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301 Charlie Darks
302 Sagar Tamang
303 sanjay thapa magar
304 Kaoru

Kaoru's the best guitarist I've ever heard... Die is amazing but Kaoru is just a bit better... Kaoru should really be top of this list... No one can compose songs the way he does... I think it's just because the Western side are so ignorant that people like the ones mentioned are here... He's the best!

I don't know of any other guitarist who could come up with such unusual, gorgeous and emotionally bright parts in his songs. The sounds of his guitar just a shot in my heart from the first solos I've heard.

KAORU'S an awesome leader and guitarist!.. He is a beautiful composer as well and loves his band members

Dir en grey totally rocks! Kaoru is so, so talented!

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305 Mick Thomson Mick Thomson Mickael Gordon "Mick" Thomson is an American heavy metal musician. Born in Des Moines, Iowa, he is best known as one of two guitarists in Slipknot, in which he is designated #7.

Mick may not be the best guitarist on this list, yet there isn't much like him out there. He is definitely a master when it comes to good riffs. He doesn't solo to much but when he does you can hear clear, fast, intense and sometimes even expressive solos. I just think he is terribly under rated even though he isn't the very best he is one of my favorite guitar players. - Slipknotismax

I know a lot of people don't like slipknot, but just listen to the riffs on "The Heretic Anthem" and his solo on "Sulfur". I honestly think that Mick should be a bit higher in the list. I mean seriously? Billie Joe Armstrong is not better than Mick, no way.

Slipknot rocks and so does mick. He's probably one of the greatest guitarists in our day and should definitely be in the top ten, at least, if not NO. 1 itself...

Should be number 1

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306 Joe Bonamassa Joe Bonamassa Joe Bonamassa is an American blues rock guitarist, singer and songwriter. When he was only 12 years old, Bonamassa opened for B.B. King. He was born 8th May 1977. He is known to be one of the greatest blues guitarists ever.

There is something special about this guy. His head is totally into his music and it has been since he was a child. Unlike other music savants, he seems to channel all of his energy and talent into "growing" in his work. I was able to see many of the amazing guitarists in the 60's and 70's and I'm not sure how anyone can vote for anyone but their own personal favorite. But I believe, if it were possible, to get all the greatest guitarists on a stage at the same time (playing in their prime) Joe very likely might be the last man standing. He's not even 40 and he's been playing professionally for over 30 years. And with his attitude and love for his work, more and more people are going to discover this huge treasure and gift to the world. If you get to know him, You'll love him.

I would say this number will change as people get to see this man play he is every bit as good as Page or Beck...

Joe is the best that I have ever seen or heard. I started listening to all types of music in the mid-50's, especially blues -based guitar starting with Robert Johnson until now. Joe embodies all that is past and present with a unique sound that is unmatched. Each note has a purpose within the songs he plays, some slow, some fast, and each remembered. Albert King, Hendrix, Clapton, and Santana come close, but at this point in time, Joe is the best. Check out the song "The Great Flood" if you don't believe me. It will bring tears to your eyes.

Joe bonamassa has to be the best blues and overall Guitarist and Soloist, his side projects in Black Country communion show his skills are not limited to blues alone but Rock and metal. HIs solos are blistering in speed and technical ability When I am asked who are the best... Its Satriani and Bonamassa, most rock guitarist do not compare. Its not about a few solos on an album here and there Bonamassa performs almost every day all over the world and his corpass of material is staggering. I suggest you listen to some of the albums he has out The other commentator is correct. Hendrix King Clapton Santana, are close, but not as superior as Joe Bonamassa, IN every note he plays,


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307 I Wayan Balawan

He is a great guitar player and great teacher! A humble person with magic fingers and great skills

He's the magic finger.. Playing jazz, rock, ethic & all around, humble person, always smile & funny...

He have a magic fingers. Never hear like this before. Awesome. Amazing. Cool. Inspired my life.

Best typing player in the world!

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308 Neal Schon Neal Schon Neal Joseph Schon is an American rock guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist best known for his work with the bands Journey and Bad English. He is Journey's last original constant member, having participated in every album and tour to date.

