record by Mad Season. You'll see how amazing he is. He's has many influences from Stevie Ray Vaughan all the way to Ace Frehley. Every time I hear him play, I'm floored every time. He surprises me with something new that I've never heard before. As a guitarist myself, He's my biggest inspiration. Go listen to Ten, If you don't wanna do that.. Listen to Yellow Ledbetter or November Hotel by Mad Season. I guarantee your jaw will fall to the floor. He is the greatest guitarist of my generation.

Mike McCready is the single greatest grunge, and in fact 90's alternative rock guitarists. On top of being truly gifted in studio recordings, he, and all of the other band members can pretty much play any of their songs, and almost any cover, on the fly, and still sound amazing too. How can Kurt Cobain and Jerry Cantrell get to enjoy spots over 100 places up while Mike McCready and Marc Bolan sit down here? - Therevengewedge

Mike is a genius, so underrated! - mtscantrell

How is James Hetfield, a rhythm guitarist ahead of Mike McCready. This list isn't the best guitarists, it's the most famous guitarists.

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234 Rick Nielsen

Nielsen is a very underrated guitarist, but he's also a musician's musician. Nobody can write quirky tunes like Rick and nobody can copy his style--though several have tried. Slash has said Rick Nielsen is one of his favorite guitarists and if that's not a big enough endorsement, John Lennon, who Rick played on his final LP "Double Fantasy" was memorized by Rick's playing so much that he said Rick was better than God himself, Eric Clapton. I think the reason Rick doesn't get the props he so richly deserves is because of his zany and wacky image.

Seriously it's a crime he's this low and now talent hacks like Synster Gates is way ahead. Do these morons know that Rick is self-taught and was once called by the late John Lennon one of the best guitarists he ever worked with? And that Lennon said he was better than Clapton? And that Slash has said many times Rick is one of his favorites and the best? Nielsen drives Cheap Trick, and it's a cryin' shame he and the band aren't truly appreciated by the masses.

The man has over 200 guitars and he knows how to play them all and efficiently. Probably the most underappreciated and underrated guitarist on the list. He's also a great songwriter for one of America's foremost bands. Rock on Rick from Rockford, Ill.

Nielsen is pure energy and excitement, like getting multiple shocks with a live wire. Only Angus Young and Pete Townshend are his visual equal onstage, but there is really no one quite like him.

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235 Teru, Versailles

Teru is not one of the best guitarist on the Earth, he IS the best guitarist! He plays with emotion, and when you listen a music he has composed, you understand his feelings and what is the message he want to pass. When I'm listening to "For You", I'm almost crying and when it's "Flowery", a lot of energy flow in my veins!
Teru is my favourite guitarist for all of that and also because he plays very fast and he's very cool, nice and listening to the public. Thank you Teru!

Teru has an amazing and unique sweep picking technique and can play extremely fast.
He improved a lot during the last years.
I my opinion he's the best guitarist in the world!

Teru is amazing, he plays with emotion. His technique is wonderful.
He is a great person too and his songs are sweet and powerful...

Teru is the best... No doubt
Their songs full of love and sentiment reach the hearts of all his fans. It is a very special person, I admire him a lot.

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236 Al Dimeola

Al is not a recognized name by many people who don't regularly listen to jazz. However if anyone gives this guy a listen people will put him in the top 10 for sure. He's the fastest guitar player ever and extremely elaborate in his abilities to perform.

Al suffers because he does not get the exposure a rock guitarist does, but listen to "Elegant Gypsy Suite" or any of his work with seminal jazz fusion outfit Weather Report and you'll be mightily impressed. Legions of guitarist pay homage to him. Definitely a top 10 contender.

Same as with Pat Metheny: this list seems more to be a list of most popular rock guitarists, then best guitarists at all. Al Dimeola is amazing on the guitar. As I saw him live, sometimes I would like to ask for a slow motion, because my senses could not follow his play.

Um, yeah, this seems to be a list of best known guitarist not the best guitarist. Al at 371. Proof this list is being created by MTV fans, not guitar fans.

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237 Man Kidal

He absolutely one of the most talented guitarist ever born in the world. With the blazing speed and left hand guitarist, he should be just below slash. He play with soul picking through the strings. Plays with humble in every string of his guitar!

Man kidal awesome man.. He can play left hand and so wonderful and amazing guitarist, and he like a yngwie dressing a same... Man kidal the best Malaysian guitarist

Everyone said that he is Yngwie Malmsteen clone. But for me, he's not. Maybe he's style quite same with Malmsteen. Still, he deserve top 50 position, everybody should see how he's playing his guitar. Simply atonishing! He is the best Malaysian guitarist and also in South Asia!

I know this name.. his guitar style is not bad enough.. still can give some fun to his fans. But he still not deserve top 50.. top 100 is for the legend but not him

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238 Wes Borland Wes Borland Wesley Louden "Wes" Borland is an American rock musician and artist. He is best known as the current guitarist and backing vocalist of the nu metal band Limp Bizkit and as the lead vocalist of the industrial rock band Black Light Burns.

Most creative and most energy around today.

Best of chords and create his own unique fingering style of play ("Sour", "Rearranged")

The best Limp Bizkit guitarist ever. I like his wicked sounding, rather than the newer guitarist on the band.

Wes is really GOOD! I mean he can create diverse sounds with his guitar, he sounds better than traditional guitarists who try to show off their speed or techinality!

What! At least put him in the top 30!

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239 Billy Gibbons Billy Gibbons William Frederick "Billy" Gibbons is an American musician, singer, songwriter, producer, and actor, best known as the guitarist and lead vocalist of the American rock band ZZ Top.

I'm from Canada and even I know Billy belongs in the Top 5 - mirandor

Being from Canada? That isn't like Outer Mongolia. You have it going on though!

Billy gibbons even taught Jimi Hendrix a few licks he should be at least in the top 3 period.

Even the greats say he one of the best! Listen to him live on you tube he does some of the greatest riffs! And just a 2 others backing him

Billy Gibbons is a master of his art, how is he in this position? I guess the voters don't know billys work

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240 Bradley James Nowell

I think that you should add Bradley nowell to your list of amazing guitar players because his music is so creative, and very hard to learn on guitar. (haha)

Pretty original guitarist with his own unique style of playing his chosen sound

He's a genius songwriter and created a new style plus his stuff is relly hard and different to play. There will never be another SUBLIME

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