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Steven Siro "Steve" Vai is an American guitarist, composer, singer, songwriter, and producer, born and raised on Long Island, New York.


Sorry I mean really just how does he not make it to number 1 he is possibly the best composer in rock history he is on another level of the likes of Hendrix and page and plays his music without any effort whereas most professional guitarists would take days to learn his songs he's spending that amount of time creating something like this the way he plays guitar is unlike anything else ever whereas people like Jimmy page and Jimi Hendrix are getting more credit for making easier to play music just because they sound more classical and more blues instead of heavier and fast

The problem with this system is that people base their votes purely on popularity because steve vai should definitely be top five for greatest ever. Any serious guitar player would realize Steve is more talented than nearly anybody on this list and aside from not selling out or being able to write lyrics Steve Vai would be at least number 2. Seriously how many people can cover Hendrix and actually make it better.

Incredibly fast, clean, accurate, and an amazing songwriter. Totally religious with the guitar. He goes to radical lengths and uses crazy techniques to come up with songs and solos. Example, he fasted eating for 4 days before recording the song for the love of god, to put him in an altered state of consciousness. Then continued to fast for 6 more days. A great speaker, and demonstrator. He is a nice, mild mannered, humble guitarist. - johnathanburton

My favourite guitarist by a mile but there is one huge flaw with him and that is the fact that he wasn't able to keep the same quality in his music since passion and warfare. Every song in flex-able and passion and warfare just make you wonder how is that even possible because it's so perfect but from sex and religion onwards this isn't the case as there ar only a few songs from all the albums afterwards that are of the same quality

Not counting the popularity of his music, Steve Vai has created some of the most advanced musical compositions and some of the most advanced work on the guitar. No one, even if they tried, can play the guitar like Steve can. If you were to hear most of his music, you would agree that Steve Vai is one of the, if not, the best guitar player ever born! - oskema

People who have not voted for Vai seriously need to see this guy LIVE. He isn't just a great guitarist, he is a living work of art. His actions and dialogue on stage are not scripted... he just goes with the flow, completely natural, unlike most live musicians these days. One of the more inspiring modern guitarists. He deserves a higher spot.

His a genius.. He has done lots of Jimmy's stuff better than him... I respect Jimmy Hendrix and not saying that Steve is greater than him but yes his better than at least 15 guitarist in this tally above him.. This man once said that true music cannot be judged.. ! We should not judge these great talents in this list we should just vote.. But yes it's a great page to come guitar players...

NUMBER 20? THIS IS AN OUTRAGE... Steve Vai could only be second to jimi, but in no possible way should he be out of the top 5 spots.

The way he feels his music is just incomparable. Go YouTube "tender Surrender".. Slash? Hammet? Gates? What? They're good, but they're by no means top 5...
1. Hendrix
2. Vai
3. Gilmour
4. Clapton
5. Satriani

'enough said

Steve vai is greatest guitarist of the world. First of all he has dedicated his whole life towards music. He is very original and he always works hard to bring new techniques in guitar. He never become exhausted while contributing and composing music. He has got great feel and respect towards music so he is great guitarist of all time.

It astounds me that Steve Vai is placed so lowly. As a technical guitarist, Vai is virtually unmatched which is displayed in every impressive song. Obviously, it is not only technical ability which governs how good a guitar player is; emotion is vital too. This is not something that Vai lacks. All of his live shows makes the audiences' hair stand on end as they witness a true virtuoso of the guitar express his soul through 6 strings. Definitely should be in the top 10.

I am delighted to be amongst the few who know who the truest master of guitar gods truly is. He deserves #1, he puts Hendrix to shame. Vai has more tallent in one finger than Hendrix, Page and Slash combined. Okay maybe that's a bit of an overstatement but not by much. Some of you really do need to look up some Steve Vai videos. You never saw anyone shred a guitar like THAT! Also see the movie "Crossroads" featuring the original Karate Kid ;) But in reality, Vai loses to no one.

A amazing and inspiring guitarist, he definitely needs to way higher on the list. He has such spiritual way of playing the guitar. Like a zen guitar master. Comparing him to the other great players it is very subjective. It no longer becomes who is better, simply a matter of taste. Though I would put him the top 5.

His a great artist! Very skilled and technical guitarist... Oh come on man! What the hell he's doing at no.20... Some one go and listen to" lotus feet, for the love of God" and you people should check it his tongue techniques... I've heard slash, kirk etc... But they are famous because of there bands.. But Steve has made his spot with the pure talent of his guitaring... May God bless Steve abundantly...

Do I really have to explain why steve vai is better than for example, BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG!? This isn't the Coolest guitarists list this is the best. Steve Vai's technique is godly and I must say Slash is INCREDIBLY overrated. - Dk-devilkid

Compared to most of the guitarist I've seen I don't think that steve vai is just a guitarist. I think he is a true musician. and compared to other guitarist, I feel that every time he plays the guitar he makes the guitar come to life. he speaks through his guitars.

Steve Vai is, id say, the only person to ever master the guitar. Nobody can match what he has done, the fact that he can hold your attention with just his guitar playing is amazing, he talks through his guitar. It's almost scary in a way. He may not be the most iconic, but by FAR is the best

It's unfortunate how few people seem to know about Steve Vai. He definitely deserves to be in the top 5. His guitar playing is very complex and intricate. If you are unfamiliar with his work, go check out For The Love of God and Tender Surrender. I guarantee you will be impressed.

Steve Vai is my idol when it comes to guitar and he always will be. The way he blends his incredible technical ability with his amazing originality, creative power and artistic prowess is truly indescribable. He is a genius.

Steve should be at #1...18 are you kidding me... I've heard jimi, slash and more but I know Steve is better than any guitarist out there... Go and see his tongue technique... He's fast he

While other are considered legends, some poorly so; I grew up in the 60's and have heard, been around and listened to so many different guitarists. At this age of mine, and not to be "stuck" in any decade. I would give Steve Vai's ranking in at the least the top three.

Not a more skilled guitarist out their. Can play every genre. An amazing composer. Blows past slash and Jimi and everyone on this list. Deserves to be compared to Mozart and bach

The most innovative, versatile and skilled guitarist I've ever seen and heard. You have to watch the tender surrender performance to truly appreciate this musical genius. Definitely in my top 10 favorite guitarists

He is the best guitar player I've ever heard in my life. He makes every single note count, he is 100% accurate 99% of the time, and his emotion really comes through with every lick. He needs to be number one! "for the love of god" live is absolutely amazing

He's a master of this instrument and maybe number one Live-guitarist for his crazy skills. Maybe tender surrender is one of the greatest pieces, but I wouldn't put himself in a top 10 of all-time guitarist

I think he's the best because of his range of techniques along with Joe Satriani, and that Steve is by far the most technical player in the world. Definitely like the stuff he played with Frank Zappa.