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Saul Hudson, known professionally as Slash, is a British-American musician and songwriter. He is best known as the lead guitarist of the American hard rock band Guns N' Roses, with whom he achieved worldwide success in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


Slash gets my vote, because, since I first started hearing their songs, around 1992, when I was 13, Guns were by far my favourite band and that was largely because of Slash's amazing guitar work. It just "hit the spot" like no one else really had in the past, or has, consistently, since.

It would (and still can) give me goose bumps, on songs like Sweet Child (especially when he really winds up in the middle guitar solo) and November Rain (near the end, when it reaches a crescendo) and You Could Be Mine, but could also just go straight to the heart and soul, on other songs, like during the beautiful guitar solos earlier on November Rain and in Estranged.

One of the reasons he is so good is that he reportedly would just play what came to him in the moment, when in the studio. So someone would hand him a song and he would just let go and play what came to him in the moment (pure inspiration) and that would basically be what would end up on the album. He wouldn't ...more

Slash's is one of the best guitarists being influenced by Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Keith Richards and his friend playing the guitar for the first time. He was obsessed with playing the guitar thanks to hi Grandma for giving him a bashed old accoustic guitar with one string and practising for as long as he wanted to- that's how Slash became one of the greatest guitarists in the world. In my opinion he should be #3 on this list because he is one of the few guitarists with such passion and fantastic ideas for riffs and solos altogether. People may judge this opinion for that he's better than Eddie Van Halen but Slash is so creative with his riffs and solos, he never uses the same old thing over and over again during the music tracks and live shows, which is why Axl Rose is gladly enough to say that his best guitarist and in his opinion is the best guitarists in the World. He can be a Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendix but he admits " He'd rather known as himself rather ...more

When most people think of Slash most people think of Fergie and Phineas and Ferb unfortunately. But when I think of Slash, I think of a guy that breaths rock and roll with a Les Paul strapped on his back. I think of the guy that goes out every night with 4 other guys and rocks his heart out, because he wants to, not necessarily for money but just to play. Sure you could say people might play faster or have better technique, but who gives a crap? Just close your eyes and listen to the music, if you don't like it walk away but if you do, open your eyes and you see the best damn guitar player ever to pluck a string.

I agree he's amazing I admire him so much and I'm so thankful for the wonderful music he has created in his career. Thank you slash we love you.

His riffs and solos are beautiful. If there is a throne for rock guitarist, then Jimmy Page should pass his to Slash. His playing style and tone influence a lot of young inspiring guitarist. He owes much from Page, Hendrix and other elder player but he create a style that make him equal to stand shoulder to shoulder to his idol. For him it's not about selling million of records or astounding ticket revenues. It is always about how to make a very distinguish art of rock music. He is not part of the popular world... He is more a legend. He has a very good attitude as well. For him it's not about showing off dexterity... It is about how to make the song beautiful. But again there is not any number one guitarist... We have to share this world with everyone else. For me he is number 1 guitar player

The reason for Slash being the best guitarist ever, is his simplicity. I'm not saying he has simple riffs or solos, but he has the way of doing them simply. Hard to play technically, he does it all in such a basic way. Live he uses at max 3 FX pedals, and the rest is just compressors and boosters, which shows that he gets that sound by basically just plugging in his guitar into his amp and rocking. No-one has the sound that he has. No matter how hard you try, you will never be able to sound like him, even if he gave you his guitar and amp. It's all in his fingers and in his mind. Slash has written some of the best songs out there, and I would like to say that his solo albums are masterpieces from first to last song. Slash just rocks!

Legend has it that Slash, when he was 14 got his big REVOLUTION to start playing guitar. He was trying to get into the pants of an older girl, he went over to her place, smoked some pot and and started listening to Aerosmith's Rocks. Turns out it him like a ton of bricks. He practically ran back home to find the old acoustic from his garage.

Since then he practiced on average 12 hours a day.Wherever he went he had his guitar. He practiced till his fingers went sore, only taking very very small breaks. He joined a local band, "Hollywood Rose."

That band later became one of the greatest rock bands of all time, "Guns N Roses." Lead guitarist for the band for years till they split apart, but fortunately for us rejoined a few months back. His guitar-driven songs such as "Sweet Child O Mine" and epic solos in "November Rain" take place as some of the best rock songs in the past decades.

