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281 Stanley Jordan

I'm shocked that no one mentioned him. Guitar Wizard.

Produce so relaxing tunes

Has really unique way of playing. Also can play two guitars at the same time, or guitar and keyboard (too hard to find this one to see).

Check him out you'll see he kick ass.

Simply the best. There is no one like him, he practically invent a new way of playing guitar. He has done covers of Beatles, Miles and Hendrix, all of which unique. There is no one that can rival Stan.

Clearly not a Great Jazz Guitarist list.

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282 Rick Springfield V 1 Comment
283 Kristofer Dahl
284 Rick Brewster
285 Phil X

Dude Hey is Fantastic! I love his style. Check ist out on Yotube. He ist filling in for Richie Sambora at the Moment by Bon Jovi

286 Issei Sugimoto
287 Rickey Medlocke

Blackfoot were so amazing. I just wanted to put that out.

Rickey doesn't get the credit he deserves, probably due to nothing all that new from him and Lynnard Skynnard.

288 Murray Gould
289 John 5

Not that great with Rob Zombie but if you listen to his solo albums you'll see he is amazing. can play everything - lukeburket

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291 Colin Hay
292 John McGeoch
293 Neil Giraldo

Great songwriter and guitarist

294 Oscar Lopez
295 Nathaniel Schwartz
296 Manny Charlton

Very glad to see him on the list. Love the old Nazareth soud (Alcatraz, night Woman, Razamanaz...). Manny should make the top 100 in my opinion.

297 Steve Miller

One of the most innovative guitarist of all time. 300? Musical illiterates.

Absolute joke he is hear and were is Robbie criager of the doors he was a leading rock guitarist of all time up there with Richards, page, townsend, Harrison, Clapton, beck, justin haward, jeff lyne+ peter green without these in the 60s,70s there wouldn't be any top 300

298 Jani Liimatainen

Jani is GOD Sonata Arctica is best band EVER I love it so so so much. Jani is king

He is fast, he's got the skills. Sonata Arctica kicks ass.

He is just amazing!
I've never seen any other doing such solos... his fingers fly!
And he is so charismatic... for me is one of the greatest ever... he should definitely be much more on top! - Soko

My reason to buy a Ibanez rg series guitar, so amazing, so epic! HAIL SONATA ARCTICA AND IT'S FANS!

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299 Steve Rothery Steve Rothery

As a lyrical guitarist he ranks pretty close to Gilmour, whose style he emulates. Has a listen to the solo of "Sugar Mice", or his delicate placement in "Neverland" to understand his gift of adding to the whole rather than being the rampant ego out front.

Seen Steve 6 times live, still so into what he is doing. Such masterful harmonics and fretwork. Solos appear effortless and haunting hear the solo in the Great Escape and the arrangement in Fantastic Place.

Steve Rothery has a style that is all his own... Fluid, unconventional and completely mesmerizing.. I saw them in Connecticut in '04 and was amazed at the style he has.
His use of effects and minimalization allow not only what he plays, but what he doesn't play, to add to the overall effect of Marillion's performances.
His guitar work is undeniably some of the best ever and I will forever be a fan.

Many are great and some of their solos touched me but, Rothery did that so often.
No need for hard play. He just took out his inner feelings and offered them in a spectacular way. I'm sorry he now plays in lower quality songs with Hogarth the hypnotist.

300 Don Felder

Don Felder is absolutely in the top ten and the American public agree since "Hotel California" is their anthem and a legendary classic. Who can forget the guitar duet with Joe Walsh. Fingers Felder plays the guitar as though it is part of him and wrote fabulous music. It is sublime and melodic and actually means something whereas so many of the others just made a noise.

I think that Don Felder should be in the top 10. Listen to the riffs of Hotel California and one of these nights. Most if the guys in the top 10 listed made only noise, but Felder made the guitar talk with soul

The piece at the end of hotel California from the hell freezes over album beats all the rest in terms of solo guitaring pieces in its classical content. There cannot be anybody greater according to me. - ajoybehera

Shaking my head on this one. Shame on you all for overlooking such a talented man. One of rock's all time anthems "Hotel California" was penned and orchestrated by Don Felder.

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