Neal Schon will eventually be considered the most under-rated guitarist of all time. In 1971, at the age of 16, on his very first recording (Santana-3), he SOLIDIFIED his own unique style, which included frenetic time signatures, alternating with masterfully sustained notes that maintain an incredibly clean, crisp and delicate tone, which set the standard for many future shredders to come. As great as Joe Satriani is, why is he credited with inventing "melodic shredding" in 1985, when Schon was at it 14 YEARS EARLIER? The guitar interplay on Santana-3, between Carlos and Neal is mind boggling, like a volcano that is ready to explode! And this is in 1971-when guitarists had to rely on their fingers-instead of effects. A world class master!

One of the greatest ever-his work with santana is a phenomenon but lo and behold the first three journey albums before steve perry joined are the quintessential progressive/fusion albums of the 70's. Now lets get to his inhuman two works with jan hammer, his six solo albums and of course the band he had with sammy hagar for a while. Also, bad English and hardline. How quickly people forget

Neal combines beautiful melodic lines that compliment Journey's songs, but can add blistering fast connections to his memorable solo hooks. Amazingly full sound and clean precise attacks... Great musician/writer.

Have seen all the greats - the ones listed in the top 20. I also readily acknowledge that these "best" lists are fueled by personal tastes and opinions. So, there really isn't a "best" list, except for the one we each create in our minds. I base my decisions on what moves me and things like melody, taste, inflection, tone, etc. I am hard pressed to think of another guitarist who plays with such feeling, melody and raw emotion. Take for example, the song off Journey's first LP, "In My Lonely Feelings/Conversations". Listen to this song in it's entirety and then let's
talk. I believe Schon was 19 years old at the time. Neal Schon belongs in the Top 10 list of best rock guitarists of all time. Hey, invited to join Santana when he was 15. At the same time, invited to be Clapton's #2 guitarist in his band also when Schon was 15, but declined because he already accepted Santana's invitation. Check out the video of Steve Vai, Zack Wylde and Yngwie Maumsteen congratulating Neal on entering ...more

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309 Phil Collen

Phil collen was guitaring since the 70's he was fast original and made his own guitar his solo on say photograph and foolin should be ranked higher he in my opinion is in the top 5 guitarists of the 80's that's all I got to say

So overlooked, just like his band. definitely one of the best, at least out of those still living.

Definitely should be in top 50 this list is wacked in some spots

When steve clark died phil had to learn everthing that e done for the 5th album and inpressive solo's as well -

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310 Roger Fisher

Look at all the people in front of ROG. There my be 15 people on this list who can out play Fisher but no more than that. Roger is one of the best ever and the king of arena rock. With his band HEART they played to sold out arena's all across the U.S. to millions of loving fans. Rock on Roger Fisher.

I see Nancy Wilson is ranked 34 on this list Roger is at 150 seems to me something is wrong. Roger was the best Guitar player in Heart.

One of the best guitar players in an era that was loaded with great guitar players.

Awesome feel and sound... and one guy I could get.. and do a "similar sound/style"... but that's what I was listening to. I was into it... '70's Heart... there is no better!

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311 Tweke Lewis

The perfect foil to Micky Jones when in the MAN band.. Still playing absolute brilliant blues to this day.. Definitely worth a mention and a listen! - manmars

I'm in total agreement with the last two comments. There are those that can play and those that can really play. Rock on Tweke.

So good to see you here Tweke. Your music has given me many hours of pleasure. I wish you all the best with your new project.

312 Jani Liimatainen

Jani is GOD Sonata Arctica is best band EVER I love it so so so much. Jani is king

He is fast, he's got the skills. Sonata Arctica kicks ass.

He is just amazing!
I've never seen any other doing such solos... his fingers fly!
And he is so charismatic... for me is one of the greatest ever... he should definitely be much more on top! - Soko

Just listen to San Sebastian solo and you 'll vote for him.

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313 Jose Feliciano Jose Feliciano José Montserrate Feliciano García (born September 10, 1945), better known simply as José Feliciano, is a Puerto Rican virtuoso guitarist, singer, and composer.

Even if you couldn't connect to a lot of the songs, there is no denying he is a great, great talent and like many others way down this list, he should be way up.

Too many are being voted in the upper numbers are being voted on popularity and not talent. Too many can't discern the actual talent a guitarist possesses because they like the overall band for the songs and not the actual talent but Jose is definitely one of the most talented to have come along in any genre.

Feliciano is underrated simply because he mainly played latin music instead of rock or pop. However, when it comes to skills, he is probably the best guitarist ever! The fact that he was born blind makes his achievement even greater. His riff and improvisation come from his heart and soul, with his "fastest ten fingers ever" being his medium.

What a joke, feliciano at 185? First watch his performance of 'malaguena', 'flight of the bumblebee', 'gypsy' and other videos on YouTube then ask all so called top ten living guitarists to play these compositions. equally good in playing with hand and striker. he don't play these days but he is a living legend. don't forget, he is born blind.

So underrated... He most stay on top ten for Sure.
A super-talented natural artist. In many differents fields of guitar music. From classical to rock, from latin to blues, jazz, latin bolero or improvisate skills

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314 Hillel Slovak Hillel Slovak

My favorite guitarist of all time. Despite the fact that I didn't even really like the kind of music the Peppers made at the time, his guitar playing was just amazing and it is a shame he had to go the way he did...

"0%" - that's just painful... - Maplestrip

He is so underrated. He taught Flea, the greatest bassist ever, how to play bass. And He was probably Frusciante's biggest influence. Without him there would be no Red Hot Chili Peppers.R.I.P. - RHCPfan

Original red hot chili peppers guitarist, played with such great expression and red hot bone crunching mayhem funkiness

I think everybody would know him now, if he wouldn't be dead

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315 Brennan Dylan

A new name but an old soul. Guitarist, songwriter & producer for Men Without Armies. His band is getting internet radio play like mad and charting in the Top 20 for hard rock/metal. Dylan is a very technical player and a guy who doesn't use pedals or fx to get his sound so its safe to say pedal manufactures will never come a courtin'. His style is very unique and is a fusion of hard rock, metal, classical & blues. Like Buckethead, the guy is very under rated but because of his songwriting skills, riffs, arrangements and aggressive technical playing style I doubt that he will remain in the shadows much longer. - GuitarFreak

One of my favorite axemen. Amazing live. - GuitarFreak

316 Pepe Smith

Living legend in Philippine Rock and Roll, from the early days of martial law to present! Pinoy rock would not be the same without him!

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317 Bill Theocharidis

He's technique is unparalleled

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318 Mark Tremonti Mark Tremonti Mark Thomas Tremonti is an American musician, singer and songwriter, best known as the lead guitarist of the rock bands Creed and Alter Bridge.

Mark, when combined with Myles, is the definition of Rock and Roll. No one who has heard Blackbird can deny that.

My favourite quote from YouTube:
"The music industry gets owned whenever Myles opens his mouth. "
Same goes for both Mark's and Myles' guitar playing.

He's a living legend. It's just that he's underrated and he deserves a lot more. For me he's the best guitarist the world.

Mark Tremonti has played with Creed and Alterbridge his whole life. He made his start with Creed, and now look Creed is one of the most successful bands of all time. Mark has it all the stage presence the skill the speed the crazy attractive PRS custom Tremonti. He has found the balance of metal and hard rock that made Creed and Alter Bridge what they are today. Mark can grab that crazy attractive PRS and play not just for the fans but for himself and the pure enjoyment of music, and once an musician or in this case artist can do that then they can connect with the audience even more. He can play those crazy fast metal hard rock riffs but he is also diverse enough to through in a bluesy rock riff. So in conclusion vote Tremonti not just because his crazy sexy attractive guitar but for his pure raw talent and skill.

Mark Tremonti is my modern favorite guitarist. His solo band Tremonti has released three albums and they all rock! Looks like the description here needs updated to reflect that.

Tremonti writes, lead sings, and solo's in a post modern rock format that is just amazing! Can't wait for his next project no matter which of his bands it is with!

Mark is sure to be one of the all time greatest and wins the pick of destiny award hands down! Check him out he's come a long ways since Creed!

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319 Conan O'Brien Conan O'Brien

He shouldn't be here.

He collects Guitars! - TheHabsFan

Greatest guitarist of all time definitely.

Best guitarist!

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320 Ichiro Cipher Takigawa

CIPHER is one of the most influential guitarists and one of the best in Japan. he created bands with tetsu kikuchi called BODy and CRAZE. - ronluna

Sugizo (luna sea guitarist), dir en grey guitarists idolizes cipher - ronluna

One of the most influential guitarist in Japan - ronluna

*correction: inoran idolizes cipher not sugizo - ronluna

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