He is now an unofficial frontman and ambassador for the Les Paul model of guitars by ...more - Fnmug0104

I love Slash. He rocks! He's one of the greatest guitarists yes to be sure. Not the best guitarist at #1. There is a difference between Greatest and best. A greatest guitar player list would go something like this #1 Jimmy Hendrix #2 Jimmy Page #3 be. Be. King #4 Les Paul #5 Eddie Van Halen... So on. A best guitarist list is something like #1 Steve Vai #2 Yngwie Malmsteen #3 Joe Satriani and some other talents out there that are not so well known.
I'm absolutely sure that there is something that Steve Vai plays that Slash can't, and almost nothing that Steve Vai can't play of Slash. Just a thought.
God love Diamond Darrell. We miss you brother! Zakk Wylde... Enough Said.

Slash is just a great guitarist, obviously he's not the fastest or the most technical but he writes amazing riffs and very melodic and passionate solos and you can hear the passion when he plays, they are not just fast scales but well thought out and genius. He's earned his place in the top 5. His bends and vibratos are very prominent and strong aspects in his solos and he has inspired and influences most guitarist. His talents are recognized by other musicians to who are always keen to work with him and he tries to learn from them to grow as a musician. And lets face it the man is a legend and I know this doesn't effect his guitar playing but he has an epic rock and roll image.

Slash's guitar playing has a certain "x-factor" to it. He isn't someone who solely plays extremely fast solos or slow smooth solos. He is someone who can literally do it all. We hear his amazing acoustic work in "Patience." We hear his fantastic smooth playing in "Knockin' on Heaven's Door." He plays extremely fast in many different guitar solos, but he manages to keep a certain level of clarity and smoothness where others fall apart. Maybe it is just me, but many of Eddie Van Halen's solos just sounded ridiculous (not in a good way). They sometimes seemed jumbled and too fast as if the only goal of playing was sheer speed. Yes, Van Halen is an extremely talented guitar player, but Slash created an extremely unique sound and style with his playing that, to my ear, is the best ever.

Slash plays for his fans and not for critics. They just happen to like him too. Slash could have been a self indulgent jerk-off and made his album nothing but a collection of meaningless solos designed to impress guitar nuts. His record sales would have been miserable and he could have fallen back on the old "my audience is very select" defense mechanism. Every note this guy plays means something.

Slash played a tribute to Jimmy Hendrix and played it better then Hendrix did. I was amazed of how great he is. I've seen Page, Prince, Eddie Van Halen, Clapton, Zappa and Slash all live. And by far the best ones were Slash and Page. In my opinion you can't be any better then those two. November Rain and Sweet Child O'Mine... Come on just sick... Two of the best rock songs of all-time. Slash is a GUITAR GOD!

Slash have amazing technical skills + playing with soul and talent that can not be learned you must be born with some. Technical abilities that makes Him number 1 ( among living guitarist) and No 2 in all times are: half bendings of all 6 strings with all 4 fingers in slow and fast run as well, perfectly melodic solos- meaning solo is composition not ruing on scales and show of, speed in in the service of music not other way like some guitarist which just compete who is faster on 100 m, great using of pedal effects as great acoustic playing, good as slide player+ classic rock, heavy and even pop music, Greatest tone with with that FAT sound and huge balls that comes directly from blues. Great with riffs, arpeggios, all kind of picking as finger picking as well, etc etc etc...

Slash will release his 2nd album this May, "Apocalyptic Love". I've listened to the samples and they are all great. Can the other guitar legends still be able to produce music that can blow people's minds? I don't think so. Only Slash can. I also watched his concert called "Made in Stole" and I was very amazed with his performance. He seems to get better and better over the years. His new version of Godfather theme is way more difficult and better than before. Slash is the greatest guitarist ever!

Slash is one of all of my favorite guitarists in the world and I don't believe it his guitar solos are awesome and the one of my favorite disney movies named " Phineas And Ferb The Movie: Across The Second Dimension ", Phineas, Ferb, Perry The Platypus, and Buford are singing my favorite Phineas And Ferb Song named KICK IT UP A NOTCH and I don' t believe it they're performing with SLASH into the stage but I thought he is the number one of all of my favorite guitarists but at least SLASH ROCKS! That's all from my COMMENT and I have a message from message from SLASH. This is my message from SLASH to being my biggest fan, Do your best and I am really proud of you SLASH.

Slash is amazing he's the one that inspires me to keep playing he's like my role model in guitar world and his music is the best. And if anybody can say his music sucks your wrong yea I like Jimi Hendrix and all these other guys out there there good I mean it and I love music and it's my life but like other peoples said before HE'S GOT IT ALL!

He may not be the greatest guitarist technically, but every single one of his songs is a masterpiece especially the solo's. So many of his songs are so good, everyone knows them! Slash has earned (with much hard work) his way to this spot, and luckily he's still going! He has influenced generations (including myself) which proves that he is NOT overrated. Why else would he have such a huge fan base? There are too many guitarists I respect and admire to mention, but Saul Hudson (yes, that's Slash) is the one I personally idolize the most.

