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341 Warren Cuccurullo

His passion His creativity his vision ahead of time, the way he give himself in every song... Amazing

342 Criss Oliva Criss Oliva Christopher "Criss" Michael Oliva was an American musician who was the lead guitarist and co-founder of the band Savatage.

Probably the most undervaluated guitarist of all time!

Criss was tremendously creative (soaring melodies + furious shredding). A total natural... he never cared about music theory and instead relied on his hearing and his feelings.

The more older and more experienced I get, the more I appreciate what an unbelievably good guitarist he was.

He was perfect. He never made any mistakes. And if he slipped off anyway, he turned it into something meaningful and natural, that nobody would have noticed as a mistake.

For me he was like Mozart. There was something divine about him.

He was amazing. he could shred like no other, but also play amazing melodies. listen to hounds, hall of the mountain king, and believe and you will know what I am talking about. He died too young (like randy)

The forgotten...Criss could mimic the sound of human voice better than anyone, he was ahead of his time. What a loss. Gone way too soon.

A true guitar genius... Really a genius...R.I.P.

343 Yossi Piamenta

Piamenta is an incredible guitarist with this incredible power of emotional, spiritual, ecstatic, meditative playing that takes the listener on an incredible musical journey. He delves so far into his soloing that you feel you can fly into the sound waves. Its really an amazing experience to watch him in concert

Anybody who hasn't heard Yossi's playing is missing out. Should definitely be in the top ten

Search for his songs. This guy is the most underrated, probably more talented the the bottom 95 guitarists on here.

344 Mike Einziger

He is pure genius. He uses a lot of effects and his solos and riffs are just killer

Best guitarist around today how is he not in top ten that's a joke.
That makes me like him that much more.

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345 Lincoln Brewster

Greatest guitar player I have ever heard. He has done stuff for many major bands as well as his own music. If you don't agree, you haven't even heard him. - Freak_Show1

Lincoln brewster is not in top ten but he is top one in our lord. Because he has a greatfull heart in serving our lord

We are all top one in Jesus. Because our music is for him

To God be the Glory

Many churches skip the guitar solos from his songs... because they're so amazingly difficult to pull off.

346 Ron Bumblefoot Thal

Looks like no one has heard 'Guitars Suck! '. Shame. This guy has made some awesome innovations to guitar playing, he learnt Eruption by ear, then learnt it backwards by ear. How much more do I need to say? He has got to be in the top 20 at least. - ameentheguitarist23

Ron is an amazing guitarist, with unbelievable talent and a true love for his fans! His playing is utterly beautiful!

The best guitarist you've never heard of.

Amazing guitarist! He plays with so much emotion.

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347 Dave Baksh

He is definitely Canada's guitar hero, until I come into the spot that is laugh out loud. But yeah, he, Randy Rhoads, Tipton and Downing, Murray and Smith... They got me into guitar.

Have you heard this guy's work with sum 41? It sounds like he's playing 3 guitars at once!

Watch the master of puppets solo (cover), he definitely deserves to be up higher

His metallish solo in "The Bitter End" and a bluesy solo with awesome bends in "The Hell Song"!

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348 Remigio Pereira

Remigio Pereira is a versatile, talented musician. After graduating from Le Conservatoire de Musique du Quebec with a Masters in Classical Guitar Performance, he traveled to Italy to continue his opera training. Currently performing with The Tenors, formerly The Canadian Tenors, he is also a composer, song writer and producer of various types of music. From pop, rock, reggae and hip-hop to classical, Portuguese Fado and show tunes, Remigio can flow easily between many genres and often plays various guitars in performances. His concerts have had audiences which include presidents, royalty, and musical legends. Underrated, but super showman

Remigio's Portuguese heritage influences his musical background, but he is just as talented rocking out at a Gibson show as he is with his classical guitar and Flamencos

Such a talented musician, his music is mesmerizing! Totally deserves to be counted among the best!

Man can Remi Rock a Gibson guitar!

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349 Joe Trohman

Maybe not as good as slash, or jimi henrix but still good


Sexy beast


350 John Fogerty

John Fogerty outsold the Beatles and all of them,... What do ya mean #264? You guys know nothing about music,... He's better than all top 10 put together,.. You guys no absolutely nothing! Just listen to Walk On the Water

This is the sound off Creedence Clearwater Revival, come on folks! The band with best intro's ever!

