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461 Nikki Sixx Nikki Sixx Nikki Sixx is an American musician, songwriter, radio host, and photographer, best known as the co-founder, bassist, and primary songwriter of the band Mötley Crüe.
462 Justin Hayward Justin Hayward Justin David Hayward is an English musician, best known as songwriter, lead singer, and guitarist in the rock band the Moody Blues.
463 Eric Bell Eric Bell Eric Robin Bell is a Northern Irish rock and blues musician, best known as a founder member and the original guitarist of the rock group Thin Lizzy.
464 Vince Gill

If you don't know him, educate yourself.

465 Lucas Mann

Accused of recording at half speed and always proves the haters wrong. BLISTERING speed, huge riffs, sweep picking to the max, masterful song composition, sick guitars, legendary sound production, and amazing guitar tones. He may not be a legend, but he's easily one of the best guitarists I've ever heard. But let's not forget his counterpart, Miles Baker, who is a perfect carbon copy of Lucas Mann.

Just listen to a Rings Of Saturn song and try to tell me that Lucas Mann isn't an amazing guitarist. He should be so much higher on this list

Great leads probably sickest I ever heard

466 Eric Calderone Eric Calderone

Does awesome metal covers - Giiggle

He kind of reminds me of Gary Hoey. He can take any tune and really rock it with the guitar. ' guitar god. He more than well deserves a spot on this list. Should be a bit higher.

467 Takayoshi Ohmura V 1 Comment
468 Andrew Stanley

He's not very popular, but he's absolutely amazing! - TheHabsFan

469 Craig Goldy Craig Goldy

Great guitarist. Majorly underrated. Did the Dio album dream evil and in my opinion the guitar playing is great on that album. - luke_cody_03

In addition to that the first Giuffria (ex-Angel) album with the really big hit on it and good all the way through.

470 Bobby Gustafson

Early Overkill stuff is legendary

471 Tony MacAlpine

Tony MacAlpine (born August 29, 1960 in Springfield, Massachusetts) is a guitar and keyboard virtuoso who came on to the neo classical/shred scene in the mid 80s. He later experimented with jazz rock fusion and combined it with his classical training, as can be heard on Chromaticity (2001). He has released many solo albums in his career. Some of his other projects include CAB, Planet X, Steve Vai and Ring of Fire. - harrykar

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472 Carl Verheyen

He's way lower on the list than he should be.

473 Mike Campese

This guy should be in the top guitarist list, check out his music. Very Creative and has a unique style!

His betcha can't play this for Guitar World is awesome! Stop looking at this list, open a new tab, and Google it! I'ts awesome!

474 Brian Robbo Robertson

He could have become the bets guitarist ever, but he was drinking to much and taking drugs.
But for me he will always be the best!

Just shaded it over Scott Gorham, both amazing guitarists. His solos on Live & Dangerous should propel him to top 10 along with Scott.

475 Ty Tabor
476 Al Petrelli

First off his name is Pitrelli. The technical master of the guitar that only a very few can touch. If you haven't see Al play then you can not call yourself a lover of guitar.
All you have to do is watch him on YouTube with TSO: The Dark, will take your breath away, Tracers, there is no better.

477 Toy Caldwell

Toy is " that" guitarist who could sing along with his ability to play rock jazz country blues. All without a pick, I might add. Regrettably a victem of top 40 fame. The guitar work that showcases his speed and versatility can be found on side 2 the album"where we all belong". If music lovers wee to expose themselves to this, toy Caldwell would achieve top 5 status!

Toy Caldwell could do more fast picking with just his bare thumb than most other guitarists could do with a thin pick!

Another mistake on this list! He was great.

478 Walter Giardino
479 Dickey Betts

He led a very colorful life but there is no denying he was an immensely top rated guitarist and way, way better than a lot on this list. He was on and off with the Allman Bros. for many years. One time when I went to see the band, he was in jail. According to Rolling Stone, who rated him #61, Duane Allman said ""I'm the famous guitar player," but Dickey is the good one." He also wrote "Ramblin' Man" and "Jessica".

How he ended up at 399 is beyond me... Does anyone listen to these guys perform... The Allman brothers were some of the best in late 60's and early 70's. Dwayne, Butch and Dickey were all some of the best...

Keep things going with the Allman Brothers Band what a great player.

Held his own with Duane Allman. Versatile.

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480 Scotti Hill

This guy is good he should be in the top 15 listen to his wasted time solo I just keep my eyes closed whenever I listen to it, I felt I was playing it - rafayel

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