Best Guns in Apocalypse Rising (Roblox)

List of the best guns to use in the famous game on ROBLOX called Apocalypse Rising, created by Gusmanak

The Top Ten

PPSH-41 Submachine Gun

The PPSH is my personal favorite. I love it so much! The fire rate is amazingly fast and it could do so much damage if you're accurate! I'm a huge fan of submachine guns, and this one's my favorite

Great gun for spraying at close range but not as good as the mk48 or Patriot gun

I love this gun! Not too hard to find

This has a really fast fire rate.

HK21 Machine Gun

Best machine gun

XM16E1 Patriot Assault Rifle

My favorite gun! Fire rate is intense kills you in 2 seconds (if every bullet hits your target)

Its amazing best gun ever and the fire rate amazing and it sounds so cool

Awesome gun for spraying! Not really good in sniping, though

Great fire rate and if you find drum mag, great ammo capacity!

M249 LMG

Perfect weapon: Good ammo capacity, good sniping range, and good damage. I took out 2 people with an armored motorcycle on top of power plant with this thing, P R O F I T

Can shoot zombies at long range.


Gun is quite good, with it's fire rate and the amount of bullets it has (100)

Best machine gun, I got 7 kills once with this one gun

Once I got 4 kills from sniping some people in the Trinity van while I was on radio tower, P R O F I T

G36K Assault Rifle

Good gun once you have a scope and the laser, good for sniping

Good assault rifle

Better than Patriot tbh

M14 Battle Rifle

Really good for sniping Good for Lqc and Cqc long rand and short range best gun ever

Nice for close quarters combat

Best accuracy stat in the game, pretty much the only gun used in competitive other than the fal or occasionally the MK17

Best accuracy!

M4A1 Assault Rifle

Basically the Patriot, but more accurate and effective at a longer range.

Like the Patriot, only a bit more accurate.

Good for medium range if you have a scope

This is okay...

FAL Battle Rifle

Most players love this gun most, and it's good, but I don't get what the big deal is about this gun. The HK21 is basically the faster shooting version of this gun. The HK21 is probably the best gun in the game

Okay sniper, I guess.

Makarov Pistol

Best pistol bruh.

BeSt gUn EveR, tHis shOuLd bE FirSt

The Contenders

AK-47 Assault Rifle

Nice gun, nice fire rate, got 4 kills once

Nice-looking, okay fire-rate

SCAR-L Assault Carbine

Awesome for clearing out a room with it's fire rate and also since it's automatic

The Scar L is good in any game.

OTS-14 Assault Rifle
MK17 Battle Rifle

I guess it okay

Best gun ever

Double Barreled Shotgun

Bro, this gun gave me cancer

It’s the most powerful civilian shotgun. (Not the black shotguns)

PP-19 Submachine Gun

This gun is alright, don't do much damage though

MP5 Submachine Gun

Best submachine gun in apoc

I fired this gun with my RT button all the way down and the gun doesn’t go up unlike the OTS-14.

M1014 Shotgun

Awesome, three shot kill, shotguns are the best to clear out an enclosed area (except the double barrel, that one is Terrible)

SKS Rifle
G18 Handgun

This handgun fired fast.

M9 Handgun

It’s a good gun

M3 (Grease Gun) Submachine Gun

It’s a nice automatic, but has some recoil.

Auto-5 Shotgun

You can spam this thing.

Mosin Nagant Bolt Action Rifle

This gun sucks

Tec-9 Submachine Gun

I friend was fighting somebody and I had a tec-9 which finished off my friends enemy fast.

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