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481 Walter Giardino
482 Dickey Betts

He led a very colorful life but there is no denying he was an immensely top rated guitarist and way, way better than a lot on this list. He was on and off with the Allman Bros. for many years. One time when I went to see the band, he was in jail. According to Rolling Stone, who rated him #61, Duane Allman said ""I'm the famous guitar player," but Dickey is the good one." He also wrote "Ramblin' Man" and "Jessica".

How he ended up at 399 is beyond me... Does anyone listen to these guys perform... The Allman brothers were some of the best in late 60's and early 70's. Dwayne, Butch and Dickey were all some of the best...

Keep things going with the Allman Brothers Band what a great player.

Held his own with Duane Allman. Versatile.

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483 Scotti Hill

This guy is good he should be in the top 15 listen to his wasted time solo I just keep my eyes closed whenever I listen to it, I felt I was playing it - rafayel

484 Pete Loeffler, Chevelle

Pete really doesn't do solos much, but he does have good riffs, like in Forfeit and Still Running. - NuMetalManiak

I think thid guy should be next after Jimi Hendrix, just listen to his solos, you will go crazy

485 Tom Petty Tom Petty Thomas Earl "Tom" Petty is an American musician, singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist and record producer.

Amazing sound, and great vocals. Should be top 100 for sure.

Knows how to put it down, plain and simple.

Crazy, he should be WAY higher than 530.

Top 20

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486 Ian Crichton, Saga

You guys really messed up when you didn't mention this man. Rik Emmett sub for him when Ian broke a finger. rik was the only guy who could even come close ot playing as good as Ian. Ian has played on over 35 albums and has been playing in Saga for over 30 years... pick up his Ghettos by Design solo album and may be you guys can appreciate a great guitarist when you hear one.

487 Tak Matsumoto

Guitarist from Japan legendary rock duo B'z. Possess stunning guitar fingering skill. - fredooi

488 Vinnie Vincent Vinnie Vincent Vinnie Vincent is an American guitarist and songwriter. He is a former member of the rock band Kiss from 1982 until mid-1984 during the band's transition out of their 1973–1983 makeup period.
489 Malcolm Young

Malcolm young really should be on here because he can give a song such a good sense of rhythm and riffing. His riff on whiskey on the rocks=pro. He may not be a soloist but trust me AC/DC would not sound good without him

Are you people mad this guy is as good as his brother were would ac/dc be with out malcom

Well angus is good but listen to that guys rhythm guitar hiss riffs are great man. He's not my favorite guitarist but he's talented.

490 Jeff Lynne

Ok, not the greatest guitarist around, but this guy did his thing on every album for 15 years and stopped to produce, write, and back-up (musically and vocally) some of the greatest there has ever been. Joe Walsh, Bryan Ferry, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, etc. And don't forget the all guitar all-star band he formed "The Traveling Wilbury's. Enough said!

491 Luke Hoskin
492 Alex Turner Alex Turner Alexander David "Alex" Turner is an English musician. He is the lead vocalist, guitarist, and principal songwriter of the English rock band Arctic Monkeys.
493 Muhammed Suicmez Muhammed Suicmez Muhammed Suiçmez was born in Karlsruhe, Germany, to Turkish immigrants. He is the frontman and guitarist of the German technical death metal band Necrophagist.

Extremely underrated, the shear technicality and skill of this man not to mention how clean he is live and on record is amazing, all whilst playing mind melting solos and riffs that both make your pinky want to drop off as well as vocals... 549... Pfft top 5 for sure.

494 Ben Bruce V 1 Comment
495 Gary Richrath

Just listen to the solo to "Take it on the run" you can feel the angst and pain in that solo very underrated guitarist and I'm not a huge REO guy but the dude could definitely play.

Are you just Nuts? Gary Richrath could play circles around 90% of these guys. Listen to "Stillness of the night"and become a true believer!

Whoever made up this list is out of there mind, Gary Richrath from REO SPEEDWAGON is Better than 3/4 of guitarists on this list

I think he should be up about 200 spots on this Bogus list!

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496 Brent Hinds Brent Hinds Brent Hinds is an American guitarist/singer best known as a member of the Atlanta, Georgia metal band Mastodon, in which he shares guitar duties with Bill Kelliher and vocal duties with Troy Sanders and Brann Dailor.

741? Really?! This guy is a revolutionary player, even his note choices are like no other players, he is one of the most important guitarists of our time!

Why is he so low this man is a legend

Wow! Just wow! This is why this site can't be trusted.
He is for sure one of the best guitar players of our times.
Mastodon is currently the best heavy metal band still producing albuns with great quality. And THIS guy makes it look easy..

497 Benny Richards

Go on YouTube and listen to Red N Black Hippie Sam and listen to this guy play. Wow

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498 Per Nilsson

Lead guitarist (one of) for the Swedish melodic death metal band Scar Symmetry. The virtuoso's virtuoso. Unique phrasing and technique.. Per is the new modern standard of guitar playing. Unrivalled sweeping and tapping... And no neck pickup. Per Nilsson... The Master

499 Thurston Moore

Thurston Moore was the lead guitarist of Sonic Youth, a band known for their intricate, fast, and long songs, the beauty between Moore and Ranaldo's guitar playing, heavy use of alternate tunings, and great drumming. Listen to Daydream Nation (Pitchfork Media's #1 best album of the '80s) and see if you share my opinion that he should be in the top 100 guitarists of all time. Whatever it is, he's definitely better than (at least) half the stuff above him on this list. (Billie Joe Armstrong is in the top 50? Seriously? )

For sure in the top 100! He was ranked as 33 in rolling stone magazine! Listen to kool thing!

One of the best guitarists ever. It's ridiculous how low he is on this list.

500 Nels Cline
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