Well I wasn't much into music, particularly rock. But when I heard sweet child o' mine (it gave me goosebumps, I was totally in love with it) and then I came to know it was slash (the mastermind, actually I read it somewhere he was just playing random stuff on guitar when axle came running to him and asked him to play again). Then I started listening to his solos one after the other : godfather, Anastasia, don't cry, November rain, and all. AND TILL DATE, I listen to all of them. I took inspiration from him and started playing guitar, trying to reach that level (including other talented guitarist), but... It's too hard... He's a man of dedication, now I know! He respects other guitarist which is so humble! I pray he creates awesome music! Thanks slash! :D m/ keep rocking

Better than David Gilmour and Mark Knopfler? Just shows how subjective it is but for me slash is really overrated - November rain and Sweet Child have great guitar solos but apart from those two? Also the mark of a great artist is how they perform live where you only get one shot at getting it right. I've rarely seen Slash nail it live. Go watch the pulse concert I could list every track on the album to prove my point but Gilmour nails it and actually improves upon the studio versions, never seen slash manage that - GavM

Jimi Hendrix did what he did 40 yrs ago, with very primitive gear. He took songs like Watchtower (one of the most popular songs of his period) and Johnny B. Good, another all time classic, and made them or should I say rescored them w/ his own input and people basically forgot who the original was. He also improvised his own tunes in concert, making them extremely great-in concert. Site Royal Albert Hall 1969 stone free and live at Berkely 1970, this list goes on and on. He did this without any prior reference, that's a lot like speaking a language without ever hearing it and doing so in such a way that 40 yrs later they still sound really good. I put Marty Freedam to the test by asking him to play these two plus Red house @ Randall Island 1970, thence in an instructional video format, following playing one at a time, then reproduce them right there. He failed to even answer back. If Jimi Hendrix did this in 1967 to 70 with old analogue and tube amps w/ just a univibe, and vox ...more

Hendrix-awesome, but goes to over the top sometimes
Young-would I have to convince you
Hammett-Old is Awesome, not as much new though
Van Halen-Awesome,
Why is Slash My favorite, because he is consistent, I like all but one song on Appetite for destruction, most on all the rest, and the new solo album is probably the best rock album of 2010
Check out Rocket Queen
Perfect Crime,
Beautiful Dangerous,
Dr Alibi
Crucify the dead
Your Crazy
And more and you'll see why he is as high as he is in this list

I absolutely agree with this one! Slash really rocks my world! His awesomeness in manipulating the guitar really rocks my world! I have been his fan since childhood cause his stylish way of playing my favorite instrument really impressed me; his hands were like wild and his cool getup in his outfit is GREAT! Laugh out loud I have no double thoughts of choosing him as the Greatest Guitarist in All time cause he really deserves the title!

Is Slash the fastest, flashiest, most technical lead guitarist out there? Most certainly not. But what makes Slash #1 to me? The soul. The passion. The love of playing. When I cover ANY Guns & Roses song, I feel the soul he put into it. I feel like Slash's soul and heart is in me, and once I begin grooving like Slash, I can't stop, and I don't screw up. It puts me in the mode, and when that happens, nothing will ever put you down. This is why I love Slash, and believe he should be #1

YEAH Slash is Great I can play almost as good as him and I'm only just 13 I have been playing guitar when I was 4 years old, I was in Greece at the time and now I practice almost day and night and now with all my hard work of learning I can almost play like him. Slash is Great for guns n roses without him the band will now be as good, Without slash, I'd rather listen to a man playing a triangle than listen to the band. But slash makes them sound the best. Thank you Slash, please try and contact me so I can be rich like you and play for your band.

Slash knows and understands what people will remember about catchy riffs. To me,fast maybe impressive to look at but sounds like a bunch of bees mad coming out of a hive. His riffs are very memorable and everyone has their own Unique Style also just like people Everyone likes something different but to me personally you can definitely hear the blues come out and his solos and riffs. I do not play guitar personally but I can appreciate the sounds that will live on forever long when I'm dead and gone. Slash may not be the best but to me he is the best sounding guitar player I ever heard.

Definitely a great guitar player. His solos are some of the most recognizable in music and he also has some of the best riffs going as well. He definitely has some chops when it comes to improvisation. Watch the 17 minute version of Rocket Queen on Live at the Roxy to see some great guitar playing. I'm convinced those guitar strings were garbage by the time he finished his solo on that song.