Brilliant versatile guitarist and songwriter, vocalist. Plays harp, piano, bass, drums, violin, saxophone to name a few. Produces albums, arranges albums...Is Bruce Springsteens idol.

Many have covered his songs, Tina Turner, Elvis, Bob Dylan, Status Quo and the list goes on. Member of the Rock and Roll hall of fame. Only person to write songs and release albums that outsold the Beatles in 1970...Rolling Stone magazine rate Fogerty at 45 world wide on guitar.

How is Fogerty not in the top 30?

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351 J Mascis

J. Mascis from Dinosaur Jr is a amazing guitar player. And he's in the most underrated band ever. This list is depressing

This guy's guitar playing takes me to places no other music seems capable of. Vastly talented.

In start chopping he plays two inhuman riffs

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352 Jung Yong Hwa

Jung is the leader, lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist of the rock band CN Blue. Jung Yong Hwa made his singer debut with the Korean idol band CN Blue on 14 January 2010. I have watched him played guitar in concerts and in his soap operas "Heartstrings" and "You're Beautiful" and he is really awesome, he knows his piece well, He is multi-talented and lovable!

He is the lead vocalist and drummer of popular Asian band, CN Blue. He and his band mates debut in Japan. He can act and sing too. - 393939

WOW! Amazing guy, not because he is handsome but He is one of a kind guitarist!
We basically judge them because of their talent, and YES he HAS it!

He may not be the best, but I can assure you guys "he is one the best guitarist, lead vocalist, composer ^^ a great leader of the band - CNBLUE" from Korea... Such "a great talent indeed"... He is a g0od actor ^^ a very handsome guy t0o...

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353 Majid Kharatha

Offish kharatha:Iranian love majid kharatha

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354 David Knopfler

Simply amazing. He brings blues jazz flamenco rockabilly folk and rock together unlike anyone else

Created a unique instantly recognisable sound. Wrote some iconic songs. Played blistering beautiful pin-perfect solos against a sparse background. Simply awesome.

355 Roy Clark

He sometimes gets overlooked because of his goofball image on Hee-Haw, but he is a very versatile, prolific, virtuoso guitarist. Thanks to YouTube for allowing us to rediscover this modern master.

It is sick when head banging, and drugged out musicians, leave talent like this in the dust. Country musicians take back seats to everyone. This man deserves to be in the top 20 genre is insignificant.

Unfortunately, he is one of the ones who has been somewhat lost to the past. Back in the 70s and 80s he was so well known for his guitar playing whether or not you liked country music.

One song"guitar wizard"

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356 Tim Reynolds

Any Dave Matthews Band fan has heard of him and heard his works like Stream, and Betrayal... Absolutely amazing

As far as musical talent, Tim Reynolds is easily top 10. His mastery of the instrument is unparalleled.

What?!?! Tim is amazing. Althouh I agree that Slash and Hendrix and Synester Gates are awesome ( and better than Tim), He deserves to be WAY higher than 242! - davidthenurse

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357 Glen Campbell

Possibly the most versatile guitarist on this list. His time as a member of The Wrecking Crew made him the most in-demand guitarist in the WORLD! He even outsold the Beatles in 1969. This list must have been voted on by a bunch of 14 to 20 year old morons.

Simply outstanding, should be at the top. Was so sad when he started singing, I knew that would be an end to his instrumental albums.

Highly underrated. Fantastic session musican. Such a pity about the rhinestone cowboy era, but he and Jimmy Webb were a brilliant partnership and his later albums are quite remarkable. Deserves much more recognition

Watch his playing on Youtube. He should be at the top of list.

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358 Victor Smolski

Simply the best, its variety, its fun, he's the best, and he's so fast, hard, he has everything that needs one guitar god

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359 Tocak

The best gitarist in Jugoslavia, ever! He could compete with Jimmi, Prince, Jimmy and everybody else, any time, if he was alive. RIP - norgemann

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360 James Burton

He was a pioneer of the telecaster sound and a pioneer of rock guitar in general, it's sickening to not even see him on this list and instead see people who don't even come close to the feel that James Burton had with guitar. He simply blended Country with Blues and what he ended up with was Rock and Roll.

This position for James Burton is ridiculous. He is recognized by many great guitarists and he deserves top 20 for sure.

Any one that has seen "A Black and White Night " will realize that James Burton should be ranked much higher

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