Tomo Milicevic

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This man inspired me to play guitar. When I watched him play, it made me think "I want what he has with that guitar I want to go where he is going when he plays. " I did not worry so much if I could do it just that I wanted it so bad. So I have two guitars now and am loving playing.

Watching Tomo play is like watching liquid music spilling forth from a fount of beauty and grace. The man is ten shades of awesome, and he has helped 30 Seconds to Mars achieve a level of refinement far above excellent.

He is the best guitarist ever.. For us ECHELON! 30 Seconds to Mars could not miss him.. He has the feeling.. He belongs to 30 Seconds to Mars and to the Echelon Family.

Dear Tomo, please stop being so nasty otherwise it's only a matter of time the Echelon's having a heart attack.. Tomo.. Ugh.. He's so sweet and cute and amazing... I just love him! And, whenever he plays the guitar I feel like being to Heaven.. Thank you my crazy MOFO for helping me get through the bad moments. You're very talented and unique. So proud of you! (':

He's amazing! Not only is he a great guitarist, But he also great at interacting with fans. He has a great personalty. HE'S AMAZING! He also has a good heart. He really devoted in what his is doing!

TOMO MOFO IS THE BEST! Tomo has so much passion! He maybe our little goofball but he knows when its time to be serious and play like a mofo! That guitar is a part of him! That music is what his heart runs on. Once again, another rock god!

Good... He's so talented, he's a beast. Really! He has the power to give you amazing emotions by just playing his guitar. You can see his passion and how much he loves what he does. This is why I think he's the best guitarist. Thank you, tomo!

God I love tomo's style, especially live, when he really gets heard, he forces you to become hypnotized by the song, absolutely mesmerizing! And I don't know if he played a slide for their cover of "Bad Romance" but it was wonderful, his very laidback, kind of just oozing his essence into the song.

Not only Tomo has an amazing personality, but also his music trough the guitar. You can hear his passion, and together with 30 Seconds To Mars, he and them makes music that literally change people's lives. If you haven't heard Tomo or Mars before, get started. Maybe it will change your life.

Oh my! How does Tomo not have more votes! He's a guitar god! I know lot of guitarists look up to him. And I know that I admire him a great deal. He also is such a funny and genuinely nice person! How could you not vote for him! He's jesus' reincarnation for heaven's sake! - KaitlinChayer

Hands down the BEST guitarist I have EVER heard. He is such a beast at guitar. He is the reason I got back to playing guitar and taking lessons even though my family is almost broke. He is such a mofo and he can make you smile no matter what. I love tomo

Due to the fact that he is in 30 Seconds to Mars, my number one band, he deserves to go up! Its impossible to believe how this band made a huge difference in my life, the song The Kill made me realize who I'm really are, so thank you Tomo for making art with that guitar of yours.

Tomo Milicevic, the crazy MOFO that everyone loves. This man was once one of us, an Echelon. He moved the California, joined Thirty Seconds To Mars and has never looked back. He is so blessed, and has the most amazing passion for creating music and art. We love you, Tomo.

Honestly I admit that Slash and Jimmi are ahead of Tomo, but no one keeps a beat and adds in an element of harmony to the drums and vocals such as Tomo. He doesn't get the recognition that he deserves because he is drowned out by the best singer and drummer of all time which happen to be in his band, and yet still stands out. That dude balls hard

Passion, flow, grace, the notes melt off this mans guitar!
I even think Tomo would be too modest to accept the #1 title over his idols, and that's what makes him the finest guitarist in the world.

He is the Jesus of Mars. It's only fair that he's the best ;)
He's part of the Echelon and got in the band so he communicates with the people on another level totally. Apart from his goofy side, when he steps on the stage and holds that guitar, you know it is serious. You know he has got something special. Always playing from his heart, rocking out on the stage so hard that not even an explosion can startle him from that world!

Tomo is good and all but, 15 is a bit too high. His higher on the list than Johnny Greenwood, Chuck Barry, Carlos Santana, Prince, and Kurt Cobain. KURT COBAIN guys a dude that basically paved the way for alternative rock music and what genre does Tomo play... ALTERNATIVE ROCK! Although I'm an Ehelon (some might not agree) and support 30 Seconds to Mars, as a guitarist Tomo's playing is basic picking and strumming (here and there palm mutes) and wouldn't come close to Prince's solos or Cobain's and I could play the kill and beautiful lie at the age of 12(present 14) and learn't it in 45min exact and I self taught myself. He is an excellent guitarist and plays with passion I agree but, compared to greats who have made an impact on guitar playing he doesn't deserve to be this high. This is just an opinion and I can't change your look on this list.

There is something in this guy that I can't explain. He is so talented. He can play the quitar till his fingers bleed... And he likes it. He has passion and energy. He is funny and lovely. There are no words to describe him he is OUR CRAZY MOFO! AND HE ROCKS YOU!
No matter what Tomo you are first in our hearts!
You are our family! Keep up the good work!

I'm an echelon. But it isn't for this reason that I consider a fantastic guitarist! His music is amazing!

Tomo is AWESOME honestly THE BEST ever and will ALWAYS be. He is absolutely amazing in everything he does and says THE ECHELON LOVE OUR LITTLE MOFO!

He's amazing, yet underrated. People, he puts his heart and passion on the songs he plays.

Tomo is a dreamers dream come true. His rise is inspirational. A lovely man, a great friend, a gifted and generous musician. He gives 30 Seconds to Mars EXACTLY what it needs, when it needs it. He doesn't show off, he plays! He just plays the hell out that guitar. He deserves to be recognized for his loyalty and his sheer GUTS to get the job, and get the job done well!

Tomo is the best cause I think no one else can play a guitar using the beard laugh out loud seriously he is a great guitarist, he plays with passion and he did all the possible to get the chance to become part of 30 Seconds To Mars. He also is a demonstration that dreams are possible, cause before being a Mars member he was a fan! YOU ROCK TOMO!

Whatever will be his score, he was, he is and he will be the best guitarist EVER! He's our Jesus and we love him 'cause he makes us feel better with his sympathy and his cleverness... Tomo rules forever!

The craziest mofo ever is also the best guitarist EVER! Echelon LOVES you Tomo! I just LOVE how you're ALWAYS smiling!