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261 Colin Hay
262 John McGeoch
263 Oscar Lopez
264 Nathaniel Schwartz
265 Manny Charlton

Very glad to see him on the list. Love the old Nazareth soud (Alcatraz, night Woman, Razamanaz...). Manny should make the top 100 in my opinion.

266 Daniel Linde

Ah Linde, to see you here is wonderful, but to see you so low in the list saddens my heart. You have shown us some of the potential that lies within you ready to burst in screams through your guitar, not only with HIM but on your own as well.

What?... why isn't Linde in top 10?... Linde is the best guitarist ever!... I know Slash is really great too.. but... LINDE IS THE BEST!... VOTE FOR LINDE GUYS!

He's the best guitarist, he gives his soul while playing. he did great job for all that years working with HIM. so every Him fan loves him very much.

The Best EVER! Amazing solos, amazing everything! He's MASTER LINDE!
HIM Forever, riffs forever LINDE forever!

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267 Tim Mahoney

He's so versatile. He can lay down a heavy punk riff, a funky jam, a reggae melodic gem. His solos sound masterful. People must consider him as a great guitar player. - Lemonjelo

If anything, 311's guitarists make their music listenable for me. The riffs in songs like Down and Beautiful Disaster show that he can drive the songs. - NuMetalManiak

268 Neal Schon Neal Schon Neal Joseph Schon is an American rock guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist best known for his work with the bands Journey and Bad English. He is Journey's last original constant member, having participated in every album and tour to date.

Neal Schon will eventually be considered the most under-rated guitarist of all time. In 1971, at the age of 16, on his very first recording (Santana-3), he SOLIDIFIED his own unique style, which included frenetic time signatures, alternating with masterfully sustained notes that maintain an incredibly clean, crisp and delicate tone, which set the standard for many future shredders to come. As great as Joe Satriani is, why is he credited with inventing "melodic shredding" in 1985, when Schon was at it 14 YEARS EARLIER? The guitar interplay on Santana-3, between Carlos and Neal is mind boggling, like a volcano that is ready to explode! And this is in 1971-when guitarists had to rely on their fingers-instead of effects. A world class master!

One of the greatest ever-his work with santana is a phenomenon but lo and behold the first three journey albums before steve perry joined are the quintessential progressive/fusion albums of the 70's. Now lets get to his inhuman two works with jan hammer, his six solo albums and of course the band he had with sammy hagar for a while. Also, bad English and hardline. How quickly people forget

Neal combines beautiful melodic lines that compliment Journey's songs, but can add blistering fast connections to his memorable solo hooks. Amazingly full sound and clean precise attacks... Great musician/writer.

Journey's very first Album (pre Steve Perry); Schon,Rollie,Valory & Dunbar; did it for me. Absolutely incredible, so very progressive and the wind up speed he accelerates with has a land speed record I'm sure!. West Coast Rocks!

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269 Rick Nielsen

Nielsen is a very underrated guitarist, but he's also a musician's musician. Nobody can write quirky tunes like Rick and nobody can copy his style--though several have tried. Slash has said Rick Nielsen is one of his favorite guitarists and if that's not a big enough endorsement, John Lennon, who Rick played on his final LP "Double Fantasy" was memorized by Rick's playing so much that he said Rick was better than God himself, Eric Clapton. I think the reason Rick doesn't get the props he so richly deserves is because of his zany and wacky image.

Seriously it's a crime he's this low and now talent hacks like Synster Gates is way ahead. Do these morons know that Rick is self-taught and was once called by the late John Lennon one of the best guitarists he ever worked with? And that Lennon said he was better than Clapton? And that Slash has said many times Rick is one of his favorites and the best? Nielsen drives Cheap Trick, and it's a cryin' shame he and the band aren't truly appreciated by the masses.

The man has over 200 guitars and he knows how to play them all and efficiently. Probably the most underappreciated and underrated guitarist on the list. He's also a great songwriter for one of America's foremost bands. Rock on Rick from Rockford, Ill.

Rick is the best and my hero forever.

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270 Hizaki

Hizaki's not only really talented, but how many times have you seen a man play such solos in a Rococo-esque dress and not mess up? His riffs are melodic, soothing, yet have so much power and feel to it.

Go to YouTube and search for History of the Other Side, Ascendead Master and Desert Apple, just to name a few.

This guy is insane good creating fantastic original melodies and his technical ability is great.

I love guitar & I respect many on these pages but I must vote for the one that changed me. I will never be the same after hearing him play. No one else has ever done this to me before so the honor goes to Hizaki. There are many talented guitarists here with many different styles but it all seems like child's play after you hear Hizaki. He can do it all if he really wanted to I am positive that this is true.

After I heard Versailles he changed the way I see music, yeah guitarist's like Eric Johnson and Eddie Van Halen are good, but Hizaki really got my attention. His looks, his talent, even his songwriting is unbelievable. This Metal Princess should be number 1

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271 Man Kidal

He absolutely one of the most talented guitarist ever born in the world. With the blazing speed and left hand guitarist, he should be just below slash. He play with soul picking through the strings. Plays with humble in every string of his guitar!

Man kidal awesome man.. He can play left hand and so wonderful and amazing guitarist, and he like a yngwie dressing a same... Man kidal the best Malaysian guitarist

Everyone said that he is Yngwie Malmsteen clone. But for me, he's not. Maybe he's style quite same with Malmsteen. Still, he deserve top 50 position, everybody should see how he's playing his guitar. Simply atonishing! He is the best Malaysian guitarist and also in South Asia!

