Tom Kaulitz


He was the one that gave me inspiration to play guitar and he helped me find what I wanted to do in my life.! It is amazing to see him play guitar because his energy is amazing and he really love to perform and show what he can do! He is a very talented man! He always has a smile on his face when he looks over at us fans because he want to tell us his feelings! If there's a song that makes him sad... Then he shows it so clear... If it makes him smile then he will smile brighter than any other in the entire arena! You wish you could just perform together with him because you just wanna feel even closer to him.!
He is literally the best guitarist in my life, and will always be, no matter what people thinks!

Best Guitarist ever! Considering the fact he started playing guitar age 7, he is fabulous! The dedication to his music he has is of an outstanding level! If anyone should be named the greatest guitarist ever, he should be in at least the top ten list!

It is not a well-known guitarist, but for me it's the only one who could make that protrude from the other instrument. It is his technique, or experience, but his passion and dedication that inspires hear that beautiful sound coming out of his Gibson every time you give a concert. For this reason and because I believe that in time will be much greater even in what he does. I'm a fan of his band and when I see a video of their live concerts, I can not see your hands and how they move in that guitar. I love to see it live, love to have the iportunidad to see live to appreciate that wonderful sound.

He is one of the best guitarists I've ever seen, his passion for the music is unbelievable and inspiring! He gave me motivation to play my own songs and practise on my guitar, and not just me. On stage he is so amazing, always smiling to us fans so we'll know that he's happy to see us, and to know we always are with him and the band! I love Tokio Hotel and all the members of all my heart so just listen and watch, and you'll do that too!

Talent, talent, talent! :) Maybe he doesn't deserve the first place because there's so many good guitarists in the world but he's nominated and it means that he's recognized and for me that's enough!

I think he is the best guitarist because besides playing the guitar very well he is a professional, play as a child and have much experience, it is certainly the best

I think he is very very original. He has his unique style, and go see his improves for years. He is been one of the best guitarist, he is still humble about it, no he is not being humble about it, laugh out loud. But I know he deserves top 5. Because he has a real gift and he really wants to show us what he's got. So yes, thank you.

He is very good, very good better than good it's great, even around the world the Slash to be considered the best guitarist, and always have more second opinions should be heard by fans and even those who do not always have a fan's opinion about something, well this is my opinion, Tom Kaulitz is best guitarist for me since the time he was born before it was Slash, but even so I hope he wins.

He's really amazing guitarist; when he play I'm smiling. This man should be the winner, 'because he's the best of the best guitarist ever. I love him. When he play, it creates a unity with the guitar. Guitar in his hands dancing. Tom Kaulitz is a winner for me; always. If you share my opinion, it help him win by voting for him. He must be the best in the world. Please; Vote for Tom Kaulitz; Best guitarist ever.

Tom is the best and the sexiest GUITARIST EVER! South Africa LOVES TOKIO HOTEL!

GOD! HEY! PLEASE VOTE TOM! What the hell! He's the greatest guitarist ever! Great!

Only number 7 right now? That's incredible.
Tom Kaulitz deserves much better, he is one of the best guitarist I've ever heard in my life. When he plays the guitar he spent all the possible feelings through his music. Tom is one of the talented guitarist. He's a dream for so many people around the world with nothing but his music, the way he plays the guitar. Like his twin, as Georg (bassist) and Gustav (drummer), everyone will remember Tom Kaulitz, the guitarist of Tokio Hotel, a group that has thrilled so many people. Changed the lifes of many others. All Aliens (Tokio Hotel fans) love him, so that makes him one of the best guitarist. He plays so well...

The most devoted and best guitarist ever... He is simply born to play the guitar. On the stage he is throwing out the mask he has in front of the media and he becomes who he really is deep inside. No one can handle a guitar the way he can. And that's simply it. I love him to death and beyond. And I'll always say that there is no one like him no matter what.

So talented Boy, excellent Guitarist, beautiful Person & Sex God.

I simply love him. You feel so many things when you see him on stage rocking his guitar

Tom IS the greatest guitarist ever... followed closely by Frank Iero, but Tomi is still the best. And whether he makes this list or not, he's still my favourite guitarist and my number 1

All I can say, is that there is nothing wrong with he's guitar skills. He is awesome.

A passionate womanizer, a sensitive guy, a handsome man and a Wonderful and TALENTED guitarist! No words can express Tom's awesomeness, that's it. We, Tokio Hotel fans, adore him with all our hearts and melt every time he skillfully plays his guitar on stage or when he makes his naughty comments about girls during interviews! Just one thing: Tom is love!

He is an amazing guitarist, for me.. He is the best.
When he plays we can see he loves music, that music is inside of him, that music it's a part of him. And we can enjoy the way he plays, not just 'cause the music his beautiful but 'cause he puts love on it, we can see he's playing because he wants not 'cause he has to, and that's something to value. There are many guitarist that don't do that, and we can see it so.
In short, I love how Tom plays, how Tom puts love on his music and how

Tom kaulitz is an awesome guitarist, when he plays his music transports you to places where it is very difficult to reach, it makes you feel good, many criticize his appearance or way of being but few people really know him. Tom is truly a wonderful person, very talented and her personality is totally captivating.

Just take a look at him when he's playing the guitar. He obviously loves it! And he is really good at it! The joy and happiness he exudes on stage with his guitar in his hands is amazing and I really think he deserves to be the best guitarist ever!

For me this is the best when playing guitar that you see in his eyes that he takes very seriously it's like when up on stage and take the instrument in his hands there was nothing else around it is as if think it's world revolves around a good note, that if you develop a bad note falls off a small step of the stairs of triumph and glory

He is Tom what else can I say! He is a wonderful player I love his solo in Pain Of Love! He is just wonderful.. he is awesomely wicked Liebe Dich Tom! What would any of us fans do without a awesome guitarist like you

Tom is talented, he's sexy (so is Bill) and flat out just rocks

Tom is very creative and also very charming and also very talented. He knows what he really-really want, and I think it's about making some good songs and never stop being creative.