Teru, Versailles


He is the best without discussion.
Slash? WHAT?
TERU is the best guitarist EVER.
He can create beautiful melodies and rhythms.
The best guy playing the guitar!
He is the most awesome guitarist I've ever hear.
And, he is a very unique and special person. - jj220795

Teru's talent as a guitarist/composer is ever-growing, which is a quality of the most beautiful nature in musicians. He puts his heart and soul into his projects, and even as he continues to excel, he shows humility. More than anything you can tell he purely loves playing guitar, and strives to do his best for himself and his fans. Talent, humility, and emotion all equate to his deserving of recognition, and I hope he gets it.

Teru is very incredible with his guitar! A TOTALLY PRO! I'm amazed by how good he plays being so young! I bet he will have a wonderful future in this music world (And actually he's already began with it! )

There are not many neo-classical oriented guitarists these days. He's totally one of them. Whole Versailles means perfection- as well as Teru does. On the top of his killer skills he's still able to speak with emotions trough his music!

He's an amazing guitar player. He plays with emotion and skill, WHILE wearing a costume. Versailles costumes are very elaborate and can be quite a feat to wear during a live performance since it's could get very how. But despite that, Teru still plays perfectly.

Teru is very talented not only in guitar but in piano as well because he is that completely amazing why not vote him look at versailles on YouTube so see his beauty and his amazing guitar skills I prefer red carpet day

Teru is a great guitar player; and is a great person too because es very cute and sweet with the fans; he is very talented and I love him

A really talented artist, his way to play the guitar makes me shiver! And all that costumes gives him a charming look He can play and wear a lot of clothes.. Is awesome!

Teru is unbelievable with the speed and accurateness of his guitar playing. I hope he gets to the top because he really deserves it!

For me, Teru is the best guitarist, conveys his emotions through his compositions. He, is cheerful, and creative... In the actuality he is my inspiration for when I play the guitar.
I admire him a lot, It's a great person!
Honestly, I think if it is worthy to be admired

Teru performs with great power and has wonderful skills when it comes to guitar. He is a great writer of music and when he performs live, it's very evident that he is truly passionate about his music and what he does. He is an inspiration to all guitarists.
We are Versailles!

Teru is truly amazing, just as these people say. His technique is that of a true master. I really truly respect him as a musician. He is a wonderful composer as well. He's the best of both worlds!

The only think I have to say is: "Thank you Teru to share your wonderful music with us! I think you'll be recognize one day or another for your talent"

I Love Teru unique sweep picking technique and can play extremely fast.

Teru is just perfect. Ideas, technique, his compositions are truely brilliant! He's my personal favourite guitarist of all the time. May Iommi invent heavy metal, so I do respect him, may Slash be a legend alive, but my love is Teru and his emotions!

Teru is a wonderful guitarist! Each note makes us feel emotions.
This is a lovely person a talented guitarist and a extraordinary compositor.

TERU is young but extremely talented. His sound makes you feel in another world and better. His play is fast and amazing. Just ga watch on YouTube if you doubt of who the best guitarist is!

He plays with great skill. He can play fast and seeing him play giutar is always amazing.

Teru is the best... No doubt
Their songs full of love and sentiment reach the hearts of all his fans. It is a very special person, I admire him a lot.

Teru is a wonderful guitarist. I love his solos and the dominance of their tone, during the picking. He�'s sublime by transmitting emotions and power in all the solos I�'ve hear from the band Versailles. Great one guitarist

Thaks to Teru, I keep smiling everyday, whereever if I am sad. He give me courage thanks to is music, I thinks it's wonderful!

No more words 'cause he's an amazing guitarist

I love Teru. Is amazing how plays the guirar, I hope he wins. I petsonally really like playing. Is amagazing

Teru! The best of the Guitarists! Go Teru!
Is Amazing in your band visual key, with you melody and armony.
Talent of Versailles Philharmonic Quintet with Hizaki merge power metall.

You should try to listen to his guitar! Seriously!
I never listen to such a high level of guitar skills before!
Try to listen to it, ok?