He should be no. 1 in the world. I am Assobirin from Malaysia.

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272 Andrew Latimer

I could not understand why he has not been posted to this list, interesting.. Emotion pours from his solos.. Slow but easy, as great as Gilmour but for me he is better. Also he feels what he plays even cries while playing.. Musical genius indeed.

No one transmits his feelings through his guitar to his audience like him

As a rock lead guitarist I wonder how anyone could get better than Andy. Tasteful, great melodic lines, incredible intonation and bendings. Absolutely underrated. Very versatile and creative. I appreciate his work very much.

İt's so sad that people don't know Andrew Latimer...

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273 Corey Beaulieu Corey Beaulieu Corey King Beaulieu (Born November 22nd 1983) is an American musician and actor, known for being the lead guitarist and backing vocalist for the Heavy Metal band Trivium.

Guys really? Have you heard any of his solo's? Him and Matt Heafy (also of trivium) need to be at least in the top 20 on this list. Maybe not so much Heafy, but I urge you, URGE you to listen to the solo from "Gunshot To The Head Of Tripidation" or "Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr" or "Like Light To The Flies, " just about any of there songs is hands-down PROOF, he is one of the best guitarists out there today. I'm telling you, he's an absolutely amazing shredder, and once you listen to him you'll believe it too. So show Trivium some love (which no one seems to do these days) and give corey some votes.

Corey beaulieu and mathew heafy are rocks if you her there solo you will be crazy because ha has amazing solos like ; pull harder on the stings of your martyr. vote for him please

I'm in disbelief he isn't on this list at least in the top 100. listen to some of his solos, like from "A Gunshot to the Head of Tripidation" or "Like Light To The Flies" or "Pull Harder On the Strings of Your Martyr" and argue with me that he doesn't deserve to be on this list, there's no way. - mike2fristick

He is ability is epic

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274 Danny Gatton

How is Danny Gatton not included? He is fluent in every genre of guitar playing. I am aware that most of these types of lists are popularity contest, or if you have am hits but anybody reading this please listen to Danny Gatton.

YouTube Danny Gatton and then vote for him. There is no guitarist alive who could play like him. Gatton was the master of the Telecaster! He could play Jazz, Blues, Rock and Classical in one phrase, used few effects and was all talent.

He could play ANYTHING. "The humbler" nickname fits.

Fabulous guitar player who left us too soon! He played with great phrasing and melody, just an incomparable guitarist.

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275 Teru, Versailles

Teru is not one of the best guitarist on the Earth, he IS the best guitarist! He plays with emotion, and when you listen a music he has composed, you understand his feelings and what is the message he want to pass. When I'm listening to "For You", I'm almost crying and when it's "Flowery", a lot of energy flow in my veins!
Teru is my favourite guitarist for all of that and also because he plays very fast and he's very cool, nice and listening to the public. Thank you Teru!

Teru has an amazing and unique sweep picking technique and can play extremely fast.
He improved a lot during the last years.
I my opinion he's the best guitarist in the world!

Teru is amazing, he plays with emotion. His technique is wonderful.
He is a great person too and his songs are sweet and powerful...

Teru is the best... No doubt
Their songs full of love and sentiment reach the hearts of all his fans. It is a very special person, I admire him a lot.

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276 Christofer Drew Ingle
277 Bob Marley Bob Marley Robert Nesta "Bob" Marley was a Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter, musician, and guitarist who achieved international fame and acclaim.

He is one the best reggae guitarist also he rote I shot the sheriff that Eric Clapton tweaked

He should be higher

He was a great singer

Top 10

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278 Andy Timmons

Such a talented player, why have so many people never heard his stuff? Totally under rated and should be up there with Paul Gilbert and Vai! Please look him up if you haven't heard him.

Andy is a great Texas Player right up there with Vai and SATCH.

This guy's brilliant. Should be way up the rankings.

The best... Perfect balance between feeling and technique.
Cry for you, The prayer/The answer... And a lot more. SEARCH IT!

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279 Joe Penna
280 Michael Nesmith

Mike should be on this list. He was very innovative and wrote some of the Monkee's best tunes. He really showed his talent on the song "Valerie. " He plays very complex lines, very fast, Hendrix, Page, Beck and Clapton couldn't play that good. Hendrix's first tour was with the Monkees, and there's no doubt that Hendrix must have stole most of what he knew from Mike.. Every one knows Hendrix had ripped off a lot of things Pete Townsend had already done. Mike showed Hendrix the technical side of playing, but Hendrix still couldn't keep up. Thanks Mike Nesmith for giving us a future as rock guitarists, before you, they all sounded like Buddy Holly. - hellgod

Amazing musician in general

Roller Girl, a classic.

Not as good as other like Hendrix, Clapton, Harrison, Berry or Page. But certainly had his own style, Hendrix admired Nesmith and Nesmith admired back.
Amazing player (Tapioca Tundra and What Am I Doing Hangin' Around), great composer (Listen To The Band, Tapioca Tundra and Daily Nightly) and wonderful singer (Listen To The Band, You Just May Be The One and Don't Call On Me)
If there was a musician that could compare to Lennon or Dylan, then it was Michael Blessing.
Not to mention his solo work. Joann is beatiful. He is one of the most important persons of the 1900's and he doesn't get enough attentiom.

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