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321 Mick Jones
322 Ichiro Cipher Takigawa

CIPHER is one of the most influential guitarists and one of the best in Japan. he created bands with tetsu kikuchi called BODy and CRAZE. - ronluna

Sugizo (luna sea guitarist), dir en grey guitarists idolizes cipher - ronluna

One of the most influential guitarist in Japan - ronluna

*correction: inoran idolizes cipher not sugizo - ronluna

323 Michael Nesmith

Mike should be on this list. He was very innovative and wrote some of the Monkee's best tunes. He really showed his talent on the song "Valerie. " He plays very complex lines, very fast, Hendrix, Page, Beck and Clapton couldn't play that good. Hendrix's first tour was with the Monkees, and there's no doubt that Hendrix must have stole most of what he knew from Mike.. Every one knows Hendrix had ripped off a lot of things Pete Townsend had already done. Mike showed Hendrix the technical side of playing, but Hendrix still couldn't keep up. Thanks Mike Nesmith for giving us a future as rock guitarists, before you, they all sounded like Buddy Holly. - hellgod

Not as good as other like Hendrix, Clapton, Harrison, Berry or Page. But certainly had his own style, Hendrix admired Nesmith and Nesmith admired back.
Amazing player (Tapioca Tundra and What Am I Doing Hangin' Around), great composer (Listen To The Band, Tapioca Tundra and Daily Nightly) and wonderful singer (Listen To The Band, You Just May Be The One and Don't Call On Me)
If there was a musician that could compare to Lennon or Dylan, then it was Michael Blessing.
Not to mention his solo work. Joann is beatiful. He is one of the most important persons of the 1900's and he doesn't get enough attentiom.

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324 Tiny Tim

Does belong on any guitar playing list, he was awful!

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325 Joe Penna
326 Lou Reed Lou Reed

This man was a pioneer of the guitar. He taught himself to play by listening to the radio and with no formal training created some truly amazing riffs out of two or three chords. Not the best but deserves to be higher.

No way. He was such an incredible artist who had so much influence. He should be way, way up the list.

Velvet Underground has been ranked 24 on The Greatest artists of all time!

Whomever made this list knows nothing about great guitar players!

327 Jim Croce Jim Croce

Great guitarist, worthy of top 20 rating. Check out Time in a bottle, New York's not my home, I've got a name. etc

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328 Chris Babbitt
329 Steven Wilson Steven Wilson Steven John Wilson is an English musician and record producer, most associated with the progressive rock genre.

He's good for sure. Not the moat skilled, but his knowledge of the technical aspects and his experimental attitude should bump him up at least a couple hundred spots if you ask me. He is also my favourite guitarist...

He definitely deserves to be higher. Some of his riffs are just incredible. If he were to show off his ability in the way loads of more acknowledged guitarists do people would see his true ability.

If anyone has heard of Porcupine Tree then they would know about Steve Wilson and his ability to play the guitar. Just listen to Dislocated Day or Cheating the Polygraph and then decide for yourself.

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330 Ewan Dobson
331 Phil Sgrosso
332 Karl Logan
333 Mike Shinoda Mike Shinoda Michael Kenji "Mike" Shinoda is an American musician, rapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, graphic designer, manager and film composer.

Oh man...Mike should be in top 10 at least

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334 Troy Stetina
335 Jon Foreman

By far not the best guitar player, but his quality as a singer/songwriter together with his acoustic guitar is amazing. He deserves to be higher above Justin Bieber than he is now ;p

336 Anthony Armstrong
337 Franco Mussida
338 JB Brubaker

Easily the best guitar duo in modern metal (except maybe zacky v and synyster gates of a7x) and have some of the best solos I've ever heard. very very melodic lead from JB and great, heavy rhythm from Brent. I could understand them not being on top due to them not being very known, but check out Empire, The Wake, Composure, Mariana's Trench, White Washed, Meddler, Cutting The Ties, Pangaea, and or Ocean Of Apathy, they're all amazing on guitar and the list goes on

339 Inoue Kiyonobu
340 CC Deville

Lead solos very clean and clear

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