Top Ten Guns In Exo Zombies


The Top Ten

1 CEL-3 Cauterizer

Sooo god
I love this gun I always spend points on the 3d printer until get the ae4 and cell 3 cauterizer

BEST Weapon in zombies by far because it could one-shot zombies and has good ammo.

Whenever I see I got this gun my day get's so much better

This One Is A Beast

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2 S-12

Who knew! Shotguns are good for zombies now! This gun was terrible on black ops 2! Personally this is the only gun I have got to Mark 20 with - CurrieTheFriendsFan

3 Mahem

This thing should be called the Atomic Bomb Gun of something like seriously the power on this is incredible! If you got this to Mark
20 you could take out every zombie on the round with one shot - CurrieTheFriendsFan

4 Crossbow

Probably the most fun gun to use! It's so light fun to shoot with and can take out a large amount of zombies - CurrieTheFriendsFan


Now this gun is awesome enough as it is but if has a built in 3D printer! So it automatically gives you
4 bullets ever few seconds - CurrieTheFriendsFan

6 AK12

Great for points! Really light! Awesome gun - CurrieTheFriendsFan

7 Ameli

Great heavy gun, good at taking out waves of zombies. I do suggest this being a good gun to upgrade as much as you can and don't forget fast reload because this gun takes awhile to reload - CurrieTheFriendsFan

8 Lynx

Awesome gun for stealing peoples kills from far away hehehe - CurrieTheFriendsFan

9 RW1

Awesome 1 hit kill up to around round 10 - CurrieTheFriendsFan

So light...

10 ARM9

This is a wall weapon but it's only 1,000 and it's pretty good for early rounds - CurrieTheFriendsFan

The Contenders

11 MP11

Light does a lot of damage and has a great fire rate awesome once you upgrade it

12 TEC-19

It's a lit fam gun

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