Yngwie J. Malmsteen

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Yngwie Johan Malmsteen is a Swedish guitarist, songwriter and bandleader who was born on June 30th, 1963, in Stockholm, Sweden. He was known for his neoclassical metal playing style back in the 1980s.


This man may have not attracted the likings of the general population over the years to date or had even came close to being popular with his group (I mean compared to everyone else). However, regardless of the majority's "taste" in music and their inability to discard popularity and recognize true talent and innovation, Yngwie Malmsteen has deserved himself a throne and a crown with every other guitarist below looking up. Anyone with knowledge about music and who gives some time into Yngwie would realize that fact. In all honesty, think about what this man gave birth to and what he brought into this world with his gifted hands of technical precision, for us to learn from and enjoy regardless of biased "tastes" and opinions. My two cents =P

One of the greatest guitarists ever. Definitely a top 5 guitarist along with Eddie Van Halen, Jimmy Page, and Hendrix. He invented a unique style. To this day even with all the super shred and fast guitar playing his style spawned, his playing still sounds impossible and extremely musical, which cannot be said for most of the shred genre. He has incredible phrasing, speed and control of speed, control of pitch, bending, and a wide musical vibrato. He's a true virtuoso, and the guitar world owes a lot to his amazing style and contributions including his alternate picking and sweep picking technique.

Here's a man that sold more than 20 m records and is in my opinion one of (if not) THE most skilled guitarists in the world... He has the tone, the musicianship, the feel, the understanding and combine it all. I'm actually beginning to think that it perhaps takes a guitarist like myself or people at least somewhat in to music in deeper sense to appreciate how much practice and talent it must have taken to be as good as he is?

I must admit, as a young man back in the 80's I had no idea who Yngwie Malmsteen was, that is until he was invited out onto the stage at an AC DC concert I was banging to while stationed in West Germany. Simply put, he was AMAZING. He rocked for about 30 minutes with the band, and after the set he entertained us during the bands break and was once again invited by Angus Young to remain on stage with them and finished rocking with the band. Since then I have listened to just about everything I could find that he played on, and I can't say one bad thing about this gentleman. He is an amazing guitarist!

What is this guy doing at no.41? Kirk Hammett at no.4, Synyster Gates at no.3 and Slash number 1? This is more like which guitar has the most popular band. The top ten should be something like: yngwie malmsteen, randy rhoads, dave mustaine, alexi laiho, eddie Van Halen, steve vai, chuck schuldiner, Jimi Hendrix, jeff beck and joe satriani. Next I'll probably see Lars Ulrich at number 1!

Why on earth is Yngwie so far down on this list, defiantly the greatest neoclassical metal guitarist ever, incredible talent involving sweep picking and arpeggios (from hell), I mean the guy from Green Day is higher up the list, yes the band that use 3 chords to make every song honestly I'm disappointed with you folk.

I cannot understand why Yngwie is 31st... People probably declare the best guitarist in terms of fame, because excluding 3-4 guitarists, all the ones above him play like amateurs. Yngwie is self-taught and still he has taught the whole world how to shred. He deserves to be at least at the top 3 in this list. Best guitarist means the one that plays best, not the one that does a simple and long bend on the E string with a fake-passion-face (call me slash) and attracts the musically uneducated masses.

An excellent guitarist with a complementary voice. He writes simply some of the best guitar pieces you'll hear, with a large majority sadly going unnoticed on the whole.

Just listen to Serenade or Dragonfly by him, not even his bigger songs, but still excellent.

Amazing shredder. Combining metal guitar with classical guitar and very technical playing, he created a neoclassical metal, a genre with so many shredding melodies! He is the king of neoclassical metal. His picking technique is amazing, definitely one of the best of all time. - Marraenoloth

Ok, he has a bigger ego than all the players here put together. But lets be honest Yngwie he can play better than most players here. Technically not many match him, supremely unique and easy to identify, he has always stood out, and is always a joy to listen to.

The god of neo classical. Fast, accurate, but a little repetitive at times, and tends to recycle licks and riffs. Great songwriter, fast in your face guitar solo's, and great knowledge of music theory. Best songs- blue, brothers, black star, far beyond the sun. - johnathanburton

Not only is Yngwie the best in the world, he can write and compose. When he played with the Japanese Orchestra he composed and wrote the music for every instrument in the orchestra. Not that says something. Yeah, that he is the greatest on the planet.

He KNOWS and FEELS the guitar more than any other... I like also clapton, SRV, Hendrix, neal schon, slash, gilmour, jeff beck, blackmore, satriani, vai, gilbert, petrucci, batio... But, the facts are forcing me to accept it: malmsteen MEANS the guitar, he IS the guitar itself. It's absolutely CRAZY how it FEELS the guitar, the guitar is one of his limbs, it's the continuation of his hands. He's impossible.

Just flipping awesome guitarist, creative because most or all his songs are made up on the spot simultaneously, no two concerts are the same and he uses shear creativity and has perfected his arpeggios and scales to the top notch.

Not only does Malmsteen possess technical mastery of the guitar with lightning speed, but he's also touched with the genius of a great composer. (example: Malmsteen's "Blue", a bluesy number with no blues chord progressions).

How the Malmsteen is all the way down here and slash is at No2 is beyond me. Malmsteen is 10 times the Guitarist slash is. Hi is a pioneer of shred and for me one of the most technically gifted rock guitarists of all time.

His neo-classical style might not be for everyone and while their are better players his picking skills and feeling cannot be denied. His picking is fast, every tone precise and in that area alone stronger than a lot of players.

People are so stupid for voting popular band guitarists over real amazing ones such as Yngwie, Jimi Hendrix was good but this man has more guitar talent

The best Neo Classical guitarist and for me the best guitarist ever. He took what Ritchie Blackmore and Uli Jon Roth did in the 70's to the limit and helped creating Power Metal which I really admire. - IronMaidenFan666

Yngwie J. Malmsteen is the source of inspiration of any high caliber musician. his technique is so unique, he is so expressive. no doubt the most touching vibratos you could hear on the planet!

I guitar virtuoso of the nth level. Our time's Paganini. Beyond human on the guitar. I don't know what planet he is from, but I hope he stays. Malmsteen plays like no one else, with a passion unmatched by anyone today.

I prefer this guy compare to the rest guitarists because he has the originality and very clean when do picking. He is my the real guitar warrior that left.

Thing is like everything else, if you are popular and well known to the average joe you will get votes, malmsteen should be top 3 but for me he is number 1,

Definitely deserves top 3... Just compared his acoustic playing to Slash's acoustic playing, Slash is a far cry from Yngwie... Not even close.

Yngwie should be marked a lot higher than 42. Just listen to him play